Super Gene - Chapter 755: Falsified-Sky Sutra

Chapter 755: Falsified-Sky Sutra

Chapter 755: Falsified-Sky Sutra

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Han Sen couldn't think of a solution to the predicament he was in, so he thought about sending his mother a message. He had hoped to maybe receive some help from his mother, and perhaps get a glimpse of the true extent of her power.

"Figure it out yourself." The text reply was those four simple words.

Han Sen shook his head and gave a wry smile. His hopes were quickly dashed, so he gave up on the idea of consulting his mother on this. Now, he knew he had to sort it out himself.

"I doubt I can outrun it. It really seems the only way out of this is to kill the thing. But the fairy's body is so strong that not even my Elephant-Rex Strike was able to damage it. How on earth can I kill something that strong?" Han Sen thought to himself.

While Han Sen was still in the midst of these thoughts, his communicator rang. There was a message.

The message came from a number that was unknown to him. Alongside the text there was a video, and it was showcasing a hyper geno art.

But this hyper geno art did not have any instructions, and its ending was cut-off. Even its t.i.tle wasn't there. That being said, the explanation was very detailed.

"Wrong number, maybe?" Han Sen took a peek and was quickly attracted by its contents. Giving it a proper read, he was shocked at what it contained.

If this hyper geno art was genuine, it supposed that you could unleash your elemental powers before achieving the rank of a celestial being. Such a power would unleash ma.s.sive damage.

"A hyper geno art of this magnitude was sent to the wrong number? That's a little hard to believe. There has to be more to this than meets the eye." Han Sen thought, so he decided to reply to the message. "h.e.l.lo. How are you? I think you sent this to the wrong person."

If the person really did send it to an incorrect address, it would be easy for them to learn who the recipient was. It would be impossible for Han Sen to hide or deny the fact he had received the message, so there was no point in lying.

"No. I was correct," the person quickly replied.

Han Sen was surprised. He frowned and sent another message. "You know who I am?"

"Han Sen." The person on the other end sent those two measly words.

"Who are you? Why are you providing me with this hyper geno art?" Han Sen was intrigued, and so he responded with haste.

"You deserve it. If there is anything you do not understand during its training, feel free to message me." It wasn't the answer Han Sen wanted, but at least the person on the other end was now typing complete, lengthy sentences.

Han Sen sent another message, but he received no response.

"What does a 'bright day' mean?" Han Sen read the hyper geno art, selected the two words and messaged the person on the other end.

To this, the person on the other end instantly replied and explained its meaning.

"Who are you?" Han Sen asked again, but like before, this question went unanswered. It was fairly obvious by now that this person was only willing to talk about the hyper geno art. Anything else was met with silence.

But Han Sen himself now went quiet. The hyper geno art appeared strange, and it was delivered by a person who seemed quite fishy. Anyone would have exercised caution if they were in Han Sen's boots right then.

Han Sen looked over the hyper geno art quite a few times and came to understand that it was indeed quite a powerful skill. The details were very well-explained, so it didn't seem possible for it to be a knock-off. Han Sen believed it to be the real deal.

If he successfully learnt this hyper geno art, it might be what was needed for the little angel to wipe out the little fairy. The only problem was the way in which it had been delivered. It came into his possession quite strangely, and Han Sen wasn't sure why anyone would be willing to send him such a special hyper geno art w.i.l.l.y-nilly. Han Sen wondered what the person sought to achieve, by giving it to him.

At this time, on another planet, a middle-aged man had a cruel expression on his face. He sat inside a pavilion, drinking tea. All the while, he watched fish swim about in a pond.

In the center of the pavilion was a stone table, and sitting near it was a beautiful woman. She was engaged with a laptop. She put it down and said with a smile, "Do you think that guy will go ahead and learn it?"

"He has to." The man did not move his head or avert his gaze from the fish.

"What if he doesn't?" The beautiful woman asked, with some excitement over the entire affair.

"He will. He may not be Luo in name, but he still shares our blood. He is carrying our genes and so, he will learn it," the man explained, without lifting his head. His voice was calm and composed, and it oozed confidence.

"But his body's blood isn't solely from the Luo family." The beautiful woman squinted her eyes and continued by saying, "Lady Lan has been gone for many years. She tried everything she could to get away from us. Why bother them now?"

"This is the fate of the Luo family; it is not something we can escape." The man's eyes looked strange.

"If, I was just saying 'if,' he did not learn it." The woman increased her tone of voice deliberately.

The man now slowly turned around. He stared at the woman for a while and then said, "He will learn it. No ifs, no buts. If he does not learn it, then that means he is not one of ours."

The beautiful woman was silenced and she did not say anything else. She maintained the silence between them in the pavilion, and simply listened to the gentle wind that caressed them both.

On Planet Roca, Luo Sulan placed her hands on her cheeks and daydreamed in front of her desk. She sighed and thought, "I can only suppose they are aware of Han Sen's existence by now. The Falsified-Sky Sutra is in Han Sen's hands by now, most probably. Can he resist the temptation of its learning? It is difficult to say."

Inside the base headquarters, Han Sen turned his communicator off and stopped reading the hyper geno art.

The Falsified-Sky Sutra was not enough to draw Han Sen in yet, as Dongxuan Sutra was not inferior to it. The skill was presented to him out of nowhere, and he was still not sure who had given it to him and for what purpose. He wasn't quite willing to accept a skill he had no prior knowledge about.

And he still had Blood-Pulse to learn in the near future, too. That wasn't any worse than the Falsified-Sky Sutra, either.

This was one aspect of his personality that Luo Sulan made sure to train into Han Sen as he grew up. There were some self-serving modifications, however.

Luo Sulan formulated a base for Han Sen's personality, and it was only after he had been living in the shelter that it started to complete. It even had his own style.

Even Luo Sulan thought Han Sen could not resist the temptation of learning the skill. But what neither she nor the mysterious figures knew, was that Han Sen had the Dongxuan Sutra. He was far more powerful than they both believed him to be, and as such, the Falsified-Sky Sutra meant little to him.

Han Sen logged into the Skynet and entered the Saint Hall community. He purchased the skill "Sonic-Thunder Punch." He had finally come up with a way to kill the fairy.