Super Gene - Chapter 781: Getting Another Super Beast Soul

Chapter 781: Getting Another Super Beast Soul

Chapter 781: Getting Another Super Beast Soul

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The bee king, seeing its coc.o.o.ns had been stolen, became frenzied. Like a gold beam of light, it cut its way into the horde of flies. These streaks of gold light fired across the sky multiple times, and each time, countless dismembered fly corpses dropped to the ground.

Despite the bee king's power, however, the green flies were not afraid and did not relent. Free of fear, they pushed on to retrieve the coc.o.o.ns. Fortunately for them, the bee king lacked AOE attacks, and as a result, many coc.o.o.ns were carried away.

Han Sen's heart jumped. He followed a fly that was holding a coc.o.o.n, keen to see what they were going to do with it. The flies were bringing the coc.o.o.ns past the flower-painted meadows. They were only sacred-blood creatures at the most, and thus, Han Sen was able to follow them with relative ease.

After following them for twenty miles, he was brought to the edge of the ocean of flowers. What came after, however, was a wretched bog. It was a veritable domain of thick, stinking mud and lifeless trees and flowers.

But still, Han Sen continued to tail the flies without hesitation. Before long he came across a green spider that was the size of a basketball. The flies approached the spider, and when they did, they threw the coc.o.o.ns over to it. The spider then gobbled them up vilely.

Flies were no strangers to swamps, but their allegiance to the spider was most queer. It seemed as if they had been hypnotized by the lone arachnid, allowing themselves and a legion of others to be slaughtered while retrieving the bees' coc.o.o.ns at the spider's behest.

This was quite the revelation, and so Han Sen quickly used his dongxuan aura to study the spider he had come across. It was a super creature, yes, but again, it was a first-generation one.

"Is this long-legged fellow producing babies? Is that why it's eating?" Han Sen felt strange. He had come to notice that the super creatures in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary bred a lot more than they did in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"It looks like all these creatures are keen to evolve. But how powerful must one become to be like the holy rhino, and leave and ascend to the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary?" Han Sen thought it unlikely, or at least very difficult, for a second-generation super creature to reach such a level.

The green flies were now bringing many coc.o.o.ns to the spider, and one-by-one, the spider ate them all. A while later, another spider emerged from a nearby cave.

It looked similar to the green spider, just smaller. It was around the size of a baseball. Its body was like green jade, and it was a lot better-looking than the other one.

"Second-generation?" Han Sen was super excited. He cast his aura again, but was befuddled; it possessed a strange lifeforce he had not seen before. Although it was not as strong as the silver fox, it was much stronger than a sacred-blood creature. It had to be a second-generation super creature.

"Yes!" Han Sen bounded with excitement, and without hesitation, sicced his little angel on the big spider. Then he summoned his peac.o.c.k crossbow and loaded it up with z-steel bolts. He stood by and waited.

The big spider was bringing its baby forward, getting it to feed. But when it caught sight of the little angel approaching in a flash, it spat a white net to web her greatsword.

The little angel's greatsword was able to slice through the entangling web, but its force coming down was much weaker.

Climbing quickly, the spider continued to fire its webs at the little angel. This caused her a lot of trouble, and as they added up, the webs were becoming increasingly st.u.r.dy and sticky. Although she could cut her way through, much of it remained on her body and sword to slow her down.

The smaller spider was hyped up, making screeches and waving its claws at the intruder. It then followed its parent and produced webs to spit out. They were extremely small, but they were concentrated and of a higher power. They were thicker and stickier than the bigger spider's webs.

As this was occurring, Han Sen raised his peac.o.c.k crossbow to take aim. He thought to himself, "It's survival of the fittest, baby. There's always a bigger fish. You eat the coc.o.o.ns, I eat you. It's simple." As he took his careful aim, he also employed his dongxuan aura to memorize the little spider's energy flow.

While the little spider happily spat out webs like its parent, Han Sen pulled the trigger and rapidly fired multiple bolts towards it.


As it spat out its last web, multiple white flashes cut through its body.

The body of a young super creature could not compete with the body of an adult super creature, but the chitin of a spider was known to be extremely st.u.r.dy. Even Han Sen was surprised to see his bolts pierce right through it.

Pat! Pat! Pat!

Another three bolts found their way into the spider's body, all from varying angles. It tried to struggle and remain upright, but by now, the spider was more like a hedgehog. It stopped squirming.

"Super Creature Devil-Eye Spider Baby killed. Beast soul gained. Eat the flesh of the Devil-Eye Spider Baby to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly. You may also harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Han Sen almost jumped when he heard that. He never expected to kill the spider so easily and obtain its beast soul. He managed to earn so much from a single, effortless kill.

When the mama spider saw its child brutally murdered, it became furious. It skittered towards Han Sen in hysteria, with an insatiable blood-thirst for the person who had just slain its baby.

Han Sen did not run, however. He now knew that compared to other super creatures, the Devil-Eye Spider was relatively weak. He cast his Sonic-Thunder Punch, ready to strike once it got close enough.

The thunder and bell-power brewed inside him as a frightening mixture, and as soon as the spider was close, Han Sen would unleash it on the unsuspecting fiend. He hoped to stun it.

But Han Sen, upon looking into the spider's blue eyes, felt a strange murky fog mask the clarity of his mind. He lost hold of the energy that was gathering inside him, cancelling his proposed Sonic-Thunder Punch.

A second later, Han Sen was back to normal. The spider was right in front of him, raising its legs to claw his face off.

At the last second, Han Sen quickly cast a skill to dodge. In his heart, he thought to himself, "That was close! The spider can actually control the mind of a human being with its hypnotic eyes? It is fortunate my will was mutated following my trip to the Crystallizer Ruins and became stronger than ordinary people's. If I hadn't recovered in that quick second, I might have been killed right there."

The little angel rushed over to inhibit the spider's pursuit of Han Sen. In haste, Han Sen closed his eyes and retreated to gain some distance. He used his dongxuan aura to observe the spider's next move and prepared another bolt with the arachnid's name on it.

As he had thought, as long as he avoided eye contact with the spider, his mind maintained its clarity. And then, with his aim raised, he relentlessly fired a number of bolts towards the creature.