Super Gene - Chapter 776: Depressed Lin Beifeng

Chapter 776: Depressed Lin Beifeng

Chapter 776: Depressed Lin Beifeng

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"Lin Beifeng?" Han Sen turned around with surprise. It had been a while since he had last seen him, and he did not expect to see him here in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"This is a fate-wrought meet, undoubtedly." Lin Beifeng ran over to Han Sen, grabbed his hands, and almost began bawling his eyes out.

"I'll confess it has been a while, but there is no need for such a display of pa.s.sion." Seeing Lin Beifeng so happy, Han Sen was quite touched.

Lin Beifeng wiped his teary eyes and maintained a grip on Han Sen's hands as he said, "Brother, I am touched. In this dusty c.r.a.phole, even if my wallet were bursting at the seams, I cannot buy anything. It is a miserable and upsetting affair. Now that I have finally met you, I can spend my money on decent merchandise. Come; sell me two sacred-blood beast souls!" When Han Sen heard this, he threw his clingy hands away. The whole reason he was behaving so pa.s.sionately was for this, it was now plain to see.

"You think sacred-blood beast souls are a common item you can buy from just anywhere? And you're saying you want two?!" Han Sen laughed.

"I am not willing to believe you do not have any for sale." Lin Beifeng was unaffected by Han Sen's comments, and still insisted that he be sold some sacred-blood beast souls.

Lin Beifeng had been bored out of his mind in this place for quite some time. He was very rich, but his family lacked ties to the greater families. In his time here, few people had been willing to help him, and even with the money he had, he couldn't buy anything decent. His time here had not been pleasant.

He never expected to see Han Sen here though, of all places. He had heard many tales regarding Han Sen's escapades, and having known him previously, was certain he would have sacred-blood beast souls for sale.

"Brother Beifeng, cease your acting. Do you really think this child would have sacred-blood beast souls available for sale? I have already given you my price. Either cough up the coin or get lost; don't play games with me," a middle-aged man near Lin Beifeng said.

"I'm not buying your rubbish beast souls. This guy has all-manner of different beast souls; so why would I buy ones from your c.r.a.ppy roster?" Lin Beifeng coldly replied.

People knew Lin Beifeng was rich, so it was common for people to attempt to scam him. There weren't many high-cla.s.s beast souls in a place such as this, and such extortionists frequently grouped up to weasel the most coin out of him. They would sell him mutant beast souls for the price of a sacred-blood beast soul. Either Lin Beifeng bought them or had nothing to use. He was a daily victim of this treatment.

Unfortunately for him, these same schemers owned the shelters, and the prices they presented were unchangeable. After all, the prices were their call to make. Lin Beifeng had no choice but to suffer and accept the exorbitant fees they charged.

Now that he had met Han Sen, he wasn't willing to be bullied anymore, and he most certainly wasn't going to buy their beast souls.

"Well, Brother Beifeng, I give you an ultimatum. You either buy it now off me for this price or don't. But if you come around wanting to buy it again in the future, I can guarantee you the price won't be this generous," Liu Jie fearlessly said. He did not believe the pretty, young stranger possessed a single sacred-blood beast soul.

Liu Jie knew all about this place and the surrounding area, and he knew that the shelter only had a dozen mutant beast souls available for sale. There weren't any sacred-blood beast souls to be found in the markets, and there most certainly wouldn't be any on a pretty, young man.

"Whatever," Lin Beifeng coldly said. Then he ignored the extortionist. Turning back to face Han Sen, he smiled and said, "Let's go, brother. I am buying you food. And perhaps, just perhaps, we might talk a while, as we eat."

"Forgive me for interrupting your plans for lunch, but don't we have a spirit attacking the shelter right now? Shouldn't we go take a look?" Han Sem said, smiling.

"Sure, let's go take a look at what we face." Lin Beifeng felt a chill run down his spine. He knew that with Han Sen's help, however, he'd be able to move to another royal shelter and not remain stuck where he currently he was.

People in the shelter had mercilessly bullied him, extracting every penny they could through a barrage of tricks and scams. No one had been willing to help him move to another royal shelter. He couldn't do it on his own, but right now, with Han Sen at his side, he knew he wouldn't have to worry.

They both ascended the city wall, and looking over, they witnessed a spirit commanding creatures to attack the shelter. After taking a look, Han Sen quickly lost interest.

It was a royal spirit that looked like an ugly ogre. It was something Han Sen was not interested in killing or claiming the spirit stone for.

The creatures that were attacking the shelter were mutant creatures, as well. Han Sen was too lazy to bother slaying such unthreatening creatures.

But the people in the shelter quickly grew concerned and considered their would-be conquerors as a grave threat. Lin Beifeng was very tempted to help, so he asked Han Sen, "Brother, do you have any sacred-blood beast souls? If you lend me two, I will go down there and show them how it's done."

Han Sen gave him two sacred-blood beast souls that he would never otherwise use, which made Lin Beifeng super happy. He was given a sacred-blood armor and the long-forgotten ghost-pawed claws. After suiting up, Lin Beifeng hastily ran out to greet the attackers who sought to claim the shelter.

Through the aid of his new sacred-blood beast souls, although Lin Beifeng was not that strong, he could easily slay the ordinary creatures. Even the mutant variants could do nothing to him and were soon cut down.

Lin Beifeng had become an extremely powerful man, as he was seen cleaving his way through the hordes of monsters down below. He even looked quite heroic, and this shocked the people of the shelter.

By the time all was said and done, he managed to beat the ogre into running away. Once his victory was a.s.sured, everyone gave him ma.s.sive applause.

After beating the spirit, Lin Beifeng himself was exuberantly happy. When the deed was complete, he spared no time in bringing Han Sen to a hotel where they could eat.

Not long after, a group of people arrived at the shelter. Liu Jie and the people in charge went to welcome the team.

"Liu Jie, didn't you send a message as a plight for aid, saying a royal spirit sought to conquer the shelter? What is this?" Liu Kuang asked, frowning.

With him, he had brought a team of fairly skilled warriors. They were to support him in slaying the mutant horde, but now that they had arrived, they were surprised to see the fight already over.

"Brother Kuang, a kid came out of nowhere and sold two sacred-blood beast souls to Lin Beifeng. His mood was c.o.c.kier than usual today, and so he promptly went out to slay the creatures and send the ogre back off to its hole." Liu Jie relayed to him what had transpired during his absence.

"What is this 'kid's' a.s.sociation with Lin Beifeng?" Liu Kuang frowned. He believed Lin Beifeng was a worthless piece of meat, who was easy to bully. And bully him they did, frequently, in this knight shelter. Now, someone had sold him two sacred-blood beast souls. This meant they could no longer scam money from his coffer.

"He said they were friends. He was about twenty years old at the most. He had silky skin, the sort which made him look quite weak and useless. I would say he was just like Lin Beifeng; a loser from a rich family. G.o.d knows where he managed to get two sacred-blood beast souls to sell to Lin Beifeng." Liu Jie approached him closer and continued by saying, "Brother Kuang, should we take care of this kid?"

Liu Kuang gestured with his hand and said, "Getting sacred-blood beast souls will not be easy. And if that kid is not from our shelter and has been able to come out all this way, he must be fairly experienced."

After a pause, he continued by saying, "Are you sure no one else followed this kid's arrival?"

"Yeah. I have been sending people to keep an eye on them, and knowing about everyone else in this shelter, I can indeed confirm that there is no one else here aside from him," Liu Jie quickly said.

"Good." Liu Kuang's eyes were tinged with hate and cruelty. He went on to say, "Little Zhang, go and bring Brother Blind."