Super Gene - Chapter 802: Battling a Super Spirit

Chapter 802: Battling a Super Spirit

Chapter 802: Battling a Super Spirit

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Han Sen suddenly stopped. He turned around to look at the spirit, which looked like a true monarch, and noticed his muscles begin to tighten.

It was not at as if he didn't want to go any further, he was just taken aback. The spirit had locked on an attack, and if he moved an inch further, he'd be cut down.

But if he just stood there, the spirit's energy would grow until she unleashed an attack of devastating power. At that point, there'd be no way for Han Sen to get out of its way.

Although Han Sen's abilities of prediction were at their peak, if the spirit unleashed an attack he could not react to in any way, then the predictions were pointless.

The spirit's energy kept rising, and it gave him a horrid feeling.

"d.a.m.n it!" Cold sweat formed on Han Sen's forehead. Seeing the spirit building her power, while he was unable to do anything about it, was scary.

"I'll have to risk it." Han Sen could not think of another way out of this predicament. He gathered his power for a Sonic-Thunder Punch and readied himself to take the hit.

With a frightening attack like the one the spirit prepared to unleash, Han Sen didn't think she'd recover to perform one like it again; a.s.suming he could withstand the collision. This was his chance.

If he failed, however, at the very most he would lose his armor, gargoyle-glyph, and Devil Unicorn. He had maximized his defense, and with all those beast souls s.h.i.+elding him, the spirit's attack couldn't be a one-hit kill, at least.


After Han Sen's fist had collected all the power it needed, he watched the black flame-wreathed, witch-like spirit suddenly make her move.

In the distance between the two of them, s.p.a.ce collapsed and became disrupted. Then, the spirit disappeared. It was as if she had fallen into that collapsed dimension, zapped out of existence.

Han Sen's pupils shrank, unable to catch the spirit's movement pattern. His heart was shocked, as all his senses could do was fire an alarm telling him of an imminent threat—one that was big and scary.


Han Sen couldn't spare much time, so he threw his fist. The silver lightning in his fist split the atmosphere, as lightning bolts flickered in all directions. Lightning and thunder rolled with a deafening volume, enough to pop eardrums and rattle the brain.

In the next second, the spirit suddenly appeared in front of Han Sen. Her cold, monarch-like face was near enough to touch nose-to-nose. Her jade white fist was driven into his belly.


Han Sen wanted to dodge it, but doing so was impossible. When the spirit punched his belly, his armor shattered as broken plates and splintered metal rained down. Han Sen himself was cast into the air once more, and his flight was stopped by the sudden collision with a stone pillar.

Beneath the force of that wretched attack, the back of his armor was cracked. The gargoyle glyph had been completely broken, and the beast soul disintegrated into dust.

The Devil Unicorn did little to hinder physical attacks. It was still there with him, but it didn't do much.

Fortunately, the armor was not entirely broken. But it was in disarray and was near-enough done for. Han Sen spit out some blood and returned the Devil-Ant King armor.

If it was to sustain another blow, the Devil-Ant King armor would surely brake. He only had one super armor, so he couldn't risk losing the only one he had.

Without the protection of super armor, however, fighting would be much more difficult and risky for Han Sen. His fitness was rather high, but it still wasn't high enough to face off against super creatures.

Seeing how things were, Han Sen made preparations to leave. He acknowledged the direness of the situation and his inability to fight. With the way things had been going, death would surely be the only outcome to this entire affair.

The holy light flowed out from his body to heal his wounds. After that, he quickly ran out the gates of the shelter.

Just as Han Sen expected, though, the spirit could not teleport in pursuit of him after her last attack. But unlike Han Sen, her condition wasn't one of utter exhaustion. She could still deal more damage than he could.

After Han Sen used his Sonic-Thunder Punch, his body became weak. He couldn't dwell on it, so he cast Aero with his knackered body and took off into the skies in an escape from the shelter and its occupying spirit.

He didn't dare use his wings. If he used the berserk sacred-blood wings, then he'd be much slower. Aero used the power of a person's body to fly as fast as they could.

But the spirit leapt one hundred meters into the sky, and appeared directly in front of Han Sen. He veered away, circling the sky like a strange bird. He dodged her next attack, but it was only now that he realized the spirit's black flames worked as wings and gave it the ability of flight.

"I really have put my life on the line coming here." Han Sen gritted his teeth and prepared to run for his life, instead. But then, he suddenly heard a katcha noise.

The noise came from inside his pack, and at that moment, Han Sen became exuberantly happy. He thought to himself, "Is Little Silver going to finish evolving?"

But Han Sen did not have the time to take a look just yet. He continued to fly as fast as he could, evading the spirit's attacks like a dogfight.

But after that one sound, there were no further noises. His heart sank once more, and so he returned his focus to fleeing.

He also called back to the fairy, telling her, "Run, fairy!"

After Han Sen said that, he took to his attempt of flight. Just as he was about to escape from the shelter, his heart jumped again.

"d.a.m.n it, it's happening again!" He looked back and saw the spirit gathering her power once more, undoubtedly seeking to unleash the same attack she had previously.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and prepared to summon the little angel back, so she could deflect the attack for him. If he sustained the same attack again, he'd be grievously injured.

But suddenly, another katcha sounded from inside his pack. A familiar energy came out of it, and it appeared as if something was indeed hatching inside.


In Han Sen's moment of pause, the spirit already broke the atmosphere with her follow-up attack. Han Sen lost track of her, and he knew now that it was too late to summon the little angel back.

The spirit appeared in front of Han Sen, with a fist determined to drive into his waist once more. With such incredible speed, and at such a close distance, Han Sen could not do anything to avoid it.

But within that second, Han Sen saw the spirit's face change. Her black pupils reduced in size and her cold face displayed a glimmer of emotion: shock.


A silver lightning bolt appeared from Han Sen's waist. Like bright moonlight, it struck her incoming fist.