Super Gene - Chapter 820: Yu Qielan

Chapter 820: Yu Qielan

Chapter 820: Yu Qielan

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Ji Yanran told Ji Ruozhen about the shura liquid, and he took it for the serious, concerning matter that it was. Ji Ruozhen asked Han Sen to tell him about the liquid again, then retrieved the sample on the very same day.

The Ji family was taking the entire affair more seriously than Han Sen believed they would. He hoped they could successfully research it, because if they could not, the Zhao family's capabilities would shock the entire Alliance.

Because Han Sen was getting ready to join the shura ball, he didn't have time to return to the sanctuary.

Ji Yanran began to describe the members of the group of shura that were coming, presenting him with pictures so he knew exactly who each one was.

"There are two royal families of shura coming. One of the royal family members is a fourth-rank shura fighter, and he is the one spearheading the entire collective that will be visiting. He isn't a person to easily lose his temper, but even if he does, others will be the ones to take care of it. It's not up to us to sort that out."

After that, Ji Yanran showed him a different picture. It was a picture of a young, handsome shura. He had a purple horn, and long purple hair. He looked both n.o.ble and mystic.

It was difficult to find humans that could compare with him.

The society of the shura was built on authority. It had existed far longer than humanity had. The royal monarchy had been established over many generations, and was something no human family could ever come close to resembling.

When humanity first began its Interstellar Era, the shura provided them with aid because of their similar appearance.

Back then, the shura considered humanity to be inferior. Humans were not as technologically advanced, or as attractive, in their eyes. But they never expected that humanity would grow and achieve so much so quickly, or one day become their greatest enemy and threat.

And now, humans were ahead of the shura. The race of the shura was now in political turmoil because of their inability to a.s.sert a new king for the throne, and had to broker a peace.

But the shura had always been arrogant, and they had never really respected humanity. Despite their advancement, the shura still considered humans to be an inferior species.

The royal shura had always been a higher cla.s.s, and every person in their society had to adore them. Human society did not work like that, and it was just another reason for the royals to despise their enemies.

"This royal shura is called Yu Qieland. He is twenty-two years old and is a very notorious member of the Yu family. Our intel states that when the shura reach adulthood, their fitness level is gauged to be at around two hundred. If they continue to train and learn their shura skills, they can become even stronger. Yu Qielan's fitness is estimated to be at around two hundred-sixty. That's not a precise number, but it's an educated approximation from our best information." Ji Yanran introduced the man.

"He sounds rather powerful, but there should be many human surpa.s.sers that are around twenty years old. Wouldn't it be easier for you to just call upon a surpa.s.ser?" Han Sen asked, with visible confusion.

Humans were able to enter the First G.o.d's Sanctuary when they reached the age of sixteen. If they were lucky, they'd end up in a grand, populated shelter which offered much help from the larger factions. This saved people much time in collecting enough geno points to reach the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. The same thing applied in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary to becoming a surpa.s.ser.

Although this did not happen very often, there were many people entering at all times, so a good number did end up being this fortuitous.

"Well, yes. There are indeed plenty of fortunate young people that are surpa.s.sers. And although we are able to call upon them, the royal shura might not want to interact with them." Ji Yanran gave a wry smile.

"Why? Aren't they just as young?" Han Sen asked with surprise.

"Their ident.i.ties would be different." Ji Yanran then went on to explain, "In the eyes of the shura, humanity is considered a knock-off of their own kind. They wouldn't say that in front of us, but deep-down they disdain us. If Yu Qielan wishes to fight, then he would most certainly call upon someone famous. If he wants someone to fight, he would most likely pick me."

"Why?" Han Sen was becoming even more confused. Ji Yanran was not very popular in the Alliance, at all. She may have been the daughter of the president, but she wasn't much of a fighter.

With the way normal human logic worked in the Alliance, no one would challenge her.

Ji Yanran laughed and said, "The shura think differently. To them, our president is the king. As the daughter, that would make me the princess. He is a royal shura, and he would end up being forced to pick me for a duel as the only half-viable candidate."

"The shura know much about our society. If they challenge me, it is not because they don't know that I cannot fight—they would wish to humiliate us." Ji Yanran took a deep breath and then continued, "My father asked that you come for insurance. If he asks me to fight, then I would need you to be my champion. You are my fiancé, after all."

"Shouldn't I be called a prince? The husband of a princess is called prince, if I recall," Han Sen said with a smile.

He was very interested in the shura because he wished to know whether Zero was a human or a shura. It was one of his biggest unsolved mysteries at this point.

When he found Zero, he also found a vial of an unknown substance. Han Sen did not dare show it to anyone, as he wasn't sure what it did. Not wanting to bring him or her any trouble, he placed it in his bank for security.

Han Sen guessed that the liquid was most likely related to Zero, but he did not trust any research organization enough to turn it over for examination and testing.

Therefore, Han Sen was keen to meet real shura and see if he could notice a difference between them and Zero if they entered a "shura mode." He thought he might learn something.

Han Sen had no problem fighting a royal shura, as it was a glorious thing for him to be allowed to do.

After all, humanity and the shura had fought each other in this galaxy for many years, and countless victims had fallen victim to their hands. Influenced by their education and environment, it was natural for humans to consider shura as their greatest enemy. Any triumph over them would be most glorious.