Super Gene - Chapter 827: I Am Not Going to Stop, So What?

Chapter 827: I Am Not Going to Stop, So What?

Chapter 827: I Am Not Going to Stop, So What?

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"I am going to kill you!" The royal shura was embarra.s.sed, and his rage was inflamed. He looked as if he was preparing to attack Han Sen again.

"Please, try to preserve whatever remains of your dignity." The demi-G.o.d now stood in front of Han Sen with the presence of a mountain. With a look as cold as ice, he spoke to the royal shura.

"How dare you kill our royal representative! We shura will not allow such a slight to slide." This was the human Alliance, a stronghold where countless humans lived. The royal shura's anger had overwhelmed him, and in a place such as this, where he was unable to let loose his violence, all he could do was shout in spite.

"Please, do not forget it was you who requested peace with us. We did not present you with the idea for a truce. If you choose not to abide to the terms of the treaty we established in our discussions, it is no skin off our nose," the demi-G.o.d spoke aloud, his response fierce.

All the other shura looked on, unable to say a word.

"Han Sen, follow me in our return. Let us continue the feast." The demi-G.o.d held onto Han Sen's hand and led him towards the lobby, uncaring for how ill the shura were looking.

"Yep, let's celebrate! No one can leave without getting drunk!" Tang Zhenliu shouted out, as he tugged Lin Feng to follow in the same direction.

All the young humans left towards the lobby with great joy, while the shura grumbled angrily amongst themselves.

"Not bad. This kid is even more amazing than Luo Haitang. He didn't learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and actually used Sonic-Thunder Punch to kill Yu Qielan... Haha! This truly is impressive. It is amazing! I would love to see the look on Luo Haitang's face right now... A member of the Luo family has turned away from learning their Falsified-Sky Sutra... Hahahaha!" The old man was laughing so hard, tears began to roll.

The middle-aged man, by comparison, was frozen. He had followed this man for forty years and had never once seen him laugh in such a manner.

"This kid is really good, Little Zhong. I would like to meet him; can you sort that out for me?" The old man had managed to stop laughing, but he was still grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, of course, teacher." Wen Zhong was shocked, as the old man had never requested an audience with someone before. Even if a n.o.ble from the Alliance came to visit him, he didn't spare the time of day to see them. Now, not only did he want to meet Han Sen, he was willing to go out and pay him a visit himself.

Luo Haitang wore a complicated grimace as he sat there in silence. He gazed into the paused video with eyes that did not blink.

Luo Li stood in the corner of the room, not willing to speak a single word. She even breathed as gently as she could, not wis.h.i.+ng to disturb or rouse the ire of Luo Haitang. She had not seen him in such a state for many years. The last time he appeared like this, he went to a spirit shelter and battled for four days straight in a bid to conquer it.

"Why did he not learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" After the long silence, Luo Haitang broke it with this simple sentence, in a voice that trembled with depression.

"Old Han, good job! I have never given you the admiration you deserve before, but this time I do. This time I really, really do! Here, I am going to drink in your honor. Cheers!" Tang Zhenliu, devoid of all manners, picked up two cups and filled them both up with wine. He presented one cup to Han Sen and lifted one cup to his own lips. Quickly, he gulped it down and shouted, "Awesome! Never since leaving the battlegrounds have I felt so awesome. Awesome, yep, awesome."

If this was an average feast, Tang Zhenliu would have been thrown out on his backside by now already. But today, the higher-ups did not care, and allowed him to be as big a clown as he desired.

All the young people were tremendously excited, surrounding Han Sen in celebration of his deed. They weren't going to let him leave without getting him drunk.

Ji Yanran, seeing him surrounded by people who were praising his actions, felt overjoyed and proud for him.

Of course, most of her joy came from seeing him emerge from the sc.r.a.p with Yu Qielan unscathed. The fact that she had an excellent, truly powerful boyfriend came second to his safety. Still, who didn't want a hero boyfriend?

Although such things were not incredibly important to Ji Yanran, she was starting to feel as if her dreams were coming true.

Han Sen was not very good at drinking. It wasn't long before he could not consume any more, and the alcohol had made his head heavy and his stomach upset.

It wasn't easy to escape the hounding crowd. He attempted to find somewhere to hide, and just as he found a place, Lin Feng appeared before him out of nowhere, presenting him with another full gla.s.s. He said, "Cheers, brother."

Han Sen stood in front of Lin Feng, frozen for three whole seconds. Then, he said, "Blargh!" and puked all over him.

Tang Zhenliu, who was catching up from behind, froze as well. All for different reasons, of course. He had never seen Lin Feng in such a mess before, and even across b.l.o.o.d.y battlefields he had never appeared so disheveled and dirty.

Lin Feng was a tidy person, who desired everything to be perfect. When his girlfriend visited his house, she had to remove her shoes, take off her coat, and not lay a finger on any of his belongings.

He once had another girlfriend, but he broke up with her after she sat on his clothes by accident. He could never looked at her straight after that.

Now that Lin Feng had puke all over him, fresh from Han Sen's gut, Tang Zhenli couldn't fathom how he might react.

"Will Old Lin start a fight with Old Han? And if so, who should I support? Bah, who cares? It would only be a fight between two elites. I can't care too much about something like that."

Tang Zhenliu's mind raced over the different scenarios that might soon unfold, and then suddenly started to think, "Fight him! Come on, fight him!"

Seeing Lin Feng move, reaching his hand out towards Han Sen, the excitement inside Tang Zhenliu reached greater and greater heights each pa.s.sing second. Now, his mind said, "That's it, they're going to fight. A fight is about to start. They're going to fight!"

But again, Tang Zhenliu was delivered a shock that froze him absolutely still. He was so surprised that his eyes almost popped out.

Lin Feng, after reaching out his hands, did not hit Han Sen. All he did was take off his puke-covered coat and put it aside. Then he hugged Han Sen, who looked ready to pa.s.s out and hit the deck. After that, he dragged him towards a room and shut the door.

"Holy smokes! Are my eyes screwed in right? That couldn't have been Lin Feng. The last time I got drunk in his house, that a.s.shole threw me out the door and made me sleep out in the rain. Han Sen didn't just get drunk, he threw up all over him. And now he is being hugged and taken to a private room? This cannot be!"

Tang Zhenliu rubbed his eyes repeatedly, but regardless of who else he thought it might be, deep-down he knew that it was undoubtedly Lin Feng.

There was no public stream, so ordinary folks of the Alliance were unable to watch the fight. But still, news of the fight leaked to the press and caused a grand, delightful shock for the populace. Hearing Han Sen killed the royal shura Yu Qielan in a single punch and made a royal shura elite cough-up blood put Han Sen's name on the tip of everyone's tongue. It was the first time his name had true relevance in the Alliance.