Super Gene - Chapter 789: A Strike That Cannot Miss

Chapter 789: A Strike That Cannot Miss

Chapter 789: A Strike That Cannot Miss

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"What is your name?" Han Sen looked at the babyfaced man.

"Luo Yin," the babyfaced man answered quickly; he didn't seem cold or ireserved.

"Why have you gotten into a fight with the people from Angel Gene?" Han Sen asked.

"Because I despise trouble." Luo Yin shrugged.

Han Sen laughed and said, "If you are afraid of getting into trouble, you may have to study what is needed to avoid it. Hunting down members of Angel Gene is not how you stay out of trouble."

"I am not a smart person, so studying does not come easy." Luo Yin sighed.

Han Sen thought the man was rather interesting, but he had yet to receive any concrete information from him. The guy was not just funny, as there was a depth to his character. He was not as simple as he was letting on.

"You really are Dollar?" Luo Yin asked.

"I suppose," Han Sen answered.

"It is a shame I have sustained such wounds. If I was in better condition, I would enjoy sparring with you," Luo Yin said.

"You seem to have forgotten that you owe me one life." Han Sen looked at Luo Yin.

"I have not said anything to contradict my prior pledge. If we fight, and I beat you, but at the same time do not kill you, consider that a cash-in on the life I owe you," Luo Yin said, with surprising seriousness.

"And what if you lose?" Han Sen was really interested in Luo Yin.

"You can either kill me or spare me. If you spare my life, I will owe you two," Luo Yin answered the question directly, and did not even pause for a brief moment before responding.

Han Sen shook his head, and with a wry smile said, "What are you doing here?"

"I have come here to fight someone I cannot kill," Luo Yin replied.

"You are an interesting fellow. If you cannot kill the person you seek to fight, why bother fighting him at all? You expect and accept loss?" Han Sen thought the person he had met was someone of great depth, and his persona was colored and textured with many layers of thoughtful contemplation.

"I do not like killing people. To fight someone and lose may not be all that bad," Luo Yin said.

"In that case, good luck." Although Han Sen considered the man with great interest, he did not want to engage in a pointless conversation such as this. He wanted information, and he wouldn't get any if he carried on like this.

Han Sen stood up and prepared to leave. But Luo Yin, trembling, stood up and looked to follow.

"Why are you following me?" Han Sen asked, as a queer tone coated his words.

"I cannot leave something undone; I cannot leave a debt unpaid. I will follow you until you prepare a task for me. Once I have accomplished the deed you bid me to do, I will leave and pursue whatever endeavor I seek next," Luo Yin said.

"Although I would like to fulfill your pledged obligation, there is no one here that can threaten me. It'll be some time before you can repay me." Han Sen smiled.

"You are proud?" Luo Yin said, partly in question.

"I have what it takes to be proud, don't I?" Han Sen coldly said.

Luo Yin did not say anything further. Instead, he moved. Although he was heavily injured, his strike was incredibly steady. An invisible power departed his hands.

"Falsified-Sky power?" Upon seeing the power, Han Sen's face changed. He was no longer a stranger to this force.

Without hesitating, Han Sen threw a punch to collide with that power. The power of the Elephant-Rex Strike put the very atmosphere into a vortex of turmoil.

But just as Han Sen's fist looked to touch the invisible power, it disappeared right before the collision. Before Han Sen noticed anything further, he was slashed across the chest. A sharp metal noise was produced.

Han Sen was shocked, not knowing how he was. .h.i.t. He could predict the Falsified-Sky power, but his punch did not come into contact with it.

He wasn't the only one surprised, however, as Luo Yin looked visibly shocked, as well. Although he hit Han Sen with all his might, it only left a light mark on his armor.

He was going to say, "I could have beheaded you, but I did not. Consider the life I owe you repaid."

But instead, there was only silence. He acknowledged his inability to slay Dollar, and as a result, could not so easily repay the life he owed.

"Try again," Han Sen looked at Luo Yin and told him. He knew Luo Yin was not mad, and he knew for sure the strike was not supposed to kill him outright.

But he wanted to know why he could not block it. The man's Falsified-Sky power was different than what Luo Li had exhibited.

"If you have heard of the Falsified-Sky Sutra, then you must know you cannot withstand my power. It conjures a strike that cannot miss, no matter how the sought-recipient seeks to dodge." Luo Yin felt awkward but continued to speak. "I cannot break your armor, however. It is useless, even if I manage to hit you. You were indeed correct, none can threaten you. Not here, not in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. I am afraid I will never be able to repay you."

"I do not believe that," Han Sen frowned. Han Sen had never of an attack such as the one he spoke of. He did not know because he had not practiced the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

Luo Yin said nothing more and instead tried to attack again.

This time, Han Sen stared at his curious opponent with absolute focus. He was going to give it his all and dodge the strike that was to come, but it was useless. The attack hit his neck.

Luo Yin did this another thirteen times until he collapsed and sat on the ground. His wounds were cracked once more, and blood oozed from the orifices.

The thirteen hits were all delivered to different parts of Han Sen's body. He tried dodging and blocking each time, but despite his most valiant efforts, he failed to avoid the hits. If he wasn't wearing his Devil-Ant King armor, he'd have been dismembered thirteen times.

No matter how much he tried, Han Sen could not block the attacks. Each of Luo Yin's strikes were sent and received exactly where he desired them to be. No matter how hard Han Sen tried, he could not dodge them.

"No wonder Mom said, when I meet someone who has fully learned the true Falsified-Sky Sutra I should not dodge or try to defend. Killing such a foe quickly would be the only route to victory. It really is quite the terrifying skill." Han Sen's heart was rocked with surprise. He couldn't even see where Luo Yin attacked from, so it was no wonder why this skill of the Luo family was considered legendary.

"Ah, I cannot kill you. You should go. If you need me to kill someone on your behalf someday, call me anytime. This is getting annoying." Luo Yin sighed.

Han Sen looked at Luo Yin and did not say anything. He turned and left.

Although he knew Luo Yin could not beat him, the Falsified-Sky Sutra's power made Han Sen feel danger unlike ever before. For now, Luo Yin could not break his armor, but what if someday someone could? What if he went up against a foe possessing a weapon that could perform the strike as needed?

Han Sen lacked confidence in his ability to stay alive against the Falsified-Sky Sutra because they could not miss. If they attacked, it would all be over.

"What is Falsified-Sky Sutra, exactly?" Han Sen did not believe an unbreakable skill existed in this world. Everything had its weakness, and Han Sen only had to find it.

In fact, Han Sen had used his dongxuan aura to scan Luo Yin's moves when they fought. He couldn't track the skill's delivery, but he did uncover something.