Super Gene - Chapter 782: Second Absorption

Chapter 782: Second Absorption

Chapter 782: Second Absorption

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With the aid of Han Sen's bolts, little angel finally managed to land a strike on the Devil-Eye Spider. When the sword was driven through the spider's body, green blood squirted from the orifice.

It took another two strikes with the little angel's greatsword for her to finish it off.

"Super Creature Devil-Eye Spider killed. No beast soul gained. You may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

"What a shame." Han Sen sighed at his inability to obtain another beast soul.

The Devil-Eye Spider's body decomposed in a jiffy, leaving behind a Life Geno essence in its stead. This was unlike the little spider he had previously killed, whose disfigured, bolt-ridden body was still stuck in the mud.

Han Sen walked close to the little spider and picked up the z-steel bolts from its body. He had fourteen z-steel bolts, the ones he had requested from the w.a.n.g family. It was the most they could craft for him.

Raw z-steel was too rare, and for the amount necessary to craft bolts, doubly so.

Han Sen had received a Life Geno essence from the little spider's body, but while Han Sen wasn't looking, the silver fox quickly ran over to gobble its corpse up.

"You little p.r.i.c.k! I was going to use that to feed a pet beast soul." It was too late for Han Sen to retrieve the body, but he was just bluffing. He wanted the silver fox to grow, and he hoped the meal might help accelerate its painfully slow growth.

Compared to the fairy who never listened, the silver fox was far more appreciated and all-around useful.

Han Sen held the little spider's Life Geno essence in his hand. He simulated its energy flow and refined it within him. The crystal in his hand was quickly absorbed.

"Devil-Eye Spider Baby consumed. One super geno point gained."

The announcement continued to echo inside Han Sen's head as a cooling sensation entered his body, blending with his cells.

His eyes felt especially invigorated. When the cooling sensation became one with his cells, his eyes felt light and refreshed.

When the announcements came to an end, the number had settled on eight super geno points. This brought his total tally of super geno points up to forty-four.

"Almost half way!" Han Sen was pumped.

When Han Sen looked into the distance, he felt as if his vision had improved. When he brought out his mirror to look at his eyes, the pupils seemed darker. And it also seemed as if a halo resided deep within. The eyes were not unlike obsidian, and they were infinitely charming.

"The Devil-Eye Spider's power must be in its eyes. It's a shame I never got to see it in action, by one-hit killing the thing." Although he thought this, he was still feeling good.

Thinking of the little angel, not being afraid of the Devil-Eye Spider's power, he grew even fonder of her. Although she did not possess any special abilities, the little angel was tough and able to withstand everything thrown at her thus far. She was a remarkable pet to have.

"I wonder, if she went to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, what powers might she achieve upon evolving once more?" Han Sen wanted to wait for the little angel to evolve again, but he imagined it would next happen in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

After the silver fox gobbled up the spider's flesh, it looked a little tired. It returned to Han Sen's shoulder but did not move. It closed its eyes as if it were sleeping.

Han Sen could sense that inside the silver fox's body, its lifeforce was in a little bit of turmoil as it tried to digest the flesh of the spider.

After watching it for a while, the silver fox didn't seem to be in any dire trouble. So, Han Sen picked up the big Devil-Eye Spider's Life Geno essence.

But holding the Life Geno essence, a new thought cropped up in Han Sen's mind. "The big Devil-Eye Spider is still a Devil-Eye Spider. What if I am able to absorb the Life Geno Essence by simulating the energy flow of its offspring?"

Han Sen believed it made sense, so he did as he thought. He simulated the baby Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow and tried to absorb the Life Geno essence.

As he began casting the simulated energy flow, the green Life Geno essence began to rumble. Then, it was absorbed into his body and refined into his cells slowly.

Han Sen's eyes felt even cooler now, and he felt as if they possessed a greater agility.

"Devil-Eye Spider consumed. One super geno point gained."

The familiar voice rung again in his head. With exuberant joy, he thought to himself, "It worked! This will save me a lot of time further down the road. If I can kill the whole family of snow turtles, heaven knows how many super geno points I'll increase all at once."

But Han Sen quickly hit a snag. The announcement rung twice, which meant he had only managed to obtain two super geno points. It was much less than the small Devil-Eye Spider's Life Geno essence.

"Strange. If there was an immunity build-up for obtaining super geno points from the same breed of creature, I shouldn't have reached it the limit so quickly." Han Sen frowned as he thought of this possibility.

The first-generation super creature Life Geno essence was very limited in the increases in power it bestowed. It couldn't compare to if he was in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. Right now, he needed a second-generation Life Geno essence.

"Well, two points are better than none, I suppose." Han Sen was overall quite content with the result.

But if his theory was indeed correct, it swayed Han Sen's resolve somewhat. If he went to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, he would have to slay third-generation creatures to quickly increase his geno points.

This would, of course, be something he'd have to deal with a long time from now. And Han Sen decided to cross that bridge when he came to it, as he was too lazy to deeply contemplate whatever lay far ahead. Focusing on being the best in the present, right now, was the best choice.

Han Sen noticed the fairy emerge from the scallop sh.e.l.l, and it appeared as if she had just woken up. Han Sen was getting rather annoyed by her company, as all she did was eat valuable consumables and be lazy. Aside from acting cute, she didn't do anything. She'd wait until battles were over before coming out, and she didn't at all treat him as if he were her real master.

If he wanted to get rid of the fairy, Han Sen was concerned he'd have to do it the hard way. But he was unsure whether or not he could beat her. But then, Han Sen suddenly thought of the Devil-Eye Spider's power he had just been bestowed.

Han Sen tried to simulate the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow, and he felt different. A cold air exuded from his eyes.

"Little baby, come. Come and look here." Han Sen smiled, opened his hands flat and called upon the fairy to come.

The fairy casually landed where she was bid to. When she looked upon him, she began to rub her eyes.

Han Sen's eyes looked strange all of a sudden. He stared at the fairy, and when she looked into them, she appeared confused. Even her own eyes now looked strange, appearing empty.

"Haha, little fairy. Now, let's see how I intend to get rid of you." Han Sen was laughing in his heart, and as he did so, he raised his devilish hand above the fairy.