Super Gene - Chapter 826: Shura, Huh? Is That It?

Chapter 826: Shura, Huh? Is That It?

Chapter 826: Shura, Huh? Is That It?

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Many people believed Han Sen would risk his life. After all, the Falsified-Sky Sutra could only attack and not defend.

And the Falsified-Sky Sutra delivered frighteningly powerful hits. The manner in which a pract.i.tioner could exploit and ravage weakspots was ruinous, but it also made it ineffective against behemoths.

On the other hand, whether it was used to fight a human or shura, the damage it would inflict would be enormous provided that the gulf in power wasn't too much.

The Falsified-Sky Sutra could indeed restrain the shura, which was something many people acknowledged.

But unbeknownst to the others, Han Sen had not practiced the Falsified-Sky Sutra, so when he swung his fist, many people were shocked at the result.

"Sonic-Thunder Punch? Why not the powers of the Falsified-Sky!?" The old man was shocked.

"Didn't he learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" The middle-aged man looked confused.

"Why Sonic-Thunder Punch?!" Ji Yanwu screamed. It was difficult to believe Lady Lan's son did not learn the devastating skill that was the Falsified-Sky Sutra and instead opted to use Sonic-Thunder Punch.

Luo Haitang was the one who was shocked the most, however. Seeing Han Sen not make use of the Falsified-Sky Sutra, he suddenly stood up, stared at the video, and shouted aloud, "Why didn't he use the Falsified-Sky Sutra?! Was Little Lan truly that cruel? Would she favor the death of her son over his learning of the Falsified-Sky Sutra?"

Luo Haitang believed that Luo Lan must have been the reason why Han Sen had not learnt the skill he wished him to, and that she had outright prevented him. Otherwise, he really would have learned it. And now, without the ability, there was no chance of him competing with Yu Qielan. Using this punch was practically suicide, or so he thought.

It wasn't only Luo Haitang who felt this way, either. Many people expected Han Sen to use it, but were surprised when he did not. At that moment, all their faces turned grim. They believed Han Sen had placed himself in a wretched position.

No matter how powerful Sonic-Thunder Punch was, it was only a hyper geno art. There was no way it could fathomably be what was needed to go against Yu Qielan.

Luo Li was confused, as well. She did not understand why Luo Lan would not have allowed Han Sen to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

She thought the reason Han Sen challenged Yu Qielan was because he had learnt the skill and wished to display its power. Only G.o.d could have predicted his decision to waltz into such a fight and use Sonic-Thunder Punch, of all things.

No matter what people thought, however, Han Sen still focused on his casting of Sonic-Thunder Punch.

Yu Qielan's eyes were full of disdain. The shura had researched many of the skills and talents humans possessed, and he had seen Sonic-Thunder Punch once used in the war. He believed the skill to be useless, and the thunder would have no chance of destroying his body. It wouldn't come close to numbing him, either.

Yu Qielan had come here to impress all who watched the bouts. If he had not, then he wouldn't have tried to kill Huang Xiao. But now that Han Sen was delivering himself to him, Yu Qielan had no hesitation in exhausting all his force and strength into this one devastating blow.

A very strong and fast punch.

The other royal shura continued to watch the fight, also of the belief that Han Sen's Sonic-Thunder Punch was far weaker than whatever Yu Qielan was about to deliver. It was far slower, and Han Sen's chest would be smashed open before the Sonic-Thunder Punch got close.

Even if Han Sen could punch Yu Qielan, the power delivered would not be enough to injure him. If Han Sen received a hit, on the other hand, he'd be killed.

The demi-G.o.d still hesitated, unsure whether or not he should step in and save Han Sen's life. It was a tough decision for him to make.

The demi-G.o.d ultimately decided to save Han Sen. It was humiliating, yes, but he did not want to stand by and watch another young man lose his life.

But just as he was about to step forward, he noticed something strange and he pulled back.

Just as they were about to punch each other, Yu Qielan froze. It was a sudden and short, momentary freeze. In the s.p.a.ce of a second, Han Sen's fist sped up and crashed against Yu Qielan's head.

Han Sen's eyes flashed blue as thunder flickered across his body. The fist was driven deep into Yu Qielan's forehead.

"Stop!" Upon seeing this, the royal shura's face completely changed. He wanted to stop Han Sen from delivering his punch, but it was too late.


Han Sen's fist smashed into his opponent's skull. There wasn't much noise, but Yu Qielan's eye sockets began to cascade with blood. The eyes themselves looked ready to eject themselves from the sockets.

As blood covered his features, a silver-lightning burst forth from his face. Yu Qielan's brain was suddenly turned to mud by the horrible power of the Sonic-Thunder mix. His entire body was electrocuted. And as he convulsed, his body continued standing there like a doll.

Yu Qielan was strong, but he was not too far off a human. There were parts of his body that were weaker, and just like a human, one was his brain. The way Han Sen used Sonic-Thunder Punch and Yin Force was enough to destroy the skull-encased organ.

It was payback.

Yu Qielan ruined Huang Xiao's brain, and so Han Sen was delivering Yu Qielan his just deserts. As effective as it was, it worked even better than Han Sen himself had predicted it would.

Yu Qielan's physical abilities were incredible, mostly derived from the Blood Injection. But while Blood Injection increased his strength and speed, it did nothing to protect his brain.

The royal shura shouted in his inability to stop Han Sen. So, he swung his fist and attempted to attack Han Sen from behind.

What was coming towards Han Sen now was as powerful a punch as any demi-G.o.d could deliver. The fact that it was coming from behind as a sucker punch shocked all who watched. They did not expect a royal shura to commit to such a cheap move, and it was also too late to tell Han Sen to watch out.

The demi-G.o.d was infuriated by this action, and so he leapt into the fray to save Han Sen from the royal shura, but it was too late to do so. Not a single person expected the royal shura to behave in such an obscene fas.h.i.+on.

Han Sen's back was facing the royal shura, but it looked as if his back grew a pair of eyes. He stepped forward and grabbed Yu Qielan, who was as responsive as a child's doll. He swung around the lifeless body and presented Yu Qielan as a meats.h.i.+eld to block the royal shura's. .h.i.t.


The royal shura almost punched Yu Qielan, struggling to force the wretched power he was about to deliver back inside him. But when that power was pushed back inside, it caused him to cough up blood.

All the humans were shocked. They could not believe Han Sen not only punched Yu Qielan and put him in such a state, but was smart enough to evade and force a royal shura to withdraw his attack. It was like a miracle.

"Shura, huh? Is that it?" Han Sen threw Yu Qielan, who was still in a vegetative state, away like a piece of trash. He let him twitch and convulse on the ground as he spoke to the royal shura with disdain.