Super Gene - Chapter 751: Meet the Parents

Chapter 751: Meet the Parents

Chapter 751: Meet the Parents

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Han Sen thought his brain had fried, or that something must have possessed him to make him say what he had.

He had prepared a very touching speech, but somehow, his head just said those words for no reason.

"I blame that beautiful night," Han Sen sighed.

Ji Yanran was fuming mad, and she shouted at him with a blistering rage. Still, she was yet to give her answer. She had not said yes or no. Fortunately for him, when he saw her the next day, the ring was still on her finger.

"Yanran, you said our grandfather wants to meet with me. When should I go and see him?" Han Sen said, as he inched closer to her with a smile on his face.

"You have no shame. It's still my grandfather," Ji Yanran said, with a touch of shyness coating her words.

"It's all the same. Anyway, when should we go?" Han Sen asked.

"We'll go and see him in a couple of days, when I'm free. But whatever you do, don't talk your average bullsh*t nonsense when you're with him. He's a traditional, serious man. He respects others who are serious, just like him. Therefore, don't be yourself." Ji Yanran accompanied her words with a threatening face.

Han Sen's face turned red. He promised and said, "Don't worry. I must have been sick last night. I don't usually say things like that."

"Therefore, you still owe me a true proposal," Ji Yanran said on the doorstep. Then, she spun around and took her leave.

Han Sen sighed. In his heart, he thought, "I was sincere yesterday."

He wouldn't say that to Ji Yanran, but as she left, he shouted, "Then give me back the ring; how else can I repeat it!?"

"Get another one." Ji Yanran did not turn around but lifted her arm for a backward wave. The ring fitted her finger perfectly.

Although it was expensive, it was extremely pretty.

"It was made by Ekado. It's s.h.i.+ny jewelry and was worth a hundred million." Han Sen's heart went under. It wasn't the money he was sad about, but whether or not he could find a ring that looked as good.

"Can I actually get two engagement rings?" Han Sen questioned.

Before Han Sen could find another ring, Ji Yanran brought Han Sen to the Ji family house.

It was a planet full of azure seas and still lakes. Forestry was in abundance, and mountain ranges coursed the continents like white threads. The air was clean and the environment was unspoiled. It was more than suitable for humans to live in.

On this planet, there existed only one building, however. This building was made of wood, constructed so that it would blend in with the natural environment.

Han Sen had no architectural knowledge, but Ji Yanran said the entire planet belonged to the Ji family. This house was where her grandfather lived. It was like an entire, exclusive planet had been reserved for her grandfather. Without permission, even other members of the Ji family would not dare to visit.

Han Sen knew how rich the Ji family was. Without the wealth they had, it would've been impossible for Ji Ruozhen to become president.

As he stood in the middle of a pavilion, he breathed in the raw, virgin air that pa.s.sed through the pines up high and the gra.s.s down low. It was incredibly refres.h.i.+ng, and the nature-scented atmosphere could not compete with any man-made air.

"Miss Yanran, the master has requested that he meet with Han Sen alone." Outside the yard, Ji Yanran was stopped.

"Han Sen, you must be polite to grandfather," Ji Yanran nervously reminded Han Sen.

"Don't worry." Han Sen comforted Ji Yanran and followed the butler into the yard.

Han Sen thought he'd see the house upon entering the yard, but instead he saw a lake. Its surface was like a mirror, with a pavilion at its center. They looked like one.

The only way to go to the pavilion was across a bridge, and as he trod across it, he felt as if he was walking into a sublime painting.

"It looks like this grandfather is an elegant man; quite unlike me, it would seem." Although he thought the place was beautiful, Han Sen would not desire to live there. Technology and metropolitan locales suited him far more.

"Sir, Mister Han is here." The butler led Han Sen to the pavilion and politely spoke.

"Greetings, Grandpa." Han Sen walked up and bowed, speaking with a soft tone of politeness. As he did so, he checked out the demiG.o.d legend.

Ji Yanwu was the center of the Ji family. He was a demiG.o.d elite, and quite famous in the Alliance. The Ji family's reputation in today's age was owed to this man.

He was so well-respected, even Ji Ruozhen would not speak of him in vain. He was a remarkable and important figure in the Ji family.

He did look different than what Han Sen had envisioned, however. He was a down-to-earth old man. His beard was white, but it was well-kept and clearly groomed. He didn't use technology to dye his hair black, and you could even see the wrinkles on his skin.

He looked very serious, though. His eyes stopped on Han Sen, but his emotions and thoughts were impossible to guess. That being said, there was nothing sn.o.bbish to feel, when being in his presence. All that you felt while being in his presence, was the need to revere him. You would feel compelled to listen to everything he said.

"Sit down." Grandfather Ji pointed at the cus.h.i.+on in front of him. He spoke with a calm voice.

Han Sen was awash with relief, not hearing him comment on his calling him "grandpa." Han Sen was feeling more confident about things, and so he sat where he was bid to.

"Are you ready to marry Yanran?"

Han Sen had only just sat down, but such a question had already been asked. It came as quite the shock. Grandfather Ji looked at Han Sen, and his clear eyes looked as if they could read a person's mind. It made Han Sen feel as if he was naked in public, which made him a little nervous.

"Yes, Grandpa. I am going to marry her, and I have come here to request your permission to do so," Han Sen said, all without hesitation.

Grandfather Ji looked at Han Sen, and then put away his scanner-like gaze. Then he said shortly, "That is good. You are both still in service of the army. There is no rush to get married. Pick a date and bring your mother to Ruozhen so you may discuss the event."

Han Sen thought he'd have to say and do a lot more than that, but already, the talk had come to an end. He hardly spoke at all and already, Grandfather Ji had bid that he return and make the appropriate preparations at once. He felt as if he had wasted his time earlier, thinking of all the ways he might approach and explain stuff to the man.

After Han Sen was led out by the butler, a man and woman approached from behind. It was Ji Ruozhen and his wife.

"Father, what do you think about this kid?" Ji Ruozhen asked.

Although Ji Yanran was their daughter, they would still listen to the opinion of Grandfather Ji.

"He is powerful. He is composed. In time, he can indeed become something," Grandfather Ji said.

Missus Ji sighed and said, "It is a shame he does not hail from a bigger family."

Although Han Sen could get everything he wanted in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, amidst the the rich families in the Alliance, his influence was limited. He was just a young, smart guy—one without prior wealth.

"It is fine to be without a remarkable background. He will be given one, following his joining of our family," Grandfather Ji said.