Super Gene - Chapter 788: Who Do You Want to Kill?

Chapter 788: Who Do You Want to Kill?

Chapter 788: Who Do You Want to Kill?

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Han Sen reviewed the information he had received from Ji Yanran concerning the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. It detailed which spirit shelters were known of, and what was known of them and their occupants.

He read it over a few times, unable to find out anything about the spirit that took the white rhino away.

The middle of Han Sen's forehead still contained the mark, and he was worried over the prospect of being teleported to that spirit's shelter upon his arrival in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Humans had no control of where they sp.a.w.ned in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, and it was unknown whether or not such fates were determined by spirits.

Han Sen's super geno point tally had reached fifty-five, and it wouldn't be long before he maxed them out. Since he was nearing his ascension to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, he had to start thinking forward and figuring things out.

"If I really do end up in that spirit's shelter, I should obey as instructed. I only have this one life." Han Sen destroyed the information after finis.h.i.+ng with it, and then continued to think, "There are numerous pros and cons when accepting the contract of a spirit. But to be contracted by a low-level one would be pointless. However, if it was an ordinary shelter or a knight shelter, there is the possibility I could escape to be free. Or perhaps even claim it."

He hadn't heard of any more super creatures existing in the area he was, so Han Sen decided to travel. He selected the faraway San Dao River as his next destination, for he had heard murmurs of fearsome monsters that inhabited it. To get there, he would have to traverse great swaths of forest.

There was nothing more Han Sen desired in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, so all he fancied doing now was speeding up his acquisition of super geno points to ascend to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

With the silver fox in tow, Han Sen journeyed through the forests until he reached the San Dao River area. There, he took in the sight of numerous lakes and rivers intertwined with each other. It was a grand freshwater place.

There were many creatures living there, of many different breeds and species. Han Sen was making for the Emerald Lake, where people said a dinosaur-looking creature roamed. Many people had also seen it caring for a baby, too.

After reaching the region, it wasn't long before Han Sen found a group of people fighting. At first he thought they were a group of hunters taking on creatures of the area, but upon closer inspection, he saw that the human figures were in fact killing a man.

Although the people looked very powerful, the man they sought to kill looked even scarier. Every time he unleashed a strike, someone was injured. But unfortunately for him, the numbers that surrounded him were too many. The fight appeared to have gone on for some time, as he was badly injured and drenched in blood. He didn't seem to be faring too well.

"Whoever dares challenge Angel Gene will be skinned-alive!" The leader of the group again ordered his people to kill the man.

The fighters he was commanding didn't look well, either. And the face of the leader was fl.u.s.tered and angry.

"Angel Gene?" When Han Sen heard this, his mind flashed.

When Han Sen was once attacked by a strange blood-horn shura, he suspected Angel Gene as being most likely to want to hurt him. He had done some digging, in an attempt to uncover who wished him dead, but all the leads led to dead-ends. Now, things seemed even more suspicious.

Even if it wasn't them who had gone after him, Han Sen did not like Angel Gene. The man, surrounded by a legion of Angel Gene goons, didn't look like he deserved that treatment. He didn't look like a bad person, at all. What the Angel Gene people were doing grated on Han Sen.

Han Sen contemplated what to do for some time before coming to a decision. Eventually, he told the silver fox and little angel to leave the area for a while. He summoned his armor to look like Dollar and approached the Angel Gene people.

Although he hated the people of Angel Gene, he couldn't risk conflict with them due to his ident.i.ty and familial a.s.sociation. Therefore, he re-adopted his persona of Dollar.

"This is official Angel Gene business. Get lost!" one of the Angel Gene yahoos shouted at him when Han Sen approached.

Han Sen did not say anything before unleas.h.i.+ng his Elephant-Disc Punch. When he punched the man, he went flying away in a haze of blood.

Han Sen was not one who wanted to kill other people. What he wanted to do, more than anything, was save the person and ask what he had done to receive such harsh treatment. There had to be a reason, and although he despised Angel Gene, there was always the chance that the man who was surrounded actually deserved the treatment he was getting.

"Dollar!" Seeing Han Sen approach, it did not take long for someone to recognize him. After all, he was more famous than ever. He was the first person to achieve the t.i.tle Son of G.o.d in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"Dollar, Angel Gene has no conflict with you. Why rival us?!" the man shouted at Han Sen, clearly not desiring conflict with the revered Dollar.

Han Sen did not answer. He merely ran forward, and like a parting sea, the others cleared a path for him to approach the injured man.

"Friend, follow me," Han Sen said to the man, forcing a rougher voice. Then, he turned and fled the scene.

The Angel Gene henchmen were visibly angry, but they did not dare lift a finger to Han Sen. And without resistance, Han Sen was able to deliver the man safely from the area.

If it had been anyone else, they'd definitely have fought back. But Dollar's reputation was too lofty, and they believed fighting him was asking for death.

"Boss, so many of our brothers have died to that man. Now, he has practically escaped. How are we to report this?" someone, who looked fairly disheartened, asked the leader. He did not want to be punished over what had happened.

"We will just report the truth. Dollar came to save him, and there was nothing we could do to oppose that man's desire. I am sure they will understand our reasoning. It is Dollar, after all," the man said, in a voice of confidence.

After Han Sen departed the region and escaped successfully, the person he brought with him collapsed on the ground and fainted.

Han Sen squatted to observe his wounds. He was surprised the man was still able to fight that entire time, as his injuries were quite severe. His will to live and fight was incredibly powerful.

Han Sen applied some medicine to his wounds and brought him deep into the woods, where no spying eyes could observe them. He wanted to ask the man what happened when he woke up.

"You saved me?" When the guy woke up, he was neither in a state of shock or panic. His clear and bright eyes looked upon Han Sen.

"Kind of." Han Sen checked the man out as he spoke. He had a pretty babyface that was adorned with a moustache. He wasn't sure what he was feeling, but Han Sen knew this was not the sort of person he'd soon forget.

"Who do you want to kill?" the babyfaced man asked.

"What?" Han Sen was surprised by the question, unsure of whether or not his ears has deceived him. After all, why would he ask such a question?

"I owe you a life, and my talents lie in the taking of lives. If you want to me to kill someone, I will do that as a return for the favor you have done me." The babyface man stopped moving. After a pause, he continued, "Of course, creatures can count for that equation, too."