Super Gene - Chapter 822: Huang Xiao

Chapter 822: Huang Xiao

Chapter 822: Huang Xiao

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For a long time, the fitness of humans had been nowhere near the heights of the shura. But humans strived to be better.

Generations after their first meeting, the gap in talent between the two species was still unbridged. But then came the discovery of the sanctuaries, and after this, humanity accelerated in strength as if they were cheating. While it did not change the average human, human elites were capable of becoming stronger than the shura.

Kids and teenagers were still particularly vulnerable, being far weaker than the shura.

Humanity had many goals, and the humans of this universe wanted to develop their kids and teenagers until they were naturally superior to those of the shura.

It was a common desire, shared by not only the average, working citizen but by the high-ranking officers of the Alliance, as well. The latter of which were actively working towards it.

Humans below the age of sixteen were unable to compete with the shura. At around the age of twenty, people who were fortunate enough could develop the necessary strength to battle them.

The shura that humans most sought to beat were the royal shura. They were the cream of the crop, and felling an average shura fighter paled in comparison to the strength required to take down a royal shura.

The Alliance had high hopes for Huang Xiao. In combat, talent, and luck, he was the best in his age bracket.

He was born a n.o.ble but possessed a natural talent. He was very fortunate, also. He sp.a.w.ned in the grandest human shelters in the First, Second, and Third G.o.d's Sanctuaries. Through this luck, he was able to grow up both safely and swiftly.

All of this crafted him into who he had become on this day, and he had been personally picked by the Alliance as the one to beat the royal shura Yu Qielan.

Many people from the Alliance believed Huang Xiao had what it took to win this fight, and if he succeeded, it would bring great joy to them.

The only negative was that Huang Xiao was one year older than his opponent. Still, it was an acceptable difference.

Huang Xiao was not only lucky, however. He was smart, wise, and composed. Even in the midst of the pressure such a situation could pose, he remained absolutely calm. And even with the added provocation of his foe, he did not display a glimmer of anger.

Han Sen waited for the match to begin. He wanted Huang Xiao to win, as well. It was about a.s.serting glory for his entire race, so he did not particularly care for who the fighter was—he who would take the mantle and responsibility of such a prestigious fight—as long as they won.

"Shall we establish a wager?"

Suddenly, a man's voice was heard. Han Sen and Ji Yanran turned around with much surprise to the sight of Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng. It was Tang Zhenliu who spoke.

"And what shall we wager?" Han Sen asked, smiling.

"Let us make a bet on who will win this battle," Tang Zhenliu said. "I bet Huang Xiao wins."

"This isn't a bet; it's a scam," Han Sen said with a wry smile.

Tang Zhenliu laughed, then changed the subject. "Han Sen, there is something I would like to discuss with you. I was wondering if you might sell me a Life Geno Essence? And if you can't, lend me your super pet so that I might kill a super creature for myself. The prices of such favors are for you to determine."

"I have one Life Geno Essence I can sell you, but in the sanctuaries, I am a long, long way from home. It will take me a long time to return." Han Sen did not decline, as first-generation Life Geno Essences had no value to him.

That aside, when the shura liquid became public, the value of life geno essences would drop as it became easier for others to slay super creatures. Holding onto one now seemed pointless considering what lay ahead.

"Really? Where are you?" Tang Zhenliu asked, visibly happy.

"Let's watch the match first. We can talk more about this later." When Han Sen turned back to look at the stage, the fight had already started.

The rules of this fight stated no one was allowed any form of external support. The battle was to be fought mano a mano, with no weapons or armor or anything else. Humans couldn't use beast souls either, so Huang Xiao swung his fist.

When Huang Xiao swung, Han Sen was surprised. He had only just become a surpa.s.ser, but still, there was fierce weight and strength driving the fist. Huang Xiao's body glowed with gold like a buddha in the gleaming light that radiated from his raging fist.

"The Huang family's Golden Buddha may not be very well-known, but it cannot be any worse than Platinum Body. It increases your body's vitality as well as its simple power. He seems calm and composed using it. Perhaps it isn't surprising; when he first became a surpa.s.ser, no one could beat him while he used it," Tang Zhenliu explained.


Huang Xiao's fist hit Yu Qielan. The royal shura did not dodge, but accepted the hit instead.

Everyone looked at them with wide eyes, keen to learn the result of the hit. Most people from the Alliance believed Huang Xiao had the edge over his enemy.

After all, Huang Xiao's fitness level was over three hundred. This far exceeded Yu Qielan's estimated fitness of two hundred and sixty. By all rights, Huang Xiao should have had a clear advantage over his foe.

The result, however, was a little shocking. Yu Qielan somehow evened out the attack, and no damage was delivered to either combatant. In quick retaliation, they both swung their fists.

No one expected the fight to be so tense, so shortly after beginning. Yu Qielan and Huang Xiao stood on the spot, their fists flying towards each other in a flurry. The sounds of whipped wind and clubbed bones emanated harshly between the fighters.

"This is bad. It looks like our intel may have been incorrect. It would seem Yu Qielan's fitness is far higher than what we originally believed it to be. He can compete against Huang Xiao without being at a disadvantage. His fitness must be over three hundred for sure. There is no way he can be suppressed or dominated as we initially expected him to be." Tang Zhenliu frowned.

Han Sen frowned, too. The vitality of a royal shura was naturally very high; Huang Xiao could only keep up because of his usage of Golden Buddha. Not even ordinary celestial beings were naturally that strong.

It seemed as if Yu Qielan hadn't learned any skills to strengthen his body, which was fortunate. But it was frightening to think his body's vitality was on par with Huang Xiao's, despite being all-natural.

Everyone watched the match intently, all in support of Huang Xiao. They earnestly hoped he would beat his foe.

"I really envy the body of a shura. If humans were like them, our power in the sanctuary would be unrivalled." An old man spoke enviously as he watched a video stream of the fight.

"Teacher, do you believe Huang Xiao can win?" a middle-aged man asked the old man.

"It is difficult to determine." The old man sighed.

The middle-aged man knew the old man very well, but he knew through his response that he actually did not believe in Huang Xiao's ability to triumph over the shura.

The middle-aged man proceeded to say, "If there is not much difference between their fitness levels, he could still have a chance."

"Do not forget; the talents of a shura rest solely in combat," the old man slowly said.