Super Gene - Chapter 787: Antipathy of Trouble

Chapter 787: Antipathy of Trouble

Chapter 787: Antipathy of Trouble

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As Han Sen watched from his seat on the sofa, Ji Yanran danced towards him. Her white top had already been taken off by this point, revealing her slender waist and large b.r.e.a.s.t.s, cupped by the caress of her bra in a tantalizing tease.

Ji Yanran twirled her s.e.xy waist and twerked her spongy bubble b.u.t.t. She leaned forward over Han Sen as she did this, her hands slowly beginning to unclip her bra and free her eager

"Take it off! Take it off!" Han Sen's eyes were wide open. Seeing the woman before him with black hair, red lips, and skin that was pale as snow, Han Sen's eyes were tugged towards the plush warmth of her b.o.o.bies.

"Ouch!" Just as the bra was about to fall and divulge the complete spectacle of her chest, Han Sen was punched in the head.

One of Ji Yanran's hands held her gravity-submitting bra, while the other hand clenched a fist.

"Big pervert! I knew you weren't nice. How dare you hypnotize me! If I could be put under such a spell, it wouldn't be one wrought by your weak mind." When Ji Yanran said that, she squeezed Han Sen's cheeks as hard as she could.

"This Devil-Eye Spider ability is useless!" Han Sen felt fairly bad, but when he looked at Ji Yanran's face, she looked extremely at having bested him. Behaving more rudely and forthwith, he pulled her directly into his arms. He grabbed her bra and tore it away.

"Let me go, you pervert!" Ji Yanran's eyes were ones of absolute confusion. Her face was red with the swelling blush, but it added to her charm.

"How dare you lie to me. I will teach you the Han family discipline!" Han Sen could no longer hold his restraint, and so he leapt on top of her.

"No, no, noooo!" Inside the room, a pleasurable few hours unfolded. The walls vibrated as the springs of the sofa were worked hard. At midnight, Han Sen was finally satisfied. Then, he brought her to his bed. Surprisingly, Ji Yanran was quite cooperative, and the extent of their exercise had almost worn Han Sen out completely.

Han Sen curiously asked why his attempt at hypnotizing her failed. Her response was that she had received training, ever since she was small, to resist falling prey to such tricks. She had also absorbed a crystal from the Crystallizers to strengthen her mind. Ordinary attempts of hypnotization were useless on her.

Now that Han Sen was aware of this, his plans for using the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow to gain some sort of advantage in the Alliance didn't seem as viable.

Many of the priority figures of the big families must have undergone the same sort of training. Using this method to manipulate the wills and whims of others wouldn't be as effective as Han Sen had initially hoped. All he could do, at best, was confuse them for a few seconds. Absolute, prolonged control of their minds would be impossible.

"Your hypnotizing skill is already quite powerful. Even the Huangfu family, who are the most talented at this sort of thing, aren't much better." Ji Yanran had noticed Han Sen's sudden disappointment, so she issued a few words of comfort.

"Huangfu? Which Huangfu family?" Han Sen asked with surprise.

"What are you talking about? Which other Huangfu family could it be? It's the Huangfu family. The one from the Ares Martial Hall," Ji Yanran said.

"They are proficient with hypnosis? I thought they only excelled with their Heavenly Go," Han Sen asked, as this revelation surprised him. He believed the Huangfu family were only in possession of powerful fighting abilities, not ones of deceit and distortion.

"How else do you think the Huangfu family can enlist as many students as they do? Do you think they convince others through a display of their power alone? They have a history of researching, learning, adopting, and using various mind tricks. They could very well be the best in the Alliance at that sort of thing. Heavenly Go does not belong to them, and only two people know it, anyway. The skill is not theirs," Ji Yanran explained.

Han Sen then remembered the time that the Chen family had told him of their owners.h.i.+p of Heavenly Go. It was one half of a set that also included Seven Twist. Somehow, the Huangfu family had come into possession of Heavenly Go.

"If I have time, maybe I can go and talk about it with Sister Huangfu," Han Sen casually said.

When Ji Yanran heard this, she grabbed Han Sen's ear and angrily exclaimed, "You are not allowed to see her!"

"Why?" Han Sen strained to say, under agonizing pain.

"You are simply not allowed; there is no why." Ji Yanran nibbled her lips.

Han Sen, seeing her beautiful face, quickly turned her over. Another storm raged.


Inside the sanctuary, a man ascended a mountain. After he reached the halfway point, a group of men barred his pa.s.sage and prevented further travel.

"Friend, do you know what this place is?" The leader, with a scar across his face, coldly laughed at the man.

"I do not know." The man raised his head and cast a glance back towards the scarred man.

The scarred man now saw the other's face clearly. He looked young and possessed a babyface, but one that was partially veiled by a bushy moustache. His eyes were honest and large, and when you saw them, maintaining a front of intimidation became much more difficult.

The scarred man's face appeared softer, and so he calmly said, "This is Heaven Valley. It is the territory of our Angel Shelter. Your uninhibited pa.s.sage can be granted for the price of one mutant beast soul."

"But I do not have any mutant beast souls," the babyfaced man said in response.

"Then you will have to traverse a portion of the Black Desert or scale Death Mountain," the scarred man told the traveler.

Heaven Valley possessed the only fair-footed throughway to where he wished to go. It was skirted by Death Mountain and the Black Desert on either side; if you could not traverse this road, any detour would take many more months. Death was much more likely to find those who ventured in such treacherous places.

"But that will take a long time," the babyfaced man said.

"Is this the face of concern? If you want to continue this way, hand over a mutant beast soul," the man with a scar on his face said.

"Well, what about if I kill you? What if I killed you all? If I did that, would I still be required to pay? Or would this toll of yours be forfeit?" The babyfaced man looked upon the other and spoke with a stern, serious face.

"Hahaha!" Scarface and those that accompanied him did not take the threat seriously, and so they all burst out laughing.

Angel Shelter belonged to Angel Gene, otherwise known as the Zhao family. Any that sought to venture there and offended them were either foolish or insane.

They thought the babyfaced man did not even know what Angel Gene was, and they just believed him to be an arrogant and pitiable man.

The next second, the babyfaced man waved his hand. As he did so, an invisible blade shot through the air. He began stepping forward, and as each foot returned to the ground, a person's head was launched through the air.

By the time the babyfaced man had managed to pa.s.s their roadblock, none were left alive. They all lay dead, scattered and crumpled on the ground.

"I am not fond of killing, but I have antipathy of trouble. I am sorry for this." The babyfaced man's eyes still looked clean, not dirty or tainted with the regret or pleasure of murder. Onwards through Heaven Valley he went.