Super Gene - Chapter 829: Little Silver's Hunt for Treasure

Chapter 829: Little Silver's Hunt for Treasure

Chapter 829: Little Silver's Hunt for Treasure

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Han Sen ventured back into the mountains in the hopes of tracking more super creatures. Although there were many super creatures, he couldn't just go for any. Furthermore, he had to find second-generation ones, which greatly narrowed those he could deem to be appropriate targets.

"When will I be able to take down the Devil-Blood King's shelter? There must be many second-generation super creatures in a place such as that." Han Sen thought about the prospect with greed.

But they were thoughts and nothing more. With his power at its current level, he knew that he would be unable to deal with so many super creatures all at once. Thoughts and fantasies of such a daring venture were all he could conjure about it.

Exiting a particular valley, Han Sen noticed he was leaving the mountain ranges behind him. Having searched all that time, he felt disheartened at his inability to locate a second-generation super creature.

"Just under forty super geno points to go until I can max it out." Han Sen was hoping to become a surpa.s.ser sometime soon, as he was too weak right now and could not compete with the elites of the Alliance.

He used all the strength he possessed to take down Yu Qielan, and he had to make use of the power of the Devil-Eye Spider. With it, he tricked the shura's mind for a single moment, enough for Han Sen to deliver the blow that destroyed the royal's brain. If he hadn't done that, then a victory was most certainly not an a.s.sured thing.

If he became a surpa.s.ser, however, such a fight would have been easy. Killing anyone of similar strength would be a trivial accomplishment with the power he'd possess.

Leaving the craggy slopes of the mountains behind him, he found himself in the midst of verdant expanses and emerald pastures. The fields were still on a bit of a slant, but they were decorated with an abundance of plants.

On the fields, Han Sen saw a single creature chasing away a whole group of lesser creatures. They were like sheep being herded, and there were many of them.

The creature that chased them had six legs and two arms. It was a curious-looking thing, and it was difficult for him to discern what it was or think of another creature that it resembled.

Seeing its lifeforce, he realized that it was a sacred-blood creature.

Han Sen wasn't interested in killing sacred-blood creatures, so he planned to fly past the ongoing kerfuffle and save himself the time and energy it would take to dispatch them.

But as Han Sen flew over, the silver fox leapt off his shoulder. After it landed, it took off running towards the strange monster.

Little Silver hopped onto the monster and quickly electrocuted it, and seeing it do so made Han Sen quite confused.

Little Silver never aggressively attacked a creature of its own volition, so he was uncertain why it was doing so now. The sheep-like creatures were weird, too.

Their lifeforces were mostly ordinary, and the strongest amongst them were mutant. Queerly, none of the creatures seemed to flee the silver fox's presence.

After the silver fox slew the monster, it did not proceed to slay the sheep. Instead, all it did was gaze at them from afar. Han Sen could only guess why.

With a puzzled expression, Han Sen went over to the silver fox and squatted by its side to watch the sheep just as his little pet did.

Then Han Sen saw something weird. Ordinary creatures rarely ate plants, or food in general.

Only the children of creatures traditionally ate plants, and they were usually super creatures.

But the herd of sheep that Han Sen watched graze was entirely composed of ordinary and mutant creatures. It was a curious sight, watching them lower their heads to the ground and consume gra.s.s.

But aside from that one strange aspect, nothing else stood out to Han Sen. For all intents and purposes, they appeared to be sheep and nothing else.

"Little Silver, it is time for us to go." When Han Sen told the silver fox it was time to leave, it didn't budge. All it did was continue to lie on the gra.s.s and watch the sheep.

There was nothing Han Sen could do about its stubborn refusal to leave, so all he did was return to the silver fox and continue watching the sheep alongside it. Although it appeared it be nothing, he started to suspect the silver fox had made a discovery of some sort, and Han Sen simply hadn't yet seen it.

They spent half the day watching the little creatures, and the entire time they watched, the sheep remained in the area, merrily grazing the hours away.

When the sun looked about to set, the sheep began to relocate. One sheep took the lead, and it led them directly up the mountains Han Sen had just come down from.

The silver fox followed them, and Han Sen followed the silver fox. Not long after, the sheep entered a valley that was sealed on one end. But this seemed to be where the sheep lived.

The silver fox sniffed the ground all around like a little pig, which amused Han Sen.

But Han Sen understood this behavior was abnormal for the silver fox. It only behaved like this if it had found something. Therefore, he gave it the time it needed.

"Is there treasure to be found here, in the mountains?" Han Sen bore a look of deep contemplation, but then, he saw the silver fox hasten its pace and proceed further into the valley. Han Sen snapped out of his thoughts and quickly ran to catch up.

The silver fox sniffed the ground all along the way, as if it were in search of something. The sheep didn't seem aggressive, and when the duo approached them, all the sheep did was run away.They they watched the two that had come to their valley.

"It is fortunate that they live here, and there are no humans around. They'd all have been slain, if humans were out and about these regions," Han Sen thought to himself.

Little Silver continued on its way into the deeper recesses of the valley. It seemed to have been led to the face of a cliff, and it began the stone with its claws.

There was a very thin crack where the silver fox was digging. Nothing, save something with the width of paper, would be permitted entry into that crack.

"What are we doing here?" Han Sen approached the wall and took a look at what the silver fox was trying to dig through.

From the small crevice, a sort of liquid leaked. It looked like it was providing moisture to the plants in the area, allowing them to grow more quickly. The hasty silver fox had managed to dig a two-meter hole into the ground. At its bottom, it opened up into a cave. It was ma.s.sive, and the cavern was furnished with a grand number of stalact.i.tes.

It was rather humid inside. And in there, you could also hear the constant sound of water dripping. Han Sen saw much water drop from the tips of the stalact.i.tes, adding to a pool that had formed below them.

The water that babbled out of the mountain must have come from this pool, but it didn't look like anything special.

The silver fox approached the pool and circled it numerous times, as if he was looking for something specific.

Han Sen followed the silver fox, but before he joined it at the side of the pool, the silver fox turned around, showed its teeth to its master, and growled.

"Don't be so selfis.h.!.+ Even if you have located something decent, I won't steal it from you." Han Sen might have said that, but it was just a lie. In his heart, he contemplated the manner in which he might steal whatever goodie the silver fox was searching for.

But still, with the silver fox behaving that way, Han Sen stayed his approach. He stood a small distance away and observed the silver fox, hoping to catch a glimpse of what it was searching for.

Not long after, Han Sen noticed the reason the silver fox had shooed him away. It wasn't because of greed; it was because there was something in the pool that was living. Little Silver was warning him.

Han Sen didn't realize this at first, but when the silver fox stopped to observe the pool, he noticed something was amiss.