Super Gene - Chapter 832: Little Fairy's Time to Shine

Chapter 832: Little Fairy's Time to Shine

Chapter 832: Little Fairy's Time to s.h.i.+ne

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"Is this the bonepool and Third-Life Bonefish?" Han Sen asked with a frown.

"I don't know. If it isn't, it has to be fairly similar. Perhaps it is a sub-species?" Moment Queen said.

"Then, how am I able to get the fish out of there?" Han Sen was still extremely fixated on its retrieval. Even if the creature in the pool wasn't the Third-Life Bonefish that she had spoken of, it had to be something good.

And if he confirmed its ident.i.ty, then he would have no choice but to get it out of the pool and slay it. It would be an educational venture.

"I have not learnt of a way to ensnare a Third-Life Bonefish, and similar to your troubles, that all stems from the difficulty posed by the bonepool it inhabits." Moment Queen shook her head.

There was a treasure in front of Han Sen, but it was currently un.o.btainable. It was like a terrible itch. But just as Han Sen frowned in contemplation, his pocket vibrated. Then, the scallop sh.e.l.l magically removed itself from the pocket and flew over near the pool.

The fairy exited the sh.e.l.l, reached out her delicate hand towards Moment Queen and wiggled her index finger left and right. It was like she was saying, "You are wrong."

She was visibly upset about Moment Queen's a.s.sertion of no one being able to enter the water. She flew near the pool and spat frosty air out across the surface of the water.

The water in the pool began to freeze over relatively quickly.

The fairy kept the icy pressure on and continued to blow frosty air until the entire pool was a block of ice. And as the water froze more and more, the fish went into a state of panic. But being unable to leave the pool, there was nothing it could do.

As the water became ice, the fish's movements became slower and slower. When it had all turned to ice, the fish was trapped inside, motionless.

With a, boisterous face, the fairy turned to look at Han Sen. Then, she turned back around and punched the ice with her fist. It shattered. As shards of ice scattered into the air and onto the ground around them, the fish was sent flying.

With great speed, the fairy managed to catch the fish in her tiny hands. With the prize Han Sen sought, she flew over and did circles around him.

This delighted Han Sen, and as he observed the fish the little fairy had obtained for him, he noticed how clean it looked. There was not a single speck of dirt nor a single minor blemish on it, and like it was a tantalizing ice lolly for a hot summer day, Han Sen grabbed it eagerly.

"Well, the little fairy finally did something of value. It seems the time and expense I have spent treating you has finally paid off." Han Sen, receiving the fish, made sure to compliment the little fairy in his typical deadpan way.

The little fairy was a little full of herself following this, so she went to sit on top of Han Sen's head. And as she settled down, she stuck her tongue out at Moment Queen in mockery of her inability to provide the aid that the fairy just had.

"You want this?" Han Sen put the iced fish in front of the silver fox. It nodded, then gobbled the fish up in haste.

Upon its consumption, Han Sen immediately noticed the silver fox's fur turning to crystal. It was quite eye-catching. Its crystallized fur fell to the ground as if it were shed, and new fur took its place.

That such a small fish could provide such grand changes to the silver fox surprised Han Sen.

But then Han Sen suddenly thought of something. Although the silver fox was aligned with the element of thunder, he did possess the ability to heal the wounds of others. With its medical licks, its healing abilities had proven useful for Han Sen on numerous occasions.

But he hadn't relied on the silver fox as much, ever since Han Sen himself had learnt how to heal through a simulation of the holy rhino's energy flow.

After shooting it with the bolt, Han Sen noticed that the little fish had managed to heal itself rapidly. It most likely possessed healing capabilities, which was what attracted the silver fox to it so much.

After the silver fox finished evolving, it leapt up into Han Sen's arms. It rubbed its head against Han Sen's chest and looked ecstatic.

Han Sen stroked the silver fox's head, wondering why a creature with the power of thunder could also heal. It was a unique combo for the silver fox to have.

"I wonder where Little Silver came from? When I found it, it was merely an egg I discovered in a valley renown for snakes. There aren't really any leads I can follow up on." Han Sen did not take his thoughts any further than that. Ultimately, he decided, it did not matter where it came from.

But in recent times, a certain uneasy feeling began to nag at him. He worried that, despite his connection with the silver fox, it really was just a creature. If it wanted to enter the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary alongside Han Sen, it would need a breakthrough of sorts. And even if it could ascend to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, there was no guarantee they would end up at the same shelter together.

"I hope our distance won't be too great." Han Sen could only hope.


Luo Yin had spent much time searching for Han Sen, but had not yet been able to discover his whereabouts. He had, however, been informed of his recent appearance at a human shelter. Going there to investigate, he was still unable to locate him. All he could do after that was wait for another trail to pick up.

He was very curious about Han Sen, thinking the Falsified-Sky Sutra was the strongest hyper geno art in existence. And he did not understand why Han Sen, despite sharing the family's blood, refused to learn it.

Sometimes Luo Yin wished himself to be of true lineage to the Luo family, adamant in the belief of his inability of failing Luo Haitang.

It was indeed a shame he was not of the Luo bloodline. He was initially a distant relative, but he was adopted by Luo Haitang and later taught the skill.

"I need to make Han Sen understand what he's missing out on, by not learning the Falsified-Sky Sutra," Luo Yin thought to himself.

As Luo Yin thought this, he suddenly saw a man walk by the gate.

The figure had a tall and strong body. The person had a young face, with skin that was pale and a little pink. It was the sort of face that would make any woman jealous.

On the man's shoulder rested a lazy-looking silver fox, and an elephant-like lion trotted behind them. Its back was loaded with things.

"Han Sen!" Luo Yin's eyes shone brightly, having never seen Han Sen in person before. All that he had seen were pictures and videotapes of the man. He believed that he knew Han Sen's appearance better than he did his own.

Without hesitation, Luo Yin approached him. He came with one purpose, and that was to educate Han Sen in how powerful the Falsified-Sky Sutra really was as a skill.

Han Sen, seeing Luo Yin approach, looked surprised. He recognized him from their prior encounter, when Han Sen had a.s.sumed his Dollar persona.

"What is it?" Han Sen looked at Luo Yin, who was standing in front of him.

"You are Han Sen?" Luo Yin wasn't very fond of trouble, and neither did he like to beat around the bush. He wasn't going to waste any more time, so all he wanted to do after getting confirmation on his ident.i.ty was to immediately reveal the power of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

Without saying another word, Luo Yin threw his hand forward in an attempt to slash Han Sen. An invisible power flew towards him, on-track as if it was its fate to damage him.