Super Gene - Chapter 778: Emerald Man of Stone

Chapter 778: Emerald Man of Stone

Chapter 778: Emerald Man of Stone

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Han Sen had the feeling he had been granted the duty of saving the world. He turned away from Lin Beifeng and had a quick peek into the bag he had been given. There really was a book in there, and the paper looked fairly modern. It must have been produced in the Alliance in the past few years, and was undoubtedly waterproof, fireproof, and bugproof.

Han Sen was a little disappointed, learning that it was not some ancient codex. If it was, he believed he could sell it for a high price as an antique.

There was no name on it, strangely. After having a flick through the contents, he learned that it was neither a hyper geno art or Qi Gong. It was similar to Primal Innocence, but better, with a far greater depth.

It related to psychological fort.i.tude and const.i.tution, and contained within it many examples. It was like a compendium or guide to prevent one from being subjected to fraud or scams.

"Who was that Blindman? And what did he give me this for? I am not going to be a salesman, and neither am I going to teach others how to avoid being scammed." Han Sen was quite confused.

Han Sen thought about it and came to the conclusion that reading it would prove no harm. It might actually end up being beneficial, and could aid him in avoiding the schemes of confidence men in the future. For now, though, he put it away.

The high-cla.s.s officers in the Alliance all looked sickly and evil. G.o.d knew how many wretched ideas were concocted in their minds, after all.

Han Sen continued his journey and brought Lin Beifeng all the way to the royal shelter safely. Although Lin Beifeng did not know anyone there, having wealth meant he could have or do anything he wanted to. It was very unlike the tiny knight shelter that didn't even have anything to spend coin on.

"Brother, I thank you so very much. If it weren't for you, I'd still be there in that knight shelter, being subject to mistreatment by those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. If you remain in the shelter for a few days, I promise I'll get you something good. It'll be the least I can do to return the favor you have done me; plus, it'll cover what I owe you for the sacred-blood beast souls," Lin Beifeng said to Han Sen.

"There is no rush, but I do plan to remain here for a couple of days. If you require further a.s.sistance, I can help you get in touch with the special security team for your protection, too. They're good at what they do, but you'll have to pay for their services." Han Sen smiled.

"That is brilliant to hear, Brother. But let's not speak any further. Wait for my good news." Lin Beifeng was more than pleased, loving the prospect of being helped by the special security team. By himself, his reputation would not have granted him the privilege, but with Han Sen's help, such a thing was possible.

Han Sen did this on Lin Beifeng's behalf due to the concern he felt for him. He was worried that, left to his own devices, it wouldn't be long before someone else got their treacherous, money-prying hooks in him, or someone else that was a.s.sociated with Liu Kuang might come after him once Han Sen was out of the picture.

Han Sen stayed in the shelter and then got in touch with the special security team. He hired a bodyguard for Lin Beifeng's protection.

Han Sen was not in a rush to leave, and elected to spend some time deliberating his next move. He was initially going to go see his mother, so he could protect her and aid her in collecting super geno points.

But seeing how his mom last responded when he brought the subject up, she didn't seem like she cared too much. Therefore, it was unnecessary for him to walk a few hundred thousand miles to go see her.

If he wanted to see his mom, he would have preferred to request a vacation in which he could go home and have a rest.

Han Sen took to info-gathering during stay in the shelter, and he spent some time digging around on Skynet. He was keen to learn whether or not there were nearby super creatures. The more he killed, the more points he would gain. And right now, he wanted to speed up so he could access the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary sooner.

In fact, Han Sen felt quite pressured. The people he had been interacting with recently were beginning to make him feel a little dwarfed. He felt weak. Not being able to protect himself in the Alliance made him extremely uncomfortable.

After a while of browsing, Han Sen came across a good place he could visit. At a nearby mountain, there was a nest of creatures.

The shelter had tried to route the fiends and force them to vacate the area, but the creatures were too powerful. Each time the shelter attempted to strike, they were brought a ruinous defeat. Therefore, it had been a while since they last tried to take on the nest.

Han Sen viewed a few records of what the survivors had experienced in the attacks. He was able to confirm that there was indeed a super creature there, and that was all Han Sen needed to know before electing to go there.

When he was in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, Han Sen once guessed a creature's egg had a super creature inside it.

If the egg had not been broken before it naturally hatched, a super creature would have been born.

Back then, these were just guesses Han Sen made. If this nest had super creatures there, then that would prove his guesses were correct.

After obtaining a map, Han Sen set out to where the cave was said to be. With the silver fox in tow, not a single ill happenstance transpired. He was able to walk straight up to the nest.

Han Sen climbed into a stone cave and noticed a green gold wall that had been broken. Beyond it was a hulking emerald crystal that was humanoid in shape.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Sutra to scan it, and was surprised to learn that what he was seeing was indeed the creature he had come to hunt. It was a super creature.

Han Sen summoned his little angel to start the fight with the Emerald Golem while he ventured deeper into the nest, wanting to see if an egg remained.

With the silver fox there, none of the other creatures dared get close to Han Sen. This was good news for him, since he couldn't be bothered with fighting them, anyway. With the fairy flying around, as well, they were sure not to bother him.

Han Sen quickly walked inside the nest and saw an egg inside. It was, however, cracked and empty. Now, he believed his prior guesses even more.

"If the first-generation super creatures are birthed from eggs, where do the eggs come from?" Han Sen had trouble with this conundrum, thinking he might never find the answer. The nest was deep underground, so it might be a while before humans figured this one out.

Han Sen then returned to the entrance and saw the little angel continuing to do battle with the golem. The Emerald Golem had sustained many sc.r.a.pes and cuts. Even if Han Sen decided not to chip in, it didn't seem likely to last very long.

And again, Han Sen could not be bothered to fight. He found a rock that was shaped near-enough like a chair, sat down, and held the gourd as he watched the little angel fight the Emerald Golem.

He didn't really want to slay the golem, since he couldn't absorb the Life Geno essence of a first-generation super creature. And obtaining a beast soul was reliant purely on luck.

Since its dunk, the blood color of the gourd had finally faded away. Whatever was inside must have absorbed it all, and right now, veins of gold light ran all across it.

The energy flow of the gourd was becoming more and more obvious, and it had changed a lot since when he first laid hands on it.

This surprised Han Sen quite a bit, and it seemed to him that there was something growing, deep inside.

Han Sen paid more attention to this new energy flow and noticed that the power inside was not too different from the holy rhino's.

But Han Sen did not understand the reason the gourd had an energy flow such as that. No matter how strong it was, it could only magnetize objects. Its power wouldn't directly deal damage.