Super Gene - Chapter 757: Battling a Fairy

Chapter 757: Battling a Fairy

Chapter 757: Battling a Fairy

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In the middle of the Black Desert, Han Sen and the little angel walked. They were a good distance away from the shelter, since Han Sen wanted to use a beast soul a.s.sociated with Coin. As such, he didn't want Zhou Yumei to see.

Han Sen ran across the desert sands, all the while observing the regions he paced through.

The fairy popped out of the black sands, and with a maddened stare towards Han Sen, let out a fierce gust of icy air.

Han Sen ignored her sudden appearance and continued his run. The little angel swiftly came to Han Sen's back and cut off the fairy's advance.

The little angel garnered the fairy's attention well enough for it to go after her, and in this way, the fairy was led countless miles until the Yellowstone City was out of sight. Han Sen summoned all manner of beast souls and armored up in preparation for a fight against the fairy.

Under the protection provided by the ant king's armor and the Devil Unicorn's elemental shroud, at least Han Sen couldn't be one-shotted by his fluttering nemesis. He also had Jadeskin prepared, revved up and ready to withstand any ice powers that broke through his defenses.

For the actual fight, however, little angel would be Han Sen's greatest weapon. Han Sen's combat contributions would be secondary, as his attacks did little to the fairy individually; but he at least hoped that together they would be greater than the sum of their parts. He didn't want to use the Sonic-Thunder Punch yet, but he was able to incite the fairy's fury well-enough without it for now. His pestering jabs gave the fairy a rabid l.u.s.t for Han Sen's blood.

Turning to him, the fairy unleashed its ice powers, and so Han Sen retreated for the moment. He evaded her attacks and called for the little angel to resume its kiting.

After doing this a few times, the hara.s.sment of Han Sen's petty strikes and subsequent evasions got on the fairy's nerves. More than ever, it desired nothing more than to hack Han Sen into pieces.

The fairy took advantage of her next opportunity to dodge the little angel's attack and buzzed right past her. Like a wild, icy shadow, she quickly gained on Han Sen.

But this did not come as a surprise to him; rather, this pleased Han Sen. His eyes flashed as he cast his Dongxuan Sutra. Half of his body gleamed like silver lightning, while the other half chimed ominously like an ancient bell. The moment the fairy appeared in front of Han Sen, his fist blurred towards her.

The silver lightning and the bell sounds came as one. His fist was like a silver sun, shooting towards the fairy.


The fairy's face convulsed into an expression of hatred, and in response she threw her own fist to greet the incoming star. As they collided, streaks of silver lightning and cones of exhausted frosty air consumed the environment with the noise of a deafening explosion.

The silver lightning could not hurt the fairy, but the bell's sound threw the fairy for a loop. She began twirling around at the mercy of a violent seizure, seemingly dazed out of her ordinary consciousness.

The force that was birthed by the collision of fists sent Han Sen careening across the desert dunes, a one hundred meter skid mark unfurling behind him. Blood flew out of his heaving mouth.

The little angel dashed forward to slice the fairy while its energy was disturbed. Her hefty blow finally drew blood, forming a nasty gash.


The fairy was launched into the black sand like a bullet, and it let out a screech of agony.

"Finish her!" Han Sen commanded the little angel, as he quickly made his own exhausted retreat.

After his strike, his body was weak. It would take him a long time to recover and become battle-ready again. If the little fairy found its wings and resumed its chase, he feared he'd be killed in no time at all.

But there was no need for the verbal command, because the little angel was already raising her greatsword once more. She drove it down into the sandy cleft the fairy's body had created as it crashed.

Like a geyser, ice burst forth from the sandy crevice. Inside the pit, the fairy was down on its knees. With excruciating effort, it lifted one hand to block the greatsword.

The little angel's eyes flashed, and she brought the greatsword down once more. The fairy was drained of her prior power, and now the sword managed to pierce through her hand and draw blood.

The fairy's body collapsed into the sand, the blood from the wound on its back oozing out at a dangerous speed. She was not done for yet, however. She let out another screech and, as if it instilled her with renewed vigor, amplified the power of her icy fortification. She stood up straight as a frightening, frosty air froze the greatsword that sought to end her. Within two seconds, the ice had consumed the entire blade.

The little angel was afraid to get hurt, so she let go of the greatsword and took a step back.

The fairy used this moment to escape her sandy coffin and race towards Han Sen. Her frosty air swirled around her, and although she was heavily wounded, her demise did not matter if she could bring Han Sen down with her.

"Holy smokes! It was the little angel that injured you. What are you coming after me for?" Han Sen's heart had been dropped into a vat of quicksand, recalling how he had actually only managed to hurt the fairy once. For the entire time she had hounded him, he had no idea what drove her desire for vengeance, or why she despised him so much.

Han Sen boosted his powers a little, so he could throw his frail body out of the way and dodge her incoming attack. The fairy looked as if she was ready to keel over and succ.u.mb to her wounds; whatever happened next, it would be her final stand.

Han Sen could not risk coming into contact with any attack the fairy made now. With his body in such a weakened condition, he'd sustain grievous damage if he allowed her attacks to touch him.

The fairy's final strike was stronger than anything that had come before. If it was unleashed against the little angel, she would have been able to dodge with no problem. But in Han Sen's current state, there was nothing he could do.

The little angel was trying to catch up to the fairy, but it was too late. Knowing it would be impossible for him to attempt an evasion, Han Sen summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and held it to his chest right as the fairy's fist was coming at him.


An icy tornado was summoned, and it quickly smothered the flames of the rex spike. A brutal force was driven into his rex spike, which in turn got pushed into Han Sen's chest. Han Sen's black smoke was doused and his armor shattered. He was sent flying.

While Han Sen was in the air, his entire body and rex spike were consumed by a wailing tornado. He became an ice cube, and when he fell back down to the ground, he was like an iceberg in the sea of sand.

The little angel caught up from behind, swung her greatsword, and whacked the fairy down into the black sand. Blood now gushed from her exposed wounds.

The fairy had reached the end of its tether, and it would soon die. It had no hope of competing against the little angel anymore. It was drained of strength and its body was covered in exposed wounds that gushed blood.

The little angel's eyes flashed, and she waved her white wings. But as she flew towards the fairy, a firework of frost and ice rocketed into the air and exploded. The dazzling display brought with it an abundance of snowflakes.

But within the snowfall, a small shadow fluttered out of the haze with great speed.

The fairy wasn't dead, but like a shadow, it took off in the direction of the bamboo forest.


Han Sen cleaved his way through the ice that encased him. His chest was all b.l.o.o.d.y and cut; even his ribcage was exposed.

"Kill her!" Han Sen was now infuriated, and he did not care for the wound on his chest. He summoned his wings to give the fairy chase and vowed to the heavens above that he'd kill her.