Super Gene - Chapter 774: It's Not That Good

Chapter 774: It's Not That Good

Chapter 774: It's Not That Good

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Han Sen was preparing to go out when he received a message saying he should expect another visitor.

When Han Sen heard this, he frowned. Visitors weren't permitted there, so he thought it was strange to hear someone was coming to see him.

"Who might it be, I wonder?" Han Sen had a few guesses, but he couldn't count on any.

Ordinary people were not allowed to enter the base, so he made his way to the reception area. There, he saw a beautiful woman sitting. He couldn't tell her age, but he knew this was a woman he had never seen before.

"You are Little Sen?" When the woman saw Han Sen, she greeted him with great enthusiasm and a warm smile.

"I am Han Sen. Who are you?" Han Sen frowned when he heard the woman call him "Little Sen."

"I am your aunt." The woman seemed surprised at Han Sen asking this.

"Aunt?" Han Sen was shocked, never before hearing that he had aunt.

"Didn't Sister Lan tell you that she has a little sister? That is heartbreaking for me to hear. I was just an orphan, picked and raised by my grandfather. I treated your mother as a true sister. I can hardly believe she never mentioned me before." The woman looked genuinely upset, almost as if tears were ready to burst from her eyes.

"Who are you?" Han Sen frowned. Understanding her ident.i.ty in the family meant nothing to him.

His mother said she never wanted to get involved with the Luo family. She wouldn't even let Han Sen learn the Luo family's skill. Although she never explained why, Han Sen trusted her and the reasons she must have had. As such, Han Sen never bothered trying to contact the Luo family.

"You are so cold. It is no wonder you are Sister Lan's son." The woman smiled, and the sadness in her eyes had vanished. The change was sudden and quite jarring.

"If there is nothing else for you to say, then I'll be leaving now." Han Sen turned around and prepared to make his exit.

But the woman's hands were like lightning. She threw her finger in Han Sen's direction.

Before it reached Han Sen, he felt its great power suddenly approaching his body. It was thinner than a needle and sharper than a blade, and its power was so great it instantly broke Han Sen's combat suit.

Han Sen was shocked, not expecting the woman to attack him here, of all places. It was fortunate Han Sen reacted quickly. He fired his Elephant-Disc Punch to collide with the incoming hit.


Han Sen took a few steps back and hit the wall. His finger was cut so deep, the bone inside was on display.

"Eh? You didn't learn Falsified-Sky Sutra?" The woman looked at Han Sen with great surprise; if he had learnt it, he would have been able to counter her attack.

Han Sen was about to get angry, but upon hearing what she asked him, enquired, "What Falsified-Sky Sutra?"

Han Sen racked his mind as if to recall something. Then, he asked, "Wait, are you the one who gave me that unknown hyper geno art?"

The woman shook her head and said, "I sent it to you, but it was a gift given to you by your great-grandfather. Why did you not take the time to learn it?"

"I am not learning something from an unknown source," Han Sen coldly replied.

"Well, it is no longer an unknown source. I hope you take the time to learn it in the near future." The woman felt awkward, coming here to test Han Sen's progress with the skill. She had not expected him to have not bothered with it, at all.

"If it's from the Luo family, then that means I'll definitely not learn it," Han Sen coldly said.

"Why?" The woman frowned, looking at Han Sen. His answer had actually surprised her.

"Because my mother wants no involvement with your family. You have received the answer to your question, now you can leave." Han Sen gave her a stern, cold look. If his mom did not want him to engage with the Luo family just as she herself didn't, then going against her wishes was the last thing he would do. He didn't want to worry her.

And Han Sen didn't think it was necessary to learn Falsified-Sky Sutra, anyway. Dongxuan Sutra and Blood-Pulse were better than it, after all.

"Do you have any idea what you're missing out on? There are only five hyper geno arts that have ten gene locks available to open. Falsified-Sky Sutra is one of them." The woman stared at Han Sen.

"So what?" Han Sen asked her.

The woman laughed in response, saying, "It looks like you really don't have any idea what you're missing out on. If you don't practice Falsified-Sky Sutra, then you aren't a member of our family. You don't have the necessary qualifications to join G.o.dslayer Shelter."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you not get the memo? My surname is Han. And G.o.dslayer Shelter has nothing to do with me. I have no interest in joining there. And to add to that, I don't think Falsified-Sky Sutra is all that impressive," Han Sen told her coldly.

Hearing Han Sen's last few words, the smile quickly vanished from her face. With a chilling voice she said, "You are just like Sister Lan. You are so selfish and conceited. You don't care about anyone else, do you? As your aunt, I should really teach you a lesson."

"Do you have any idea where you are?" Han Sen raised his lips.

"Wherever I am is a place of my own," Luo Li said. Then, she moved her body to begin attacking Han Sen.

Her fingers were like razor blades, shredding the very air. An invisible force was headed Han Sen's way, moving at a blisteringly quick pace.

Han Sen saw it coming, so he simulated the Bone-Elephant's energy flow. Elephants trumpeted inside him once more, and his body turned the color of jade. He raised his fist and punched the incoming force.


It sounded like gla.s.s being shattered. Luo Li's expression turned to one of shock in response, not expecting Han Sen's fist skills to have develop so strongly. She never expected him to be able to dwarf the power of the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

It was just a random punch of hers, but Han Sen had managed to crush it. And this surprised her.

Luo Li was strangely confident in her Falsified-Sky Sutra, however, and she wouldn't allow Han Sen to resist her powers.

They were both evolvers. Luo Li did not believe herself to be invincible, but she didn't believe anyone could beat her if they had not learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

In Luo Li's eyes, she thought only Luo Lan had sufficient power to beat her. She always considered her sister to be her greatest opponent and greatest target. She could not allow herself to lose against her son, and she would not allow herself to lose against someone who had not even bothered to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra.

An invisible power burst forth from her. Her hair waved like a madwoman's, floating in the air. Her hands became like blades, swinging towards Han Sen.

The invisible power was like an indestructible blade. It sliced through the air as it traveled towards Han Sen.

Luo Li's hands did not stop moving, as if she were a frenzied witch. Her hands became the invisible blades, attacking Han Sen without a single glimmer of restraint.