Super Gene - Chapter 753: Godslayer Luo

Chapter 753: Godslayer Luo

Chapter 753: G.o.dslayer Luo

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Everyone was still. The entire living room was silent and dead; you could hear a pin drop.

The Ji family was very n.o.ble and very religious. Grandfather Ji possessed the highest authority and governance. No one could quite believe they were watching this revered figure kneel in tears before Han Sen's mother. And despite her defiance, he called her "lady."

Even Han Sen was petrified. He did not expect the head of the Ji family would cry in front of his mother like a child.

"Who are you?" Luo Sulan looked a little worried, with the man in front of her. She reached out her hand and tried to raise him up. Her lips lifted a little when she spoke, which indicated to Han Sen that she was lying, and she did in fact know who he was.

"Lady Lan, I am Ji Yanwu. I am the third brother. Thirty-four years ago, I was fortunate to encounter you in the Sky-Water Pavilion. You were only eleven years old, and you were beside Mister Haitang. If you weren't wearing the Saint Heart Haitang brooch right now, I would have almost been disrespectful to you. Please forgive me." Grandfather Ji still would not stand up.

"Ah, it's third uncle Ji! Get up! I can't accept such reverence towards me. I apologize for not recognizing you, for back then you were still a young man with black hair. I cannot believe, in the advent of all these years, I am now a middle-aged woman. Furthermore, time has robbed your hair of its color." Luo Sulan helped raise Grandfather Ji up.

Grandfather Ji, back on his two feet, excitedly asked, "Lady Lan, how is Mister Haitang doing?"

"Grandpa's body is still healthy, but he is getting old and does not go out much." Luo Sulan smiled faintly as she spoke.

Seeing Grandfather Ji chat-up Luo Sulan bewildered the Ji family, and they suddenly did not understand what was going on. Even Han Sen was puzzled; his mouth was wide open in awe.

"Why does my mother's family suddenly seem so powerful? Do I actually hail from a rich family? No way! If I was, why would I grow up in such poverty? Numerous times, we almost lost our home." Han Sen's heart was now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with countless questions.

"Is this kid your son?" Grandfather Ji looked at Han Sen with exuberantly kind eyes. He looked at him more brightly than he did his own sons.

"Yes; this is my son. His name is Han Sen." Luo Sulan smiled and gave Han Sen another introduction.

"It is no wonder he is your son. He is such a smart kid, and he has achieved so much at his relatively young age. His future is bound to be one of greatness, and it is of magnificent fortune that Ji Yanran is to marry him." Grandfather Ji complimented Han Sen as if he was the smartest person in the universe.

"Father, who is this?" Ji Ruozhen could no longer stay silent. He wanted to get a better understanding of the family his daughter was marrying into.

It wasn't just Ji Ruozhen who wanted an explanation; it was everyone who was present. They all stared at Han Sen and his mother in perplexity, as what had just happened in the past few minutes was too difficult to believe. Now, they really wanted to know who Han Sen's mother was to make Grandfather Ji behave like that.

"Ruozhen, we are to become a family with Lady Lan. You should all be nice to each other." Grandfather Ji looked utterly delighted, and he continued on by saying, "We are so lucky!"

"Father, who is Mister Haitang?" Ji Ruozhen knew his father well, and his behavior wouldn't be so ebullient if this was just anyone. To incite such a reaction, the person he was referring to would have to be someone of legendary or mythical status.

Grandfather Ji's eyes seemed complicated now, as if they were peering off into his own distant past. It was like he was on a blissful reverie, taking a trip down the lane of his memories. "His name may not be one to spark the imagination, but you know who he is. He has long protected this family. Solo, he reached the Fourth Shelter and even claimed a shelter for himself in a realm of demiG.o.ds."

"G.o.dslayer Luo?" Ji Ruozhen's face suddenly changed. Before he could say anything more, screams were already erupting from various corners of the Ji audience. Everyone looked at Han Sen and his mother with tremendous shock.

The fourth shelter was not a place for ordinary humans. DemiG.o.d elites could only scratch an existence for themselves there. In the fourth shelter, throughout history, humans had only managed to claim ten shelters for themselves. DemiG.o.d cla.s.s humans only used such places as safehouses, so they could remain alive.

Nine human demiG.o.d shelters were the fruits of a cooperative effort between many different factions of the Alliance. But one of these shelters was claimed solo, by a human demiG.o.d. He fought for it for four days and four nights. This person was an enigma, and most people only knew his surname. He preferred to go solo, and he loved nothing more than slaying beings that were greater than him. Over time, this earned him the t.i.tle "G.o.dslayer Luo."

Although G.o.dslayer Luo was a violent person with a strange personality, he was a protector. And those who swore their allegiance to him would receive his guardians.h.i.+p.

"Back in the day, we went out on a hunt. We went to take out a royal shelter in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary, me with a few uncles. We were victorious, but only for a brief while. Our claim was staked in that place for ten days before the most wretched thing happened. A beast descended from the skies and laid waste to our new home. It overwhelmed the forces of our shelter, and so foul was this creature, it didn't seem likely our combined might could slay or even stay its attack. Me and two thousand family members looked likely to be killed by that thing, but that was when Mister Haitang appeared. He came alone and with a single strike, he lopped the head of that monster clean off. The Ji family was saved. Without Mister Haitang, there would be no Ji family. I wouldn't be alive right now, if it wasn't for that man."

Grandfather Ji looked upon the faces of his family and said, "Mister Haitang saved our family. If someone here does not treat Lady Lan with the respect she deserves, they will be subject to family discipline."

Ji Ruozhen and everyone else quickly agreed, but in their hearts, they thought, "Weren't you the one that came forward, seething with rage at first?"

Han Sen felt like he was dreaming. Ten minutes ago, the Ji family was bullying his mother. Now, they were all praising her.

Seeing his mom suddenly surrounded by people who looked on her like a G.o.ddess, he didn't think what he was seeing was real.

"Is my mother really the child of G.o.dslayer Luo?" Han Sen's head was stuffed with questions.

The discussions regarding the engagement resumed, and they seemed to go well. Grandfather Ji stood to the side, listening intently. In the end, Luo Sulan had the final say on everything. The Ji family didn't object to a single desire of hers.

She was given an invitation to stay over, by Grandfather Ji, but she turned the offer down. So, later, Han Sen and his mother left the Ji family household together. Grandfather Ji made sure all the family members bid them a fond farewell as they entered their s.h.i.+p.

"Mom, you have been hiding a lot from me." Now, when it was just the two of them, Han Sen started his interrogation.

Luo Sulan simply smiled in response, saying, "What did I hide from you?"

"You never told me that my grandfather was G.o.dslayer Luo." Han Sen was eager to know more.

"I didn't hide it; I guess I just never spoke about it. If you wanted to know, I would have told you." Luo Sulan blinked.

Han Sen did not know what to say in response. After a few moments of silence, he had a question he wanted to ask. "If your family is that powerful, how can we be bullied by our second uncles and aunts?"