Super Gene - Chapter 779: Flower Creature

Chapter 779: Flower Creature

Chapter 779: Flower Creature

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The Emerald Golem was dying, and the little angel effortlessly exploited its every weakness. Within half an hour, it would most probably lie dead.

The Emerald Golem consistently cried and roared out, but it was unable to do anything else. The little angel's greatsword repeatedly struck the neck of the Emerald Golem until its head was hewn off.

It did not die when the head was removed, however. It continued to fight the little angel, even with a headless body.

Fortunately, the little angel wasn't human. Decapitating the golem did not make her careless or have her drop her guard, and she was able to dodge the headless golem's surprise attack following its beheading.

To ensure its defeat, the little angel spent the next several hours hacking away the rest of the golem's crystal limbs.

"Super Creature Emerald Golem killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Not receiving its beast soul was a little disappointing for Han Sen, but regardless, he picked up the fallen creature's green Life Geno essence. He unsummoned the little angel and left the nest.

He did not return to the shelter, but traveled west instead. During his research, he had learned of two nearby locations he wanted to check out.

It was an area comprised of sprawling meadows, each painted with innumerable flowers that were all knitted together. As serene as the area was, the number of flowers put it on the radar for a great many insects. b.u.t.terflies, bees, ants, and more frequented this place.

But it was said there was something even spookier that resided there, something that stilled the hearts and desires for all who ventured near. To determine the validity of people's fears, Han Sen wanted to travel into the heart of the meadows and see for himself whether or not there was a super creature residing there.

Bugs were known to produce many offspring. If there was a super creature insect there, it might have been similar to the Devil Ant King, and possess a large number of eggs.

The verdant expanse before him was quite lumpy, but it was dressed with a sea of colorful flowers. These meadows went on and on towards the horizon, appearing endless.

The flowers weren't particularly large, but they grew close to the soil and fit together as if to paint the ground. The colors did not just stem from the large variety of flowers budding in harmonic unison, but individual flowers themselves could possess up to eight colors.

Countless b.u.t.terflies and bees danced in the air around them, yet no person ever went there to hunt.

Han Sen ventured into the flowery meadows and brought the silver fox along with him. All the b.u.t.terflies and bees made sure to escape and flee for the lives in fear of the super creature pet.

The little fairy retreated into her scallop sh.e.l.l. After recovering from her wounds, the liquid inside no longer dealt her harm. As such, she frequently enjoyed hiding inside it.

After walking for some time, Han Sen was given a big surprise. He saw a person in the field, killing creatures. Many insects swarmed towards him, but despite that, the man looked calm and composed. Untouched by a single creature, he gently swung his sword to slay each that came for him.

"Jing Jiwu?" When Han Sen recognized the man, he became even more surprised. He was the monster from the Alliance's Central Military Academy. In the Military Academy's League Game, in archery, Han Sen won his first champions.h.i.+p.

Jing Jiwu now caught sight of Han Sen's approach, and sped up to finish off the creatures that pestered him. Within a single second, he managed to slay around a thousand b.u.t.terflies. The field was, for now, empty of the fluttering fiends. Once he was done, he walked towards Han Sen.

"I never expected a chance encounter with you here, of all places," Jing Jiwu said casually as he approached Han Sen.

"I could not have expected this, either." Han Sen smiled. Although they were once opponents, it was nice to meet him there.

"I have heard you are in possession of a super pet," Jing Jiwu said.

"Yes." Han Sen nodded. High-cla.s.s officers had long spread this news, so it wasn't at all surprising for Jing Jiwu to know about the silver fox.

"Walk west for one hundred miles and you'll come across a muddy hill. There are many gold-winged bees there, and quite possibly super creatures, too. If you are interested, you should go and take a look," Jing Jiwu said.

"Thanks." Han Sen bid his appreciation and then took off in the direction he was told to go.

They didn't speak much with one-another, but they were cooperative and adherent to the other's needs. Han Sen did not doubt the information he was given.

"I was hoping we would one day meet again, and when we did, I'd be strong enough to re-challenge you. I am short of that goal." Seeing Han Sen walk off, Jing Jiwu watched him go. He continued to think to himself, "Yes, become stronger. Go further. Give me the motivation to catch up with you. That will a.s.suredly stoke a fire in the hearts of humanity."

Then he threw himself into the midst of another legion of b.u.t.terflies.

Han Sen continued traveling in the direction Jing Jiwu had indicated, and after walking one hundred miles, he came across a forty meter high hill that was shaped like a mushroom. There were many small burrows underneath, from which golden-bees came in and out of. They were each around the size of a fist.

"These really aren't your average bees. I am afraid there might indeed be a super creature in this place." Han Sen was standing one hundred meters away from the hill, yet the silver fox's presence did nothing to alarm the golden bees.

There had to be a super creature burrowed deep inside. If there wasn't, then the bees would have a.s.suredly paid heed to the silver fox's approach. They'd have been long gone by now.

Han Sen was thinking about how he might flush the bee king out and see what manner of super creature he'd be dealing with. But as he thought, he caught sight of a lone pretty flower atop the hill.

The flower had no roots or leaves; it just stood there atop the hill. It was a few meters wide and the petals looked like those of a chinese rose.

The flower was mostly yellow, but it was colored with a few streaks of red. It was very pretty. It also emitted a pleasant smell. It was strong but not overwhelming, and just smelling that fragrance compelled you to come closer and sniff it at a closer distance.

The flower was beautiful. And it looked as if honey was oozing from inside the bud. But despite the large number of golden-bees that populated the area, not a single one ventured close to it.

"Strange. That is really strange. Why is there a lone flower atop a beehive, remaining untouched by the bees that live below? And the rest of the flowers in this place are no larger than my finger, so why is this one so large? There must be something wrong with this thing." Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan the flower.

Because it was quite far from him, he couldn't scan it with much detail. Still, he was able to grasp some sort of horrific lifeforce where it lay.

"Is that flower producing creatures, or is it perhaps something that strengthens your body?" Han Sen looked at the flower with a strange look on his face, wanting to be as careful as possible.

Han Sen had seen this sort of thing many times. Treasures like this frequently had frightening monsters nearby, and such creatures were never in short supply. Whenever such flowers matured, other creatures were bound to show up.