Super Gene - Chapter 786: Ultra Panty Raid

Chapter 786: Ultra Panty Raid

Chapter 786: Ultra Panty Raid

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That night, after having dinner with Ji Yanran, Han Sen brought her over to the sofa. With great excitement he said, "Dear, I have recently come into the possession of a superpower. It's pretty amazing."

"What superpower would that be?" Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen with curiosity.

In those days, it had become common for humans to achieve superpowers. But as for one that could make Han Sen this excited, she couldn't fathom how grand it might be. Earnestly, she wanted to know.

Han Sen, acting all mystically, leaned over and whispered into her ear. "Magnetism."

When Ji Yanran heard this, she was surprised. She responded by saying, "How do you do that? Can evolvers really do something like that?"

This power was not very rare amongst surpa.s.sers, but for evolvers, it was a nigh unbelievable power for one to achieve. After all, evolvers did not have the power to cast out metaphysical forces.

"Don't rush this; I'm not done. My magnetism is different than what you might be thinking of. Come, stand here..." Han Sen pulled Ji Yanran to a wall adjacent to the sofa. Then, he went to sit back down.

"What are you doing?" Ji Yanran asked curiously.

"You stand there while I sit here. Do you believe I can reach out my hand and compel your panties to abandon your legs and join me? I can promise you that it won't hurt, and that the fabric won't break, either." Han Sen said these words with a tone of strange seriousness.

"What twisted scheme have you gotten into your head this time?" Ji Yanran did not believe a word he had said. And according to his description of the skill, it wouldn't exactly be defined as "magnetism." To do what he was saying would be more akin to teleportation.

This was a power few surpa.s.sers could manage to obtain. If Han Sen was just an evolver, it'd be impossible for him to achieve something like that.

"I'm asking you if you believe me." Han Sen asked her again seriously.

"No." Ji Yanran lifted her lips and watched Han Sen with caution. She knew he was about to perform some sordid prank.

Han Sen smiled and said, "Well, how about we spice things up and have a bit of a wager going, then? If I can do it, you can bite me."

"Why would I want to..." Ji Yanran didn't even finish her sentence before starting to blush. When she regained her composure, she said, "I am not falling into this trap you have set up. No!"

As soon as she said this, she began walking towards him. To this, Han Sen smiled and said, "That means you believe I can remove your panties from three meters away?"

"No. G.o.d knows what trick you are trying to play on me." Ji Yanran was not a dumb woman, and she wouldn't believe in something she had yet to see proven possible.

"If you don't believe it, then take me up on the wager. That is, unless you lack confidence in your own judgment." Han Sen gave her a smirk and then went on to say, "How can you be a captain if you lack confidence in yourself?"

Ji Yanran knew Han Sen was just trying to get under her skin and get her to go along with his planned jest, but she looked as if she really didn't want to partake. She nibbled her lips and said, "Are you sure you won't come close?"

"If my a.s.s leaves this sofa, I lose," Han Sen replied immediately.

"And you aren't going to tear my clothing?" Ji Yanran looked down at her body. She was wearing a white military uniform; white pants, white top, and white boots. It didn't seem possible for Han Sen to so simply remove her panties.

"I won't just plead to not tear your clothing. Even if I was to mess up one single hair on your pretty little head, I would lose," Han Sen said with confidence.

"You aren't going to use tools, are you?" Ji Yanran still believed Han Sen was planning to do something unethical.

"My good wife, I will sit here and not move an inch. And I will use my hand to remove your panties while you stand there, three meters away from me. If I succeed, and you think I have done something bad, you may cancel the bet. Is that okay with you?" Han Sen opened his empty hands as he said this.

"Okay. Sit there and we'll see how you manage to grab my... panties." Ji Yanran firmly disbelieved in Han Sen's ability to do something like this.

"Watch this; my Han family's sacred skill: Ultra Panty Raid!" Han Sen looked so serious when he yelled this out, and as he spoke aloud, he threw out his empty and lecherous hands.

Ji Yanran stared at Han Sen's hands without blinking. If he employed any tiny trick, she would be ready to expose him.

As her vision moved, she looked him in the eye.

"ULTRA! PANTY! RAID!" Han Sen shouted out at the top of his lungs, flailing his arms in a manner as if to pretend he was indeed grabbing them.

As Ji Yanran looked Han Sen in the eyes, her own eyes began to look empty and confused. She opened them wide, standing where she was.

"Take off your panties and hand them to me." Han Sen giggled as he made the command from the comfort of the sofa.

Ji Yanran complied with the order, and she began removing her white pants. Then, Han Sen was able to view her long, white, succulent legs and white panties.

Seeing Ji Yanran remove them slowly, Han Sen couldn't help but gulp. Before tonight's happy hour, he had to restrain himself from any further thoughts down that l.u.s.tful road.

Fortunately, Ji Yanran's top was quite long, and it obscured what was below her waist.

Ji Yanran then took off her panties and delivered them into Han Sen's lewd, grabby hands. And as she came over, he couldn't help but give her bubbly b.u.t.t a tight squeeze. Then, he commanded her to put her clothes back on.

Ji Yanran listened and heeded the command at once. She returned to the wall, dressed up neatly again and stood there as she did earlier.

Han Sen's eyes returned to normal, and when they did, the life in Ji Yanran's eyes returned, as well.

"PANTIES!" Han Sen, panties in hand, blasted with his voice. And it was at that moment Ji Yanran snapped out of her daze.

Ji Yanran had no idea she had been under Han Sen's control. She believed she had continued to stare at him without a single break and yet despite that, she was now seeing panties in his hands.

Her face changed at the sight. She reached to feel below, and despite her pants being on, the panties had disappeared.

"How... how did you do that?!" Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen as if she had seen a ghost.

"It does not matter how I did it. What matters is that you lost." Han Sen threw away the panties and stood up. Slowly, he walked in front of Ji Yanran. He picked her up and threw her on the sofa.

"No! You cheated!" Ji Yanran's face was red, and she used her hands to prevent Han Sen from getting closer.

"I knew you would slander me. Don't take it out on me, and do not complain about what happens next." Han Sen's eyes were filled with a curious light, and he went back to controlling her.

"Oh, yeah! How about this?" Han Sen turned on a video to teach Ji Yanran how to strip-dance. Then, he told her, "Do what she does."

Ji Yanran was normally quite shy and reserved. Whenever she had s.e.x with Han Sen, she wouldn't even turn the light on. And if Han Sen turned it on, she would curl up in embarra.s.sment and become utterly shy. There was no other possible circ.u.mstance that would lead to her doing what she was about to.

And now, she was exactly like the lady in the video. She twirled and twisted around as she removed every garment.

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeees!" Han Sen's eyes were wide open. He was extremely excited right now. Ji Yanran's body was far better than the one in the video, and as he watched, his nose felt hot. He thought he'd be gus.h.i.+ng blood any minute now.