Super Gene - Chapter 780: Bug Fight

Chapter 780: Bug Fight

Chapter 780: Bug Fight

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Han Sen watched the flower open from afar. Slowly, the petals unfurled; it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Not long after, the sky went dark and the moon arose. Under the gleaming moonlight, the flower fully opened.

In the center of the flower, golden pistils grew outwards as if reaching for the nighttime sun. It was pretty like jade, and it shone gold in the grace of the moonbeams.

The sweet fragrance became stronger at this point. Even Han Sen, who was three hundred meters away, became enveloped by the smell. It gave him the urge to run up to the flower and lick it for a tantalizing taste of the juices within.

Suddenly, however, there was movement from the beehive. The golden-winged bees outside began to go crazy until eventually, a one foot long crystal-gold bee king exited the tunnels that led into the interior of the beehive.

"Bee king?" Han Sen was shocked. He used his dongxuan aura to scan it, and it was revealed to be a first-generation super creature due to its blurry lifeforce.

Han Sen was a little disappointed, but he still watched it with great interest. He was trying to determine what he should do next.

The bee king flew atop the hill where the flower rested and landed upon a pistil of the open flower. It then started to drink nutrients from its top.

Han Sen gulped, earnestly wis.h.i.+ng he could go and join the bee in drinking the juices the flower had concocted. But for now, he held the urge back and remained still.

The bee king wouldn't usually come out to eat. It had many lesser, worker bees to gather food on its behalf. As such, there would never be a need for it to exit the safety of the hive. If the king was coming out to eat the flower itself, then that was a surefire sign that whatever the flower was, it was indeed special.

But rare things such as that would usually have more than one super creature guarding or vying for it. Yet strangely, no other creature seemed to show up. Han Sen became oddly suspicious, seeing that the bee king had been eating for quite some time without any intrusion.

While Han Sen contemplated his next move and whether or not he should nick the flower from the bee king, the super creature's honey sac filled up with the juices. At this point, it flew back inside the hive.

Not long after, the bee king returned from the hive once more. It flew back up to the flower, undoubtedly for further collection of the juices. It did this a few times until the moon reached its highest point in the sky. It was also at this time that the flower began to shrink and recede.

"The bee king did not eat the honey because it's saving it?" Han Sen's heart jumped as he imagined that. "Normally, kings eat the best stuff. If it isn't eating it itself, then perhaps it has babies to feed? Maybe there are child super creatures someplace within?"

Thinking of this, Han Sen fancied venturing into the beehive to have a look for himself. Even if there were no second-generation super creatures, the bee king's honey would come in useful for himself.

But Han Sen was patient, and he wanted to watch things for a little while longer.

This was a large group of creatures, and it was not going to be a simple super fight. He didn't believe the little angel could tackle the beehive and its occupants all alone. The fairy rarely listened to his commands, either. If the fairy went in ahead and consumed all the honey, it'd be a big loss.

The silver fox enjoyed eating such rare delights, too. With both of them there, Han Sen had to be careful. Exerting much effort for no reward would be a crying shame.

After watching the beehive for a few days, Han Sen had learned that the flower produced those juices each and every night. And every night, the king would venture out and collect it from the flower. It seemed that the flower produced an endless amount of juices, and no matter how much was collected, the next day the king would be back to obtain as much as it could within the same timeframe.

No matter how big the chinese rose was, the juices inside had to be limited, though. How could it resist the ravenous appet.i.te of the bee king each and every night? Something had to be severely wrong here.

Han Sen hesitated, but decided to summon his wings and fly forward. Night was settling in now, and he decided to view the flower from above. He saw there was still plenty of juice atop the pistils, and the bee was keen to continue collecting it.

When the moon reached its highest point, the bee king had collected all the juice. It was at this point the flower became smaller. But it looked as if it was just waiting to be re-opened.

The next day, when Han Sen flew high to take another look, the juices in the pistil had been fully replenished. This confused him a great deal.

"What is going on?" Han Sen continued to think on his discovery, not wanting to be reckless. If he couldn't figure out the finer details of this curious phenomenon, he wouldn't strike lightly.

While it was daytime, Han Sen heard a buzzing noise. He didn't care much, since there were many bugs and insects all around—it wasn't a particularly unique sound.

But this time, the buzzing sound was getting louder and louder. When the sound was as deafening as a helicopter landing in Han Sen's ear, he perked his head to pay attention.

When Han Sen raised his head, he saw a green cloud heading his way. Curiously, the sound was coming from that very cloud.

After looking closer, he noticed that it wasn't a cloud. It was a sickeningly large host of fist-sized green flies. With great ferocity, they went flying down towards the beehive.

The bees outside the hive all looked startled and nervous. A group of bees exited the tunnels of the hive and attempted to stop the approach of the green fly army.

The area was cloaked in gold and green, as a battle between the two insect collectives unfolded. Like rain, countless bees and flies cascaded down to the ground amidst the battle. The death toll was humongous.

Han Sen was shocked at the sight. But he noticed that the green flies were not as strong as the golden bees. They did, however, make up for the lack in power with sheer numbers. They were overwhelming, and they fearlessly kamikazed their way towards the hive. Most of them did not even want to fight, they seemed to just want the honey.

The bees were strong, but their numbers were few. Although they guarded the entrances to the hive, many green flies managed to get inside.

Before long, the bee king itself exited the hive to greet the a.s.sault, and quickly wiped out the green flies that attempted to worm their way inside. Within seconds of exiting, it was killing whole hordes of the insects.

But still, their numbers were too many. They were like a plague of locusts, and wherever the bee king did not look in that second, countless wretched flies tried to dig their way inside.

Han Sen a.s.sumed the flies were trying to steal the honey, at first. But then he saw that he was incorrect. The sneaky flies that had managed to get inside made their way out shortly after, all in possession of light-gold coc.o.o.ns.

"These flies are not here for the honey, so what are they stealing the coc.o.o.ns for?" Han Sen was confused by this revelation.

The bees were furious upon seeing their coc.o.o.ns being stolen, and in a frenzy, they killed any fly in possession of one. One by one, they were killed, and one by one, coc.o.o.ns dropped to the ground.

More and more flies battled their way forward, however. And many picked up where their fallen compatriots left off. The coc.o.o.ns were picked up once more and carried away.