Super Gene - Chapter 833: Breaking Falsified-Sky with a Single Hand

Chapter 833: Breaking Falsified-Sky with a Single Hand

Chapter 833: Breaking Falsified-Sky with a Single Hand

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Han Sen immediately activated his dongxuan aura. The invisible powers he had once been unable to track could now be locked-onto and followed.

Reaching out his hand, he brought with it the power of thunder. He swung his fist forward, but it did not seem to connect with Luo Yin's attack at all.


A bolt of lightning snapped the air as an invisible force shattered like gla.s.s, disappearing before Han Sen's eyes.

Luo Yin's pupils became smaller, having witnessed his Falsified-Sky power be blocked. He had not imagined such a thing to be possible.

"No way!" Luo Yin could not accept this, unable to believe the powers of the Falsified-Sky Sutra could be prevented. Without reprieve, he moved to attack Han Sen again.

But with a casual throw of his fist, Han Sen broke the next invisible force that l.u.s.ted for his blood.

Luo Yin's eyes were bloodshot as he madly attacked Han Sen with all his might and ferocity. It was all to no avail, however, as Han Sen effortlessly broke every single invisible force that was hurled at him. When all was said and done, he had not suffered a single scratch.

He had repeatedly made use of the Falsified-Sky Sutra's most powerful attack, and it had not once hit Han Sen. Regardless of how many times he cast it, he could not even ruffle his target's clothes.

Luo Yin thought Han Sen must have foresight into the future, being able to predict when, how, and where his attacks were going to come from. He believed every opportunity he could try to take advantage of would be useless due to it being foreseen by Han Sen, who had the power to control all.

"Impossible! Impossible!" Han Sen was only blocking his attacks, not even fighting back. But Luo Yin began staggering backwards, muttering strangely as if he had just seen a ghost.

His faith was collapsing, unable to believe someone of the same level could block his Falsified-Sky power. He had never even considered such a thing could be possible.

In Luo Yin's heart, the Falsified-Sky Sutra was the most powerful hyper geno art in existence, and with it at his side, nothing could stop him.

But the way Luo Yin perceived the world was thrown out-of-whack, following what he had just experienced. The Falsified-Sky power had been blocked, useless against his foe.

"You are from the Luo family?" Han Sen asked, looking at him.

Luo Yin wanted to answer, but at that moment, he found himself incapable. He was suddenly overwhelmed by shame, a shame stemming from his a.s.sociation to the Luo family.

"Well, go back. I am not from the Luo family." After Han Sen said this, he waved to Golden Growler and walked past the man who was now in shambles.

Luo Yin's mouth continued to tremble, but it was still with the absence of words. He returned to the teleporter, seemingly in a daze.

Luo Yin, back in the Alliance, could not wait to see Luo Haitang. He was going to tell him all that had transpired with Han Sen, and he also hoped Luo Haitang could speak a few words to renew his faith in the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

"Luo Yin, what have you been up to recently? You have been kept busy, it seems." Luo Li saw Luo Yin meandering around, absent-minded. She had never seen him in such a state, so she couldn't help but engage him in dialogue.

"I saw Han Sen," Luo Yin said.

"And? What happened?" Luo Li's eyes suddenly burned bright, with an eagerness to hear the result.

She had witnessed the fight with Yu Qielan, and understanding his strength, she acknowledged that Luo Yin might not have been able to beat him. But she also knew Luo Yin could attack Han Sen with Falsified-Sky powers. All it would take was one hit from their sutra's power.

Luo Yin wore a complicated expression, and when he finally mustered the courage to speak again, he muttered the words, "I failed."

"What do you mean you failed?" Luo Li frowned. If Luo Yin lost to Han Sen, then it wouldn't outright surprise her. But she was unsure of what he meant by telling her he failed.

"I attacked him one hundred and twenty-three times with Falsified-Sky powers. He blocked each and every attack, not even allowing me to brush his clothing." Luo Yin's eyes were usually very clear, but now, they were cloudy and muddied with confusion. His world had been rocked by what had transpired between him and Han Sen.

"What? What do you mean?" Luo Li's body trembled with what she heard. Looking at Luo Yin, her eyes sunk. She seemed even less capable of believing and accepting what had just happened.

"I really didn't land a hit." Luo Yin's lips shook under the realization that the faith he had established for the past twenty years had been wholly crushed.

Luo Li merely stood there in silence, looking at Luo Yin. She knew he wasn't the sort to lie or embellish a tale. And acknowledging this, hearing the results of his fight with Han Sen made her stomach churn.

Luo Li tried to move her lips, but she could not bring them to produce words. Her mind was in utter disarray, and she stood in silence with bleak eyes fixed on the panicking Luo Yin.

"He... really blocked it?" A long time after, Luo Li was finally able to speak. This simple sentence was packed with a variety of different emotions.

Luo Yin's face turned bitter as he nodded to confirm what she asked.

"Come in, and tell me how he managed to block the Falsified-Sky power." Luo Haitang's voice came from across the yard; he had heard their conversation.

Luo Haitang's face looked serious. He knew Luo Yin would lose, but he never expected Han Sen would be able to block all of his attacks.

Luo Yin accepted and entered the yard, a place he would only visit after receiving formal permission. The same applied to Luo Li, but she was keen to hear what exactly had transpired, so she quickly followed him in.

"Give me a detailed description of what happened when you fought. Don't skip a single detail, no matter how minor," Luo Haitang told him.

Luo Yin did just that, explaining to Luo Haitang everything that happened from the moment he first laid eyes on Han Sen.

Luo Haitang furrowed his brows extremely tight, whereas Luo Li's mouth was agape. She looked as if she had just heard a great legend.

Han Sen had casually blocked every one of Luo Yin's one hundred and twenty-three attacks. To Luo Li, who believed the skill was invisible and impossible to trace, what she was hearing was nothing more than a fanciful yarn that did not have a glimmer of truth or credibility to it.

After Luo Yin finished his description, Luo Haitang became silent. Losing with the Falsified-Sky Sutra was a fine and acceptable possibility, but to have the attacks of the skill blocked was unheard of. Not only did Luo Li and Luo Yin not believe it, but Luo Haitang could not, either.

Luo Haitang looked worried, wis.h.i.+ng he could have seen how Han Sen had managed to block the Falsified-Sky powers.

"What did Little Lan teach that boy?" Luo Haitang thought this was all the work of Luo Lan. He had not and would not entertain the possibility that it had nothing to do with her.

Han Sen did not consider the impact his block would have on the family. But after the fight was over, he was more than pleased with his success. It meant his vigorous practice had not been wasted. It was time well-spent.