Super Gene - Chapter 785: Silver-Winged Holy Butterfly

Chapter 785: Silver-Winged Holy Butterfly

Chapter 785: Silver-Winged Holy b.u.t.terfly

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Han Sen rushed before the emerging b.u.t.terfly with a fusion of sonic and thunder power growling within him. With a charged fist, he threw it down upon the b.u.t.terfly's head.

The lightning shone like a silver sun as it was driven into the b.u.t.terfly's chrome dome. The energy flow inside the creature was grievously disturbed, and the lightning stunned it into a state of paralysis.

The little angel took advantage of this window to get in a few more hits on the b.u.t.terfly's head wound. From the wretched area of damage, much blood began to gush. It seemed as if half of its head had been carved away by now.

But even in such a state, the silver b.u.t.terfly was not willing to submit to the hold of death. With greater pushes, it seemed close to escaping the trapping of its coc.o.o.n. It looked up and screamed towards Han Sen and the little angel.

Han Sen's eyes flashed, and a blue light activated on his devil-eye mask. Instantly, it stunned the raging b.u.t.terfly.

In that moment, little angel was granted the opportunity to throw in a few additional attacks. She managed to cleave another portion of the silver b.u.t.terfly's head away and put it into a state that would eventually lead to its death.

Without granting the silver b.u.t.terfly any more wriggle room to escape the coc.o.o.n, the little angel hewed the remainder of its head to the ground.

"Super Creature Silver-Winged Holy b.u.t.terfly killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the flesh to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly. You may also harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Han Sen was overjoyed. He wasted no further time and quickly summoned his little blue bell. He wanted it to absorb the b.u.t.terfly's blood without letting any go to waste.

After the Death Knell absorbed the Silver-Winged Holy b.u.t.terfly's blood, the symbols etched across its body were even clearer. It looked likely to evolve soon. Han Sen watched it intently, but when nothing happened, returned it.

Han Sen dug a small silver crystal out of the b.u.t.terfly's corpse. This was the Life Geno essence.

Han Sen then picked up the whole corpse of the silver b.u.t.terfly. Humans could not eat the bodies of super creatures, and there were no pets to feed it to. Therefore, he resolved to bring it back with him for the time being.

Just as Han Sen decided to leave, he turned to see himself surrounded by a large army of bees led by the bee king himself. This soured his mood a little, and he thought to himself, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! That bug practically forced you into slavery, and it made you lose your nads. Do you think the guy who killed that b.u.t.terfly is any weaker than it? And you want to come out and bully me, huh? Is that it?"

Just as he thought these things and prepared to command the little angel to battle the bees, he saw the bee king holding a number of gold, s.h.i.+ny crystals in its hands. It then placed five bee crystals down in front of Han Sen before circling him with apparent glee.

Han Sen may not have spoken the language of bees, but he could guess that the bee was looking to repay him for the service of protection he had unwittingly provided.

"Smart move. I was just about to destroy your hive. Such intelligence needs to be rewarded, and I'll allow you to remain alive on the account of the smarts you seem to possess. The next time I return, you better make sure to have some bee crystals ready-made for me. Okay?" Han Sen took the bee crystals and thought to go, in no mood for any further fighting.

Killing first-generation super creatures wasn't very beneficial, and the chance of obtaining a beast soul was far too low as it was, anyway.

Since he had been given such a handsome reward, he thought it would be best if he did not provoke the bees any further. There were too many of them, anyway, and killing the king would have proved to be quite the challenge.

Han Sen, crystals in hand, took his leave. During his travel, he made sure to absorb the b.u.t.terfly's Life Geno essence.

But there appeared to be some sort of trouble with doing so. Despite simulating the silver b.u.t.terfly's energy flow, he couldn't absorb it successfully.

After switching to simulate the energy flow of the silkworm, he was able to make some sort of absorption progress. Strangely, he could only absorb half of it. Han Sen simulated the b.u.t.terfly's energy flow once again to absorb the rest and this worked.

After it was fully absorbed, he was pleased to receive nine super geno points in total. To get that many points from a single Life Geno essence was incredibly rare.

"That silver-winged b.u.t.terfly is rather interesting. I wonder what the purpose of those two different energy flows really were." But Han Sen was in no place to commit to research right now, and neither did he want to spare the time. Onwards he went, to exit the sea of flowers.

On his return trip, he didn't into Jing Jiwu again. He wasn't sure where he might have gone to, but Han Sen really liked that man.

Back in the shelter, while Han Sen thought about what he might do with the b.u.t.terfly's body, Lin Beifeng happily approached him.

"Here you are. I have this for you." Lin Beifeng gave Han Sen a rectangular box.

The box was just an ordinary platinum box by the looks of it, but when he opened it, he was delivered quite the shock. He turned his head to Lin Beifeng and said, "Z-steel raw stone?!"

Han Sen wasn't entirely sure if this truly was z-steel raw stone because of its ma.s.sive size.

It was rare to see a one foot long raw stone, one which he could use to produce more bolts. But this one in the box was two feet long and three fingers wide. Although the shape was not entirely straight, it might have been enough to produce a dagger or even shortsword.

A z-steel raw stone such as that was the best gift he could receive. It was far greater than the z-steel bolts the w.a.n.g family had given him, for sure.

"You have a good eye. Few people can recognize something like this. I had prepared a speech of explanation and everything. I had no clue you knew all about it already." Lin Beifeng let out a hearty chuckle, and then proceeded to say, "Keep it. Consider this payment for the services you have provided me, and the two beast souls you gave me. But don't tell anyone you received this as a gift from me. If you do, I'll play dumb and won't admit a thing."

Han Sen closed the box and pushed it back to Lin Beifeng. With a serious voice, he said, "This thing is far too precious for you to give me. The beast souls I gave you are nowhere near as valuable as this. You should keep it."

Han Sen knew the price a chunk of z-steel raw stone such as this could fetch. The weapons it could be used to create would not be any worse than super-cla.s.s weaponry, either. If it was forged by a great blacksmith, that was.

Han Sen actually felt as if he had taken too much of an advantage of Lin Beifeng, and felt rather sorry. Trading such an item for two sacred-blood beast souls was far too much.

Lin Beifeng did not take it back, however. He merely smiled and said, "Where this came from was strange. I haven't dared use it, and I have been unable to find anyone willing to forge it into something on my behalf. It would be useless for me to hold on to it, so you might as well accept it. You'll put it to good use. If you still feel bad about such a trade, then how about you offer me another two sacred-blood beast souls?"

"What do you mean strange? Is there a problem with this?" Han Sen did not push the box back any further, as he asked.

"I'll be honest with you; I dug it up myself. You can't ask me any more than that. Just find someone you trust to forge it into something you can use. Keep its origins a secret and don't tell anyone about my involvement with it." Lin Beifeng once again made sure to remind Han Sen.

"Okay, I'll accept it. If you do want another beast soul, just tell me and I will give it to you." Han Sen was always fond of shorter weaponry, so this stone was of much value to him.

"You are welcome. But if you have a humanoid transformation beast soul, I would gladly receive one of those. Or perhaps even a powerful possession beast soul. Those would be great." Saliva drooled from the corners of Lin Beifeng's lips.

Han Sen gave a two-fingered salute to Lin Beifeng, as those were things he wanted, as well.

Han Sen brought the raw stone back to the Alliance, and got in contact with the w.a.n.g family so they could forge something out of it. The ordinary tools he possessed would not be sufficient.

After sorting things out there, he gave Ji Yanran a call. She was free this day, and that meant they could eat together.

Han Sen's heart suddenly jumped. And with an evil smile, he thought to himself, "Later, I can try this out on her."