Super Gene - Chapter 752: How About a Baby?

Chapter 752: How About a Baby?

Chapter 752: How About a Baby?

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Han Sen never expected things to turn out so well; it was quite the surprise.

When he returned, he contacted his mother. He hoped that she could rendezvous for a meet and greet with the Ji family.

Luo Sulan did not object, and so Han Sen quickly brought her to meet the Ji family.

Han Sen thought it would just be a discussion about an engagement, and all it would require was the simple forming of an acquaintance between the parents of the engaged couple. When he actually arrived, with his mother, he was surprised to see it wasn't only Mister and Missus Ji there to greet them, but Ji Yanran's aunts and uncles, as well.

"Missus Han, our Ji family have many rules. I hope you do not take offense at them," Missus Ji explained politely, but her tone was stuffy and oozed arrogance.

"I know. Security is a high concern when dealing with the marriage of a daughter. I have a daughter, too. I understand how you feel," Luo Sulan smiled and said.

"Please take a seat, Missus Han." Ji Ruozhen looked at Luo Sulan with sudden surprise.

The Han's family background was something they knew all about. But Luo Sulan's temperament and mannerisms were different than what they expected from a housewife.

As they discussed the details of the engagement, Luo Sulan seemed quite understanding and appeared very polite towards the Ji family. Her manners were excellent.

Han Sen didn't think it was anything surprising. From what he could recall, Luo Sulan had always been an elegant woman.

When Han Sen was a kid, his mother was like a fairy to him. She always protected him. But after his father's accident, his mother's life was forced to change.

Seeing his mom like this took Han Sen back to his childhood for a bit.

In this event, however, Han Sen was a youngster; he had no place to interrupt and speak. Quietly, all he did was stand behind his mother and watch the conversation unfold.

Ji Yanran was the same, standing beside her parents. She too just listened in on the conversation, without saying a word of her own volition. She would only speak when spoken to.

Things were going very well, and Luo Sulan did not ask for much of anything. The Ji family all agreed she was a nice person and believed her to be a well-educated housewife.

"Missus Han, after they both get married, I would like them both to become part of the Ji family. I believe it would be easier for us to take care of them, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter." Missus Ji posed the question.

Han Sen did not have a notable background, but if Grandfather Ji thought he had a promising future, they thought it best nurtured within the Ji family. Through their influence, he could gain far more and his change of family name would reflect better on Yanran.

Missus Ji also wanted to see her daughter, whenever she could. Therefore, this matter was a serious issue of discussion for her.

This was a desire of Grandfather Ji, too. The Ji family would allow the marriage, but only on the condition that Han Sen joined their family.

"I am sorry, Missus Ji. I only have one son, and I was hoping he could be by my side when I grow old," Luo Sulan responded. Coldly, she continued to say, "He is still a man of Han. A man should make his own family, don't you agree?"

Missus Ji's face changed at those words. One of Ji Yanran's aunts chimed in to say, "Missus Han, please reconsider your position on this. You are indeed correct in saying a man should create his own family. But one man's power is limited. If, in the future, he became Ruozhen's son-in-law, that would make him the son-of-law of the president. If he did something inappropriate, it would shame our family."

"Yes, Missus Han. What year is this? Our Ji family is willing to help Han Sen, for with our power, he can become someone grand. He will make you prouder than you can imagine," another middle-aged woman joined in to speak.

Missus Ji then rejoined the talk, saying, "Missus Han, if Han Sen marries our daughter, he will be half my son. The Ji family will help him forge a legacy of his own and commit to fine, broad deeds. Isn't that what you desire?"

"I don't have many expectations. I only want him to be with me. Carrying on the Han family legacy is more than enough for me," Luo Sulan replied to the criticizers.

"Missus Han, this is not right. How can you not share concern for your son's future? Do you know what he will receive when he joins us? What he will achieve and where he will go? Aren't you selfish for not allowing him to join our family?" Missus Ji's tone was infected with undertones of anger now.

Han Sen could not hold his tongue any longer. He could take all the pressure, if he was the one under the microscope, but he couldn't stand for his mother to be bullied anymore.

Just as Han Sen was about to move, Luo Sulan's left hand stopped him. Although Luo Sulan did not turn to look, she held onto him really hard and prevented him from doing that which he wanted to.

Ji Yanran quickly tugged at her mom's sleeves, as well. She wanted her to stop pus.h.i.+ng with her dialogue.

But Missus Ji was in no mood to stop her criticism, and she proceeded to say, "Missus Han, the Ji family is large and rich. My husband, Ji Ruozhen, is the president of the Alliance. Do you really think I will allow my daughter to sink through the mud to be with you?"

"When you get married, the woman tends to follow her husband. Yanran is a fine child, and I'm sure she will be just fine," Luo Sulan calmly responded.

Just as Missus Ji was getting mad, prepared to say something else, a voice of someone annoyed came from further back, behind a screen.

"A housewife's opinion is one that allows their man to do everything. You are destroying his future." The voice was calm, but it was one that was drenched in intimidation. After the man spoke, everyone on the Ji's side quieted down.

"What can the Ji family provide him?" Luo Sulan, as composed as ever, looked to the screen and spoke.

"A reputation within the Alliance. One that will earn him the world." These words were spoken by Grandfather Ji. They were commanding words, and they were spoken with power.

"If that is the future, then I'd rather he stayed at home raising babies," Luo Sulan coldly scoffed in reb.u.t.tal. She was not spooked by the man that was now addressing her.

The Ji family's face looked strange, as what she said seemed so lame.

"You woman! You really don't know your place. I am being nice to your son, and you suggest he raise babies. What is it that you think men should do?" Grandfather Ji was furious. He stepped beyond the screen to see the woman that defied him, wanting to destroy her son's future.

The people of the Ji family were shocked, witnessing Grandfather Ji reveal himself. He looked mad, and not a single other person was willing to speak while he did so or try and usher calmness into him.

"Grandpa!" All apart from Ji Yanran, that was. She ran forward and tried to stop her grandfather's advance.

Grandfather Ji coldly said, "Do not worry. I am not planning to do anything; I just want to see who this disrespectful woman is."

As he talked, he walked in the direction of Luo Sulan. He took a look as he went, and his face entirely changed when he saw her.

He then quickly ran directly in front of her, which shocked the Ji family audience. They believed his wrath had been incited so much, he was running forward to do something.

But this was not so. Grandfather Ji looked nervous, and he reached out his hand to her. He wanted to grab her, but he pulled back as his body s.h.i.+vered.

"Lady Lan! You are Lady Lan? Do you not remember the Ji's third brother?" Grandfather Ji's vocal chords were trembling. His knees went soft, and he knelt in front of her with tears rolling down his cheeks.