Super Gene - Chapter 783: Devil-Eye Beast Soul

Chapter 783: Devil-Eye Beast Soul

Chapter 783: Devil-Eye Beast Soul

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Han Sen's hand hadn't come down on the fairy yet, but suddenly, the little fairy blew frosty air towards his face. Ice and frost acc.u.mulated on his eyebrows, and he s.h.i.+vered from the sudden cold.

The fairy stuck her tongue out at Han Sen and laughed.

"Gah! How dare you trick me!" Han Sen tried to grab the fairy, but she quickly returned to the safety of her scallop sh.e.l.l. From inside its transparent casing, she gave him a mocking face.

There was nothing he could do now except return the scallop sh.e.l.l to his pocket.

"It doesn't seem as if this skill works on fairies." Han Sen felt fairly bad, but he resolved to test out the skill on someone else when he left this place.

For the time being, however, Han Sen decided to examine the Devil-Eye Spider beast soul.

Devil-Eye Spider: Mask-Type Beast Soul

Han Sen was surprised. Mask-type beast souls were remarkably rare, and not particularly useful, either. Ordinarily, mask beast souls could increase your face's defense and that was it.

But this was a mask-soul that belonged to a super creature, and he wondered whether or not it might prove to be something rather useful. After all, the Devil-Eye Spiders didn't seem to have much defense. Therefore, Han Sen did not think it was the type of mask beast soul you might normally receive.

Han Sen summoned the Devil-Eye Spider's beast soul, and when he did, a strange blue mask appeared upon his face. It was strange and creepy, and it resembled a spider that had sprouted golden wings. The wings s.h.i.+elded the eyes, whereas the body of the spider covered the nose. Aside from that, the rest of his face was exposed. It didn't seem very defensive, and what's more, it obscured his vision.

As Han Sen wore it, his vision was tinted blue. Whenever he saw a living creature, it appeared red. It was very much like a thermal imaging tool.

"It really isn't a defensive mask. What's it for, then?" Han Sen took a look at the silver fox who was lying on his shoulder and the little thing appeared red as if it was on fire.

Looking into the distance to peer at the green-headed flies, he saw them as specks of red that were faint and difficult to make out.

Han Sen used the mask for quite some time and got a fairly decent grasp on what the mask's benefits ultimately would be. With this mask, you could view the strength of a creature's lifeforce.

But you could only see the lifeforce, and that was it. The dongxuan aura was still better because it could observe the energy flow, as well.

Still, it would prove fairly useful. Unlike the dongxuan aura, which was limited to its active radius, the mask adhered to the complete reach of his eyesight.

"This is a Devil-Eye Spider beast soul, so I wonder if there might be any enhancements if I run the Devil-Eye Spider energy flow alongside its usage?" Han Sen then went on to simulate the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow.

His eyes felt mesmerizingly cool, and he felt that coolness go towards his mask. His vision suddenly became much stronger, and the distance to which he could see had greatly improved. Furthermore, he could make out all-manner of details for distant objects unlike ever before.

Han Sen wanted to test the extent of its vision-enhancements, and when he did, he was shocked. He was able to observe every single hair on a fly that was one kilometer away. Han Sen loved it.

"This thing is far greater than a pair of binoculars. It's just a shame that the vision is limited to blue and red," Han Sen thought to himself. Then, he pulled the scallop sh.e.l.l out of his pocket. He looked at the fairy and cast the Devil-Eye Spider's energy flow.

The fairy, as soon as she saw Han Sen, stuck out her tongue at him once more. But upon looking him in the eye, her face suddenly became tinged with confusion.

"Get out." Han Sen used his willpower to command the fairy to exit the safety of her sh.e.l.l.

And then, the fairy slowly opened the sh.e.l.l. But she only opened it halfway before snapping out of her daze and closing it immediately. She looked at Han Sen with much shock, then turned around to avoid making eye-contact with him.

"It works!" Han Sen had grown really fond of the mask he received. If he could confuse a super creature such as the fairy, then it had to be remarkably powerful.

But despite the grand reward he had managed to obtain, Han Sen was a greedy person. He returned to the beehive with a keen interest into what else he might claim on this outing.

The flies seemed to have snapped out of their mind-control following the spider's death. They no longer bothered the beehive, and instead made their way back to the swamp.

Aside from the golden-winged bees and the green fly corpses that littered the ground, the hive seemed to have gone back to normal operation.

When night fell, the bee king went back to its routine. It emerged from the beehive and collected the honey that oozed out from the chinese rose.

Han Sen could still not figure out what this activity was for. Still, he had come up with a plan. The following night, he would command the little angel to gather the honey on his behalf.

After the next day came and went, Han Sen made his preparations and got into position. With the little angel ready to go, he saw the king bee make its routine exit.

Strangely, however, the bee king looked different on this day. The claws of the bee king seemed to be in possession of something. It was an object that was s.h.i.+ny like gold, luminous jewelry.

Han Sen took a closer look and noticed it was some sort of bee crystal.

"Weird. Why is the bee king carrying this bee-crystal thing?" Han Sen was now confused, and so he didn't summon the little angel as he had planned to. All he did was watch.

The weather was nice that night. The moon was big and bright in the sky, in complete fullness.

The bee king maintained its hold on the bee crystal as it began circling the top of the hill. Eventually, it placed the bee crystal down near the flower and returned to the hive.

Not long later, the bee king came out again. In its wriggly hands, it was holding another bee crystal. It placed it down on the same spot it had placed the previous crystal.

This occurred five times in total, and now five of those bee crystals were left exposed on the top of the hill. The bee king returned its hive after this and did not return.

Han Sen thought it was a most curious sight, and he had no idea what the bee king was doing. He looked at the other golden-winged bees and noticed that they had all retreated to the beehive and showed no sign of returning to the outside, either.

Amidst this confusion, Han Sen suddenly heard a strange noise coming from someplace in the sea of flowers. It seemed as if something was approaching.

Han Sen turned around to take a look, and he managed to espy the presence of something crawling inside the bushes. Due to the obscuring leaves and relative darkness, he couldn't make out who or what it was, however.

The flowers that populated the area grew close to the ground. If something was crawling around out of sight, it couldn't have been all that big. At the very most, Han Sen imagined, it would be a small snake or something. If it were any bigger, the flowers wouldn't aid in keeping it out of sight.

Now, this intruder was making a beeline for the hill. And that was when Han Sen caught sight of what it truly was: a baby silkworm that was half-transparent. It was indeed fairly small, and its body was like a silver crystal. It climbed atop the hill and approached the flower there. The bees beneath the hill made no move to attack it.