Super Gene - Chapter 804: We Are Both King Spirits

Chapter 804: We Are Both King Spirits

Chapter 804: We Are Both King Spirits

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Inside the spirit hall, Han Sen sat down on the throne. As he did so, he observed Moment Queen. This was his first time learning that the officially defined cla.s.s for a super spirit was King-cla.s.s.

"I may obey you, but we are both king spirits. If you dare mistreat me, I will self-destruct without hesitation," Moment Queen said harshly, biting down on her teeth.

"We are both king spirits?" Han Sen looked at Moment Queen with much shock. It seemed as if his super body had earned him the status of a king spirit.

Moment Queen continued to look on Han Sen without saying another word. She believed Han Sen was only toying with her. If Han Sen wasn't a king spirit, she would have self-destructed already, not obeying him for a single moment.

They were both king spirits, so she already thought it was embarra.s.sing enough for her to obey Han Sen. If she didn't have something else to live for, she would have self-destructed by now, as well.

"Okay, tell me what you want." Han Sen looked at Moment Queen with curiosity.

He had just now learned that the type of body he had was also a type of status. His super body had granted him the body of a King-cla.s.s spirit. This also earned him a one hundred percent success rate when claiming spirits that were below King-cla.s.s themselves.

If they were at the same level, the success rate was random. Moment Queen had sworn her vow already, but it was evident that she had done so against her will. Quite clearly then, obtaining a super spirit was no small feat. As such, Han Sen did not want her to explode, and he valued the prospect of her becoming quite the fighter for him.

"I can adhere to your commands, but first, you must aid me in finis.h.i.+ng my own evolution. Give me a chance to ascend to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary again," Moment Queen said, with certainty.

"Again? Are you saying you came from there?" Han Sen heard what she had to say and was visibly surprised by the revelation.

"I used to be there, yes. But I committed a crime that is not so easily forgiven, and thus, I was sent back here." Moment Queen wore a complicated look.

"Ah, what crime would that be?" Han Sen looked at Moment Queen with profound interest.

"I killed the son of a king," Moment Queen said, without emotion.

"What king? That sounds fairly powerful." Han Sen's interest continued to grow.

Moment Queen responded, "The spirits are at war in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. If the opposing faction can be defeated, the victor a.s.sumes rule."

"And you dared to kill the son of the king? You really are something." Han Sen paused, and then continued to say, "That means, if you return to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, you will be hunted. Yes?"

"If you are afraid of this, set me free. Free yourself of the burden that is me," Moment Queen coldly said.

"Well, that is a bridge we can cross when we come to it, sometime further down the line. But tell me, how can you return to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary?" Han Sen asked.

But after this, Han Sen thought of a more important question. If his king spirit's super body was the same as a king spirit, that meant when he reached the level of a celestial being, his king spirit talents would be triggered.

If he truly counted as a king spirit, that meant he could enter the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary like other king spirits did. He would not have to go through the Evolution Pool.

Han Sen thought if he entered that place as a king spirit, and used the Evolution Pool anyway, he might earn something special.

Therefore, Han Sen wanted to know how the king spirits entered the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary and learn of whether or not there were any benefits to their form of ascendance.

If this was similar to what happened to the rhino, he may have considered it. At least it wasn't too random. It must take an extremely powerful spirit to be able to return to the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary and then return to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary immediately after.

Moment Queen explained things to Han Sen, and they were just as he had presumed. If spirits wanted to go there, they had to max out their king spirit geno points. When their king spirit geno point total reached a hundred, they could go to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

The way king spirits increased their geno points was similar to how humans gained geno points. They could absorb Life Geno Essences, and also absorb the life essences given by plants.

But they were also different than humans. King spirits were limited by the elements they were born with; this meant they could only absorb the Life Geno Essences they were born with.

If it was a fire king spirit, it could only absorb a fire-element Life Geno Essence. Water-element king spirits could only absorb water-element Life Geno Essences, and so on.

Although Han Sen had a king spirit body, he was not a celestial being yet. The king spirit's talents weren't activated, so for now, he could continue absorbing any kind of Life Geno Essence.

When he activated the king spirit talents, he did not know whether or not he could do the same. He only had the king spirit body, he wasn't actually a king spirit. He was like a hybrid.

Han Sen was silent for quite a bit, lost in thought. But then he asked her, "What is your element?"

"s.p.a.ce," Moment Queen answered.

"Okay. If I come into possession of s.p.a.ce-element Life Geno Essences, I will give them to you. But in return, you must adhere to my commands without question." Han Sen believed this was a fair trade.

It wouldn't be a bad thing for Han Sen to bring a powerful fighter alongside him, for when he went to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. And Han Sen wasn't afraid of Queen Moment's issue with the slain son of a king. She was only a spirit, and once he reached the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, he could always just keep her in his Sea of Soul and summon her when he required a.s.sistance.

After striking a deal, Han Sen went to take a look at the duo he had now named Big Black and Small Black. He had decided to keep them in the shelter.

Han Sen was not very proficient when it came to naming things, but without an opinion being expressed by Big Black and Small Back in opposition to the names, he didn't see a problem calling them this.

Little Black had been heavily injured, and Han Sen had to spend some time every day healing it. Gradually, its wounds started to become better. Still, it would take a long time before it became fully healed.

"Taking down a King-cla.s.s shelter was no small feat, but it's a shame how empty the place is. High-cla.s.s creatures populate the slopes of these mountains, too, which keeps others at bay. Where might I find people, then? If I can't find anyone else to come here, then this King-cla.s.s shelter will be wasted." Han Sen's heart sank at the thought.

Not many humans had what it took to travel this far, so earning money from the shelter would not be easy. So now, for the time being, he bid that Little Black and Big Black remain in the area to guard its vacant throne in case other spirits ventured near and attempted to claim it.

Han Sen now thought of where he might go next. Moment Queen had a suggestion.