Super Gene - Chapter 803: Claiming the Empress

Chapter 803: Claiming the Empress

Chapter 803: Claiming the Empress

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"Argh!" Amidst the silver lightning, the electricity coursed through and electrified the spirit's body. She looked up and screamed out to the heavens in pain.

The silver lightning leapt and crackled all around her continuously, and with every jolt of electricity, cracks appeared in her armor.

Most frighteningly, her body convulsed and twisted into crooked shapes unwillingly under the effect of the lightning attacks.

The white lightning came out from near Han Sen's waist, and its origin point was shaped like the head of a fox. As the lightning continued to stream out to electrify Han Sen's foe, the rest of the fox's body started to form. Its body was followed by the legs and paws. Its tail came last.

The white-lightning fox ended up being two meters tall, and from this newly formed creation, lightning sparkled across its fur. It was an immaculate creature; one that was truly beautiful. But at the same time, it exuded an intimidating presence, and it possessed a power that could almost be felt. It was difficult to look upon it straight.


The silver lightning fox became a shadow, and it quickly appeared in front of the spirit like real lightning.

Even if the spirit hadn't been paralyzed, Han Sen doubted her ability to stop such a sudden movement from the fox.


The spirit tried to raise her fist and repel the incoming lightning. She impeded the brutal talon-laden paws of the fox, but not the electricity.

Beneath the continuing, greater discharges, her armor suffered more and more cracks and tears. The cracks formed quickly like breaking gla.s.s, coursing all across the armor as the lightning itself did.

The thunder fox turned itself into a lightning bolt, and it repeatedly drove itself into the spirit. Although the spirit could just about dodge many of the attacks, she could not remove herself from the widespread lightning that surrounded each strike.


The spirit's armor could no longer withstand the constant current of electricity. It shattered into tiny pieces.

Without the protection of the armor, her naked body could only tremble and shake under her constant electrocution. Loudly, she screamed in agony.

The silver fox did not show restraint. While the spirit was still paralyzed in the electricity, it turned into another lightning bolt and attacked the spirit. Three scratch marks appeared across her chest, which drew a cascade of blood. Silver lightning breached her exposed wounds, and they filled up with the thunderous power.

Han Sen was surprised that the silver fox had evolved into a thunder fox that could keep attacking in the air. The spirit's body did not cease gus.h.i.+ng blood, and in one final attack, her body was torn apart by the thunder fox. She was utterly torn apart by the evolved pet, which returned her to the spirit stone inside the spirit hall.

Under his breath, Han Sen could only mutter the words, "Little Silver."

The adult silver fox was far stronger than he imagined it would be. It could beat a super spirit, and although the attacks first came sneakily, its power was still a gobsmacking spectacle.

When the lightning disappeared, the silver fox still looked small and gentle. It didn't look any bigger, and even appeared to have shrunk a little. It was only one foot long, but it had a coat of magnificent fur.

The silver fox looked as elegant as it ever did, and it leapt onto Han Sen's shoulder with no change of personality.

Han Sen was extremely glad, and he took off running up to the spirit hall. It took a while for spirits to resp.a.w.n, so now was the perfect time for him to nab the spirit stone.

Although Han Sen's body was still weak, he didn't care too much. After descending from the sky, he ran to the hall as fast as his tired legs could carry him.

Inside the spirit hall, it looked like a holy temple. A giant statue stood proud and tall in the center of the hall, and Han Sen wondered what sort of power might have resided within.

On the statue's forehead, there was a spirit stone that looked very much like a black hole. It burnt with a bright flame, reminiscent of the day the universe was born. The spirit was regathering itself inside, preparing itself for a resp.a.w.n.

Acknowledging this, Han Sen did not slow down. He jumped into the sky and landed on the statue's nose. He reached up, grabbed the spirit stone, and held it in his hand.

Because the spirit was still resp.a.w.ning, it did not immediately appear from the stone. But then, all of a sudden, a black flame appeared. In front of Han Sen, a black hole manifested.

Initially, it was quite large, but it gradually shrank in size until at last, the spirit reappeared. With a complicated expression, she showed no animosity and just knelt before Han Sen. She put her right hand on the left side of her chest, lowered her head and said, "I, Moment Queen, am willing to submit and offer absolute loyalty to a new master. I will become a faithful servant from now until eternity."

As she spoke, she turned into a black light and entered Han Sen's Sea of Soul.

He heard the creatures elsewhere in the shelter all roar in a panic or frenzy. When he went out to take a look, all the creatures in the shelter were gone.

The fairy flew in front of Han Sen and kept performing gestures, twirling her body as if to tell him how brave, fearless, and helpful she had been. She was trying to say she had done a lot for him.

"Thanks a lot; how about I reward you with something good for your services?" Han Sen brought out a Geno Creation Pill and gave it to the fairy. She very much enjoyed eating those, just like the silver fox did.

The giant monster ran up to the palace, and when Han Sen went to check up on it, he found the big monster licking its dying young. Despite being covered in blood, nothing could veil the big monster's sadness.

The little monster was on the ground, twitching and crying. It was dying. It had been grievously injured and dragged here without a remedy, and by now, it had almost entirely bled out.

The little monster had a high vitality, which had allowed it to remain alive up until now, clutching its final fleeting moments of life. If this was any other super creature, it'd have died a long time ago.

The big monster cried aloud to the sky, and after a brief pause, rushed to Han Sen. Han Sen was shocked, thinking the monster wished to exact revenge on him for being partially responsible. He sp.a.w.ned his little angel in preparation for another fight.

When the big monster came before Han Sen, it knelt in front of him as if to beg.

It was quite the surprising scene to witness, watching a mountain-large beast kneel in front of him. It was difficult to describe the feelings one would get from the sight.

"Do you want me to save it?" Han Sen understood what the big monster desired from him. So, he obliged and used the holy light to heal its baby. The big monster knew of the light's effectiveness from when Han Sen had used the ability on it, so the creature thought he might be able to use it on his young, as well.

"If I save it, will you adhere to my commands?" Han Sen asked, after a while of thought.

Now that he had the power to kill two super creatures, doing so would have increased his super geno points by a large amount.

But instead, he cooperated with the monster, for he felt sympathy for them. What was most important for him right now was claiming an Empire-cla.s.s shelter; a shelter that needed protection.

It would only be a matter of time before Han Sen maxed out his super geno points, and getting two ma.s.sive creatures such as these to guard one's home was not very common.

After thinking things over, Han Sen decided to help the little monster and the big monster out.

"Roar!" The big monster roared and knelt before Han Sen again, signaling its willingness to adhere to Han Sen's commands.