Super Gene - Chapter 756: Sonic-Thunder Punch

Chapter 756: Sonic-Thunder Punch

Chapter 756: Sonic-Thunder Punch

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The last time Han Sen saw Sonic-Thunder Punch, he fancied buying it. But back then, he was browsing for skills to be used by his other-self, Coin. Therefore, he ended up buying Elephant-Disc Punch.

This time, Han Sen was free to buy Sonic-Thunder Punch as himself, from the Saint Hall. Having done so, he was keen to start into its practice.

Han Sen read Sonic-Thunder Punch's instructions and realized that it primarily dealt damage using thunder elemental power. In the instructions, however, it was noted that you could increase its potential by fusing the thunder with the sonic element.

Most people could only manage to possess and wield one elemental power. The most talented evolvers had been known to possess two different elements, but Han Sen had never seen the combination of thunder and sonic used before.

Han Sen could simulate the silver fox's thunder powers and Death Knell's sonic power, so there was nothing stopping him from giving it a try. With those two elemental powers combined as a base for his Sonic-Thunder Punch, Han Sen had high expectations.

After buying the skill and its geno solution, Han Sen didn't hesitate to swallow it all the first chance he got. He simulated the silver fox's thunder element and got right into practice.

Han Sen had spent half the day training, and his body was already beginning to hum with static. When he swung his fists, crackles and sparks of electricity popped and twitched.

But the thunder power remained in his body; he couldn't fire it out like a projectile.

Over the next eight days, Han Sen madly practiced Sonic-Thunder Punch in the Yellowstone City. Using the thunder element as a base, it only took three days for him to fully complete the skill's learning.

But it would be pointless to use Sonic-Thunder Punch as it was. Its raw power was similar to Elephant-Disc Punch's power, and therefore would not be enough to damage the fairy.

While Han Sen simulated his sonic and thunder power, however, a problem arose. When Han Sen cast both elements, he found it difficult to combine them into the Sonic-Thunder Punch he was aiming for.

Han Sen could use his thunder element to cast Sonic-Thunder Punch, and he could use his sonic powers to cast Sonic-Thunder Punch, with each adhering to its respective element and qualities.

But despite how many times he tried, Han Sen could not come to grips with casting Sonic-Thunder Punch under the fusion of both the thunder and sonic elements.

Trying to find the right measurements and balance was difficult.

Han Sen summoned his little angel and practiced it with her, hoping he could gain enough experience to improve.

Zhou Yumei was bored, as she sat on the bench in the plaza. Each and every day, all there was to entertain her eyes was Han Sen practicing and training his skills with the little angel. She did not understand why Han Sen still required so much practice, despite his already incredible strength.

She really wanted Han Sen to show her a way out, as he would sneak back to the Alliance on his own frequently.

Zhou Yumei had requested this many times, to no avail. Han Sen's method of returning to the Alliance, however, was simple. Every time he wanted to go back, he would summon his little angel and get her to restrain the spirit in the spirit hall. While it was busy, Han Sen could just run on through the teleporter.

And despite her repeated pleading, Han Sen refused to bring her with him. Every time he returned, he did so in possession of an abundance of snacks. They weren't gifts for her, though. In fact, they were the opposite. For a very high price, he would sell her these snacks, and the amount would be written down as a debt on her contract like a tab.

"What a horrible man!" Zhou Yumei munched on the snacks she was helpless to refuse, as she watched Han Sen and the little angel with scorn.

Suddenly, a large clap of thunder sounded. Han Sen's fist cast lightning like a silver sun.

The wrecking fist was driven into a one meter wide and one meter thick pillar. It was annihilated.

An aftershock followed the terrifying punch, which rattled Zhou Yumei into dropping her snacks all over the floor. Her ears rang and her energy felt disturbed. She fell on the floor, spitting out blood.

It took a while for her to stand back up, and she could only do so when her energy started returning to normal and the sound had dissipated. She looked at Han Sen, who was staring at his own fist in surprise.

"Sonic-Thunder Punch, eh? It looks like I've finally gotten the hang of it. The combination of sonic and thunder really is quite fierce. Increased damage aside, it seems I can even disturb the energy flow of my opponents. This punch is almost as powerful as Elephant-Rex Strike." Han Sen was overjoyed. After his constant practice, he had finally completed his training of Sonic-Thunder Punch.

There was one negative, however; the punch drained all his power. It cost even more than Elephant-Rex Strike. Despite his Jade-Sun Force's constant replenishment of energy, he still had a shortage.

But this did little to hamper his excitement. If that punch could disturb the little fairy's energy flow, then it'd open her up for a savage onslaught by the little angel. With a side of luck, that'd be enough to overcome her.

Han Sen took a break. He still wanted to practice some more, but for the time being, he'd have to wait for his energy to return.

He only succeeded in performing his desired strike once. It was too dicey to go out there now, expecting his next try to be a success, too. He had to ensure, no matter how much time it took, that he had perfected the casting of Sonic-Thunder Punch.

Zhou Yumei sat atop a stone tower, watching Han Sen practice from a distance. After what happened last time, she didn't want to sit too close to where he was training.

Although Han Sen did not talk to her much, and he wasn't nice whenever he did, she cherished the company she had. She was delighted to no longer be all alone in this desert city.

She had the suspicion that the man was obsessed with combat. It dampened her spirits somewhat, and she hoped that he could take a time-out every now and then to spend time with her, or at least to talk a little.

Obviously, Han Sen was more interested in practicing a fighting skill than interacting with her. He practiced the skill every day, and only spoke with her briefly during his breaks. Yet those small snippets of conversation were the happiest, brightest moments of her day.

This man was able to take her worries and throw them away, but at the same time, he could also make her sad.

Recently, she had noticed that his ring finger was no longer naked—he had a ring on. Seeing this made her upset.

Suddenly, another loud thunderbolt broke the skies. Even though she was sitting a good distance away, she still had to throw her hands over her ears as the energy inside her body succ.u.mbed to turmoil.

After the loud noise, Zhou Yumei immediately ran down to him. She knew every time Han Sen cast that punch, he'd be in need of a lengthy break.

"Hey! So, what sort of skill are you learning? It looks kinda lame, doesn't it? What does it do, give people a jump scare? How about you let me teach you some real skills?" Zhou Yumei ran straight to Han Sen and spoke in a prideful tone.

Han Sen smiled at her but did not say anything. The woman was already in her twenties, but her personality hadn't quite caught up yet; she was a bit childish, he thought.

Seeing Zhou Yumei like that, Han Sen had a flashback to his days as a child. He remembered when he once bullied a girl, all because he fancied her.

"I'm good, thank you. I'm afraid I don't have the time to practice your real skills," Han Sen coldly said. He could cast Sonic-Thunder Punch perfectly by now, and once his energy had recovered this time, he would be off. He was going to attempt his next fight against the fairy.