Super Gene - Chapter 828: Announcing a Secret

Chapter 828: Announcing a Secret

Chapter 828: Announcing a Secret

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Every media outlet reported on the event, how a man in his twenties effortlessly beat a royal shura. To humanity, this was a tremendously exciting affair.

Han Sen, furthermore, was the future son-in-law of the president. Due to his prestige, all the citizens of the Alliance developed a keen interest in him. They wanted to learn every detail they could about him, large and small. Many people even questioned the manners and etiquette he employed when visiting the bathroom.

Han Sen had been born into an ordinary family, but his father died while he was still young. Therefore, he was raised primarily by his mother. He initially went to a public school, but after much struggle, managed to enter a high-cla.s.s military school. That was where he met the president's daughter, from which they ignited a spark and kindled a romance. From a middling, lowly heritage to one of great renown, his life was the perfect example of a cla.s.sic success story. Onwards and upwards, his life and prestige did not seem to slow down.

Lin Feng went to visit Huang Xiao numerous times, and when he came this time, he brought with him a demiG.o.d healer to aid in his restoration. Over a short amount of time, his wounds sealed and the previous damages weren't very visible.

The Alliance did everything they could to reduce the damages he suffered, but not all their efforts were successful. His brain had received a cruel amount of damage, and many parts of it had been utterly destroyed, beyond healing or repair. Neither technology nor skills could help. Because of this, Huang Xiao's body suffered a number of problems.

However, the efforts of the Alliance that were focused on minimizing his lasting disabilities were mostly a success. The biggest problem that remained was his movement. While most of his body functioned correctly, there were occasional issues with his movement that could not be solved or overcome. For example, when he wanted to reach into his pockets, he had trouble guiding his hands into the entrance of his pockets accurately.

To a fighter of such caliber, this was disastrous.

"Do not worry for my future well-being. While my body may remain permanently damaged, my mind and my consciousness are the same as they always have been. Even if I can't fight anymore, I can put this battered brain to use elsewhere." Huang Xiao was more optimistic than was expected. He hadn't been emotionally crushed by what had transpired, and when he spoke, a fire was still alight in his eyes. They told everyone that what he was saying was most earnest and true.


After the fight, Han Sen had indeed become rather famous. His feat made others acknowledge his true fitness level, and people now knew it had to be at least over two hundred. But people also knew that it was impossible for evolvers to go that high, unless he had somehow managed to absorb Life Geno Essences and had earned himself super geno points.

People frequently discussed all sorts of topics relating to Han Sen. Officers, on the other hand, were only thinking and whispering of a way in which they might get him to reveal his secret to absorbing Life Geno Essences.

Han Sen's communicator hadn't stopped ringing since the night of the fight, so he turned it off.

But when he refused to allow his communicator to keep ringing, the same could not be said for others of the Ji family. The rest of the family was pestered by people who wanted Han Sen's knowledge.

The reason Ji Ruozhen became president was not his own power. He had ties and alliances to many factions, families, and organizations in high places. As a result, he could not deny their requests.

Ji Ruozhen went to talk with Han Sen and asked him about it. Regardless of whether or not he had absorbed Life Geno Essences, he had to appease the Alliance with an answer. He couldn't ignore their inquisitiveness forever.

Han Sen did not hesitate or lie in his response. Quickly and affirmatively, he said, "I have obtained super geno points, yes."

When Han Sen went to fight Yu Qielan, he deliberated the consequences of revealing so much. Ji Ruozhen's question did not come as a surprise, and so Han Sen's response was prepared.

Ji Ruozhen fell silent upon hearing Han Sen's confirmation.

After a certain amount of time elapsed, he said to Han Sen, "Tell me what you can."

Han Sen smiled and said, "There is no secret. It is easy to obtain super geno points; you simply need to find the eggs of a super creature. One that is semi-composed inside its sh.e.l.l. Eat it and you will receive super geno points. That is where I get mine from."

"Really?" Ji Ruozhen asked, shocked. He did not expect the answer to be so simple.

"On my own life, I pledge to you that this is not incorrect," Han Sen said.

"Good. This is an important discovery, and one that means a lot to the future progression of humanity." Ji Ruozhen did not stop there, and he continued by saying, "Do not worry any further. The Ji family will handle all the matters pertaining to this revelation. And the benefits you will receive for this discovery will not disappoint you."

Han Sen hadn't planned on receiving any rewards. Particularly so since he didn't admit the entire truth. And what's more, obtaining the eggs of a super creature was a good deal harder than killing a super creature outright.

Super creatures were not difficult to locate in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, but eggs most certainly were. If people wanted to spend their time searching for them, Han Sen didn't believe their efforts would get in his way too much.

The chances were extremely low that someone would be lucky enough to find such an egg, and further yet manage to kill the super creature that was guarding it. And maxing out super geno points by going for eggs alone seemed impossible.

Back in the sanctuary, Han Sen made plans to leave Moment Shelter. He wanted to look for another human shelter so he could finish his deal with Tang Zhenliu, by selling him the Life Geno Essence.

After leaving the mountain ranges, it wasn't too long before he found a human shelter where he could finish the transaction. The Tang family gifted him owners.h.i.+p of a whole rare metal mine.

It was not Z-steel, but the Z-alloy you could get from the mine was quite important to have. It was expensive, and people were still figuring out the qualities and properties of the alloy. As such, the price was still on the rise.

Inside the Angel Gene office, Zhao Seventh spoke to someone. In the image on-screen stood the royal shura that had tried to attack Han Sen after the bout.

"Mister Zhao, to complete our contract we had to sacrifice one of our royal members. Shouldn't you do something about this?" the royal shura said to Zhao Seventh.

Zhao Seventh coldly responded, "Preventing the establishment of peace is our ultimate goal, and that is not just because of me. Furthermore, Yu Qielan's death was a result of his own recklessness. That is no responsibility of mine."

"Mister Zhao, our friend cannot have been slain in vain. Think on it some more, because if you don't make the right decision, we may have to end our cooperative venture," the royal shura said firmly.

Zhao Seventh frowned, and a look of anger and scorn consumed his face. It was only for a moment, and then it left as quickly as it came. He smiled and said, "General Sha Heng, what is it that you want?"

"I don't care how it is achieved, but the person that slew one of ours has to pay. Han Sen must die." Sha Heng's face grimaced with the ugly look of murder.

"No problem. That can be arranged without difficulty. Give me a month, and by the end of that timeframe, Han Sen will be gone from the face of this world. As for the latest package, please have it delivered on time," Zhao Seventh said.

"I will await your good news. Until then, consider our deal of cooperation terminated," Sha Heng said.

"Fine." Zhao Seventh smiled.

After their communication, Zhao Seventh smiled. He called up Zhao Lian and coldly told him, "Take our people to Planet Dong Long, rob their supplies, and kill the shura there."

Zhao Lian was shocked at the sudden order and asked, "Chairman, doesn't that mean we will end up as their enemies? What will happen to our supplies in the future?"

"They are not the only royal shura there. If our arrangement with them comes to an end, I am sure another family will be eager to take their place." Zhao Seventh coldly smiled.