Super Gene - Chapter 775: Is That All You've Got?

Chapter 775: Is That All You've Got?

Chapter 775: Is That All You've Got?

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Han Sen did not move an inch. Half of his body crackled and sparked with looming thunder, whereas his other half chimed like a bell. When the invisible bladestorm was about to strike Han Sen, he threw out his fist.

The combined powers of sonic and lightning channeled through his fist to form an orb of light in the palm of his hand. It grew into a silver sun and exploded out towards Luo Li with the break of deafening thunder.


The invisible bladestorm was like gla.s.s, as Han Sen's power shattered its cohesion and nullified its threat.

As the lightning coursed through the air, a chilling noise sounded at the same time. The energy flow of Han Sen's attacker was distorted, which disabled her from gathering the composure needed to effectively dodge the incoming danger.


Right before the lightning looked set to strike Luo Li, she summoned beast soul armor. The armor and clothes underneath were incinerated by the wretched power possessed by the lightning.


Luo Li's body was sent flying backwards into the wall of the reception area. Her mouth heaved blood as her burnt, tattered garments scattered messily across the room. Only a sc.r.a.p or two clung to her body, smoldering.

Nothing happened next. There was no counter-attack; she just sat on the floor, staring at Han Sen with a ghastly look wrought by her disbelief over what had just transpired.

She never believed she could lose to Han Sen, let alone to lose so quickly and badly. She found it just as hard to accept that she had been beaten by someone who had not learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, as well.

"No way... no way..." Luo Li's lips were oozing blood, as she sat there, muttering indiscernibly to herself, incapable of accepting the sudden defeat.

"Is that all you've got?" Han Sen looked down on Luo Li. He removed his coat and handed it to her. As he turned around to exit the reception area, he said, "Leave. Neither I, nor my mother, have any interest in being a part of the Luo family anymore."

Luo Li heard what Han Sen said and her body shook. As this happened, her mind stumbled back into the past.

"Is that all you've got?" She had heard these words spoken to her many times while she was growing up. That proud and beautiful lady said the same thing to her every time she was defeated by her hands.

Luo Li despised that sentence. And she held a further disgust for her pretty face. But now she was hearing it from someone else, and in a cruel twist of irony, that person was her son.

"Impossible! Impossible! He didn't learn Falsified-Sky Sutra! How can he have such power?! There is no way I can lose to someone who has not learned Falsified-Sky Sutra. And there is no way I can lose to her son!" Luo Li was screaming aloud in complete hysteria, but by now, she was in the room alone.

Han Sen was unsure at what time Luo Li left, but after his encounter, he went to contact his mother about what had occurred. He wanted to confirm whether or not Luo Li truly was from the Luo family.

"Little Li really did seek you out?" When Luo Sulan heard, she remained absolutely calm as if this was expected. There was a distinct lack of surprise in her voice.

"She really is my aunt?" Han Sen had been suspicious of her claims.

"Yes. Your great-grandfather believed I would be too lonely growing up on my own, so he adopted her. I haven't seen her since I abandoned the Luo family." Luo Sulan sighed.

"I can't learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra?" Han Sen asked.

"You can learn it if you want, but by doing so, you bring upon yourself family business you won't be able to escape from." Luo Sulan sighed, thinking her son had been tempted by the Falsified-Sky Sutra after seeing it in action and witnessing what it could do.

"Well, if it really would bring me trouble, then forget it. I was just idly wondering, that's all," Han Sen said casually.

Luo Sulan, with much surprise, asked, "You really aren't tempted to try it?"

"Not really. Auntie had learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, and yet I was able to defeat her in a single punch," Han Sen casually relayed.

Luo Sulan was even more surprised now, asking, "You really managed to defeat her in a single punch?"

"Yeah, it was easy." A smile crept upon Han Sen's face.

Luo Sulan, with a wry smile, said, "It looks like you have developed further than I expected. And, I will say this; do not underestimate the Falsified-Sky Sutra. Although Little Li works her hardest, she isn't bound to the family through blood. That separation means she cannot learn the Falsified-Sky Sutra in its purest, most authentic form."

"How strong would the real Falsified-Sky Sutra be?" Han Sen's interest in the skill had now increased. Although he managed to defeat her, he actually believed Luo Li to be one of the strongest evolvers he had ever gone up against.

"It has the power of a shura. If you ever end up going against someone who has learnt that skill, remember this; do not defend. Pitting yourself against a person who has learnt it can only lead to two outcomes. You either end up killing that person quickly, or you die. Be quick or be dead." Luo Sulan said this, but it didn't quite explain enough.

"Mother, what happened to the Luo family?" Han Sen could no longer hold his desire to know, so he asked.

"If you do not belong to the Luo family, there is no need for you to know. Knowing would needlessly burden you with greater troubles. If you did enter the Luo family, however, you would quickly come to know." This was a subject Luo Sulan had no desire to talk about.

By this point in their conversation, Luo Li had already dragged herself out of the base. On a s.h.i.+p, she spoke with Luo Haitang.

Luo Li did not refrain from telling the complete truth, and she told him exactly what had happened.

After Luo Haitang heard this, a strange look came across his face. He asked, "He didn't learn it?"

"No." Luo Li surely answered.

"He unleashed powers of thunder?" Luo Haitang asked.

"Yes." Luo Li answered.

"This is interesting. It is no wonder he is Little Lan's son, then. He has indeed adopted Little Lan's excellent genes; the ones required by our family." Luo Haitang coldly continued his speak, "Tell Luo Yin to meet him in the shelter. Let the boy see the true form of the Falsified-Sky Sutra. He has the Luo family blood coursing through his veins; it will be something he will be unable to resist."

"Yes," Luo Li said, as she lowered her head.

Han Sen entered the shelter once more and wanted to get a better grasp of his surroundings. He needed to learn exactly where he was and where he had to go next.

"Oh, no! Oh, no! There is a spirit attacking the shelter!" As Han Sen sat in the plaza, contemplating his next move, a screaming person came running through. Immediately, everyone became nervous.

"A spirit attacking a shelter?" When Han Sen heard them yell this, it surprised him a great deal. It had been a long time since he had last heard of a spirit attacking a shelter.

Han Sen curiously went to the city's wall. He wanted to see what manner of spirit had decided to attack the shelter. If the owner could not withstand the siege, then perhaps he could lend a hand.

"Han Sen?" As Han Sen walked towards the gate, someone called out his name.