Super Gene - Chapter 821: I Want to Fight Against Dollar

Chapter 821: I Want to Fight Against Dollar

Chapter 821: I Want to Fight Against Dollar

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Han Sen was not allowed to take part in the meetings between the Alliance and the visiting shura, in which they sought to broker peace. The introductory meetings took them only two days, but it would take at least two months to negotiate terms.

There were many conspiracies in the works, ones which Han Sen could not understand due to his lack of proficiency in the field of politics. All he did was wait until Ji Yanran was ready for him to go to the dinner.

Ji Yanran was very nervous. After all, she was a girl. She knew Han Sen was strong, but the thought of him having to fight for her in such an important battle made her anxious.

Such a fight wasn't meant to be life-threatening. The fight did not allow the use of weapons, and elites would be watching the entire proceedings. If things were being taken too far, demi-G.o.d elites would swoop in and bring an end to the exhibit.

But even so, Ji Yanran was worried. She looked for her father, wanting to know if there was a way they could avoid the fight.

Ji Ruozhen was fond of Han Sen, and he thought highly of him. He told Ji Yanran, "Do not worry for his well-being. He is from the Luo family; he won't lose, not even in a fight against a royal shura."

Unbeknownst to Ji Ruozhen, however, Han Sen had refused to learn anything from the Luo family. Had he known this, his certainty in Han Sen's victory would not have been as firm.

Despite her intense worry, Ji Yanran did not display it to anyone. She was particularly adamant about not letting Han Sen know how she felt, in case it affected his judgment and performance. Furthermore, she did not want to appear weak and distraught before the shura.

Han Sen met Yu Qielan during the feast, and he was surprised that the shura looked far more handsome in person than he did in the photo. Humans lacked the ability to maintain the sort of presence that the shura displayed. But the same was true the other way around. Shura could not mimic the sensibilities of humans.

Han Sen preferred humans due to their greater kindness, diversity, and ability to be casual. The royal shura might have looked handsome and enticing, but he knew he'd have difficulty getting along with them once they were beyond the formalities of the peace-brokering meetings.

In the middle of the feast, the shura suggested a duel. The Alliance had already prepared for this suggestion, and so everyone walked outside towards the plaza. Before the entrees had even arrived, Yu Qielan was already there waiting.

Ji Yanran was nervous. She hoped Yu Qielan did not challenge her, for if he did, Han Sen would have to fight.

All the humans waited with bated breath for Yu Qielan to name the person he wanted to challenge. If he chose Ji Yanran, although it would not be fair, she would have no choice but to accept the request. Then, as her fiancé, Han Sen would step forward to fight on her behalf as her champion.

But there was a problem. If Han Sen lost, and Yu Qielan challenged Ji Yanran again, humans would have lost two matches. Such a thing would be a profound embarra.s.sment.

Yu Qielan's eyes were like jewels. And with them, he scanned all the young humans that were lined up before him. When his eyes fell on Ji Yanran, they stopped.

His steady gaze made the hearts of everyone jump in their chests.

Yu Qielan raised his lips in a disdainful smile. Then, he looked away from her.

Yu Qielan looked at all the people before him, and said, "I wonder; which one of you is Dollar? I have heard he is the strongest young human by a cosmic mile. I want to fight him."

When he said this, everyone froze. No one had antic.i.p.ated this request.

The receptionist ran up and said, "Mister Yu, I do not know where you have heard about Dollar, but what you say is not true. Huang Xiao is our most famous young one."

"Hm, that is strange. Then how did I hear about this 'Dollar' person managing to achieve a position amongst the ten Son of G.o.d's. As for this Huang Xiao? I have never heard of him." Yu Qielan grinned.

Huang Xiao was very calm. Without any feelings of awkwardness, he said, "Dollar is powerful, but I can provide the challenge you seek."

Yu Qielan looked at Huang Xiao and laughed. He said, "Okay, then I'll beat you first. After that, I will go against Dollar. But you better find him for me."

"You better win against me first," Huang Xiao said, bravely.

Yu Qielan said nothing in response to this. He merely walked across the plaza with a happy look on his face, and the receptionist confirmed the fight.

Huang Xiao had already achieved the status of a surpa.s.ser. Although he had only just reached the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, his fitness was over three hundred. And he was a powerful person, one who should have no trouble beating the young shura royal.

The fact that Yu Qielan had not selected Ji Yanran made many people breathe a sigh of relief.

Although Han Sen was not a bad fighter, many people still believed he relied completely on his super pet. They wouldn't feel confident about him fighting against Yu Qielan, mano a mano.

Ji Yanran was also relieved. She was not afraid of him losing, but she just didn't want him to shoulder the risk and burden of such a prestigious fight.

Han Sen smiled, held Ji Yanran from behind, and said, "It looks like this young shura n.o.ble is, well... n.o.ble. He doesn't appear to be obscene and cheap."

"It's a shame Dollar is not here. If he was here, I am sure he'd teach him a thing or two about combat." Ji Yanran smiled.

"So, are you saying Dollar could beat him but not me?" Han Sen looked jealous when he said this, and he noticed it himself. He thought it was weird for him to be jealous of his own alias.

"You are the best, but it is better if you remain uninjured. I fret for your safety every time you venture back into the sanctuary," Ji Yanran whispered into Han Sen's ears.

Han Sen felt ashamed when he heard this. He realized he had spent too much time focused on making himself stronger, and not enough time with Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran had been busy a lot, yes, but lately, Han Sen had been far busier than she had been.

Huang Xiao and Yu Qielan both entered the established battleground at the center of the plaza. An old royal shura and a demi-G.o.d stood at each end of the court. If something cruel seemed set to occur, they would step in and put an end to the battle.

"You strike first. If I strike first, I'm afraid this will be over before it begins." Yu Qielan looked at his opponent coldly.

"Okay then." Huang Xiao looked a little angry at how condescending and rude his foe was being.

Although the feast and accompanying battle was not open to the media, many high-cla.s.s members of the Alliance had ways of watching the entire event.

Normally, people wouldn't watch a fight such as this. But the people in this fight were special, so everyone of importance was sure to keep an eye on the coming duel.