Super Gene - Chapter 825: Beat Me and You Can Fight Dollar

Chapter 825: Beat Me and You Can Fight Dollar

Chapter 825: Beat Me and You Can Fight Dollar

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The four of them returned to the plaza in a glum mood. Although they did not really know Huang Xiao, they felt awful upon learning what had happened to him.

"Please, fulfill your obligation and bring me Dollar. He is your strongest young one, after all."

Han Sen, upon his return, heard Yu Qielan speaking to the receptionist.

"F*ck! If I was a surpa.s.ser, I'd kick his a.s.s so hard!" Tang Zhenliu said, angrily. He wished he was a surpa.s.ser, for in his present state, he could hardly lay a finger on Yu Qielan.

With Shura Change and Blood Injection, Yu Qielan was already able to beat a surpa.s.ser that was a celestial being. The hidden power he possessed was something not even Huang Xiao had the ability to overcome.

Lin Feng was calm and did not say anything more. The people who knew him well, however, could tell he was suppressing a great fire of anger inside.

Han Sen suddenly stood up and walked towards the stage. He was fuming mad, and although he did not know Huang Xiao, he despised Yu Qielan enough to know what he had to do. Furthermore, he had repeatedly asked for a fight against Dollar.

Han Sen laughed in his heart and thought to himself, "You want to fight Dollar, do you? As you wish. Prepare to get spent."

"Han Sen, what are you doing?!" Seeing Han Sen approach the stage, Ji Yanran became incredibly worried.

"Old Han, do not be reckless! We can kill him together, once we become surpa.s.sers!" Tang Zhenliu called out.

"It's only a royal shura. There's no need for me to wait that long," Han Sen said in response, as his fingers glided across Ji Yanran's face. He then told her, "Sit right there and wait for me to kill this a.s.shole."

After that, Han Sen continued his approach to the stage.

Tang Zhenliu still wanted to prevent him from doing this, and Ji Yanran's worry was not alleviated.

"If he wants to go that much, he must be confident," Lin Feng calmly said, stopping the two from any further attempts to change Han Sen's mind.

As Han Sen neared the stage, Yu Qielan was still requesting that someone find Dollar so that they might fight.

"Yu Qielan, right? Do you have to fight Dollar to feel good about yourself?" Han Sen said, as he ascended the stage and looked directly at his soon-to-be enemy.

Everyone's attention now turned to silently focus on Han Sen, unsure what he was planning to do.

"Aside from Dollar, what other challenger can I fight who is worth my time?" Yu Qielan proudly stated.

There were others aside from Huang Xiao that were willing to fight him, but Yu Qielan declined them all.

"Okay, then. You can fight him. But first, you must beat me," Han Sen calmly said.

"You? And who are you exactly, chump? I tire of you humans attempting to stall my true desire. How long do you expect me to fight scrawny worthless beings before I can go up against Dollar?" Yu Qielan looked at Han Sen with disdain.

"I lost to Dollar once. Dollar took me out in one-and-a-half punches. If you beat me, I can call upon Dollar to come over here and whip you like a dog. How does that sound?" Han Sen looked at Yu Qielan.

"One-and-a-half punches, huh? Is this guy for real?" Yu Qielan ignored Han Sen and spoke to the receptionist directly.

"Of course, he is my fiancé! He only ever speaks the truth." Ji Yanran stood up and said.

"President Ji's daughter? Fine, I'll believe you once more." Yu Qielan looked at Ji Yanran and then returned his gaze to Han Sen. He continued by saying, "If I win, and I am still unable to see Dollar, then tonight's fighting is over. I have no interest in fighting noobs any longer."

Han Sen then coldly said, "Humanity is graced with a desire to uphold their word. Furthermore, we are polite. You allowed Huang Xiao to strike first in the last match, so allow me to return the gesture. Yu Qielan, I want you to make the first attack."

"Good. If you can withstand one-and-a-half Dollar punches, we can quickly determine whether or not you can withstand one-point-zero of my punches." Yu Qielan did not waste any time and immediately swung his fist.

As he swung, he used Shura Change and the wretched power-boosting method of Blood Injection. He planned to one-hit-kill Han Sen.

Han Sen had started this match, so he couldn't allow himself to immediately get punched and defeated.

If the demi-G.o.d stepped in now, it would be humiliating not only for him, but for humanity as a whole.

Such a tale would be laughed about by the shura for many more generations. It would be a jest, the story of a proud human that sought to start a fight but was knocked out by a single punch in a single second.

The demi-G.o.d was ambivalent, and wasn't too sure what to think. They couldn't rightly save him, but they did not want him to be killed. As such, they were unsure about what to do.

"Han Sen is still an evolver. Is he going to be okay?" A middle-aged man frowned while watching the video.

"Unless he is close to the rank of Celestial Being, even if he was from the Luo family and had learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, I do not believe he can beat the shura. And I say this in the knowledge that the Falsified-Sky Sutra is an evil and murderous talent. It is truly wicked, but without the necessary power, it won't yield the results he desires. He will die." The old man looked glum as he spoke. He hated Yu Qielan's behavior, and despite his dire prediction, he wanted Han Sen to win.

But the power gulf was very wide, and for Han Sen to win, it would require nothing short of a miracle. That was why even this old man's predictions were miserable.

On another planet, Luo Haitang watched the fight through a video stream while Luo Li made tea for him.

Luo Yin had not found Han Sen, but Luo Haitang believed Han Sen carried the blood and genetic qualities of the Luo family. As such, he didn't think Han Sen had what it took to deny the allure of learning the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

"Show me how far your practice of the Falsified-Sky Sutra has come along." Luo Haitang looked at Han Sen through the video stream intently, earnestly hoping he would retaliate with the deadly skill.

Ji Yanwu and Ji Ruozhen were watching the scene, as well, and they looked nervous. Although they had faith in the Falsified-Sky Sutra, they knew Yu Qielan had Blood Injection, and they believed the shura was devastatingly more powerful.

The Ning family, the Qin family, the w.a.n.g family, the Dong Lin and Zhao families were all watching the same match. They wanted to see what path Han Sen had decided to follow. They wondered if he'd be more like Luo Haitang, doing so in a bid to impress everyone.

Ji Yanran and her friends were extremely anxious. They knew Han Sen was strong, but they were still worried. The power Yu Qielan possessed exceeded the possible power of an evolver by a great extent.

As everyone watched with bated breath, Han Sen did not choose to dodge the punch. Instead, he swung a fist of his own.

Han Sen aimed for Yu Qielan's head, electing to risk his life to deliver damage just as Huang Xiao had.