Super Gene - Chapter 750: Proposal

Chapter 750: Proposal

Chapter 750: Proposal

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Proposing was not something that came easy to Han Sen. Killing a super creature was easier for him, because he at least had some experience with that, as opposed to marital duties and responsibilities.

"Proposal." Han Sen searched the word on the Skynet, and the term generated billions of results.

All these different methods of doing so made him go cross-eyed. There were so many different ways, all great and romantic in their own way; but the sheer amount made it impossible for him to decide.

For a time, anyway. Soon, he found one that suited him just fine. He ordered a ring, and while he waited for it to be delivered, he got around to formulating his plan.

The next day, Han Sen visited Ji Yanran's office. "Baby, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? It's my treat; I'll cook," he asked, while blinking his eyes.

"Sure!" Ji Yanran answered, while she worked. She didn't know her true desire had been sold out by Annie, so she didn't suspect anything too strange.

Han Sen used to have dinner with her frequently. Having dinner in the base's cafeteria was hardly private and romantic, so they often went to their own rooms. As such, they had dinner in their rooms together a lot.

"Come sooner; I will be waiting for you," Han Sen said, having heard her reply. He then went back to his room and put his plan in motion.

Han Sen's plan was simple. He was going to bake a few cakes and put the ring in one of them. When Ji Yanran found the ring in the cake, he could propose to her.

It was a simple but charming method. He was still in the base, after all, and he didn't want to cause a big fuss or scene.

He prepared the kitchen table in the evening, and just as he was putting in his final touches, she arrived. As usual, she waited on the couch until Han Sen finished making dinner.

"I have baked a few cakes; you should try them." Han Sen brought forward a few cakes that had already been made. To enhance their appearance, Han Sen had shaped them with unique molds.

The cakes were shapes like animals, flowers, and hearts. He brought the cakes in front of Ji Yanran, with the ring hidden in the heart one.

On the tray he presented her, Han Sen had nudged the heart cake closest to her. He thought it would be easier for her to reach.

"This is so cute! I never thought you could make something like this," Ji Yanran said to him with an upbeat tone, as she picked up the rabbit-shaped cake with a happy face.

"There are many things I can do and make that you are not yet aware of. You will know of these in the future, I am sure." Han Sen didn't mind her incorrect choice. He knew she enjoyed her desserts, and because of their relatively small size, he knew Ji Yanran would end up eating a few more.

"It's pretty good." Ji Yanran licked her fingers after eating the cake, showing that she really enjoyed it. Then, she reached her hand out and selected another cake.

"This turtle looks so cute, as well!" Ji Yanran picked her second cake, and it wasn't the heart again.

"Yes, it is," Han Sen agreed, as the joy and antic.i.p.ation in his heart fell back a notch.

"What are you standing around watching me for? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen, finis.h.i.+ng off dinner?" Ji Yanran gave Han Sen a strange look.

"I'm waiting for you to review each of my cakes." Han Sen softly smiled.

"They are sweet and soft; you should make a few more in the future," Ji Yanran said, after having a bite.

"And?" Han Sen asked.

"That's it. Now go make dinner. Once we're done, I still need to go back to work," Ji Yanran said, with a tone that suggested a bit of hurry.

Han Sen did not want to spoil the hidden ring, since he wanted it to be a surprise. Quietly, he returned to the kitchen with disappointment in his heart. To himself, he said, "I really am inexperienced. Why would I create so many cakes for her? I should have only made two!"

It was too late for him to regret it right now, however. Standing in the kitchen, he activated his gene lock to watch Ji Yanran. If she discovered the ring, he could run over there at once and pop the question.

After eating the second cake, Ji Yanran reached for another one. As was stated previously, she really did love desserts—even if they didn't follow dinner. The cakes only took two bites to finish, too. And it was easy for people to eat a few at a time, especially her.

But this time, Ji Yanran did not pick one of her own choice. She had started reading a book, and she let her hand reach out for one.

"Heart... heart... heart... get the heart... no!" Han Sen prayed harder than he ever had, as sweat dripped from his forehead in antic.i.p.ation. He tried willing her to go for the heart, but she ended up selecting the flower.

When Ji Yanran finished that cake, her hungry hands slithered around the tray for more. He clenched his fist, foregoing a desire to pray. This time, he wanted to truly bend the will of her mind to his own.

But Ji Yanran did not choose the heart again.


Han Sen punched the sink as his heart started to tear in two. He thought, "The odds are all wrong. How can she not have chosen it yet?"

"What are you doing in there?" Ji Yanran asked, after hearing a noise.

"Nothing. Continue to eat, my love!" After covering his slip of the fist, he was doubtful that things were going to turn out the way he envisioned. There were eight cakes in total, and if she didn't choose the right one soon, she'd be full before she could try them all.

Han Sen wanted to slap himself silly. He questioned the decision that led to him making eight.

"I need to learn from my mistakes and do better next time." Han Sen changed his mind, opting to not do a proposal next time. If this happened again, things could only get worse.

Han Sen was so nervous in the kitchen, watching Ji Yanran finis.h.i.+ng her current cake. He had yet to come up with a solution.

After she gobbled it up, Han Sen suddenly thought of a way. He quickly ran out and picked up the heart cake in front of her.

Han Sen had no other choice. This was what he had to do.

"I can't! I'm so full! If I eat any more, I won't be able to fit in my dinner!" Ji Yanran pleaded, as she rubbed her tummy.

Han Sen felt doomed hearing this. His entire body froze stiff in front of her.

"Please. Eat another one." Han Sen brought the heart cake in front of her mouth and told her, with a pitiable look.

Ji Yanran, seeing Han Sen's face, would have felt bad rejecting it. She accepted the heart cake and had a tiny nibble.

"Eat it! Eat it!" Han Sen's heart was calling to the high-heavens. He stared at her lips like he had a fever. The moment her teeth discovered the ring, he would drop down on his knees and propose.

Ji Yanran really had eaten too much, though. And all she had was a rabbit-like nibble. She gnawed at the cake slowly, and it looked like it would take a while for her to reach the ring.

Han Sen was growing impatient, and so he gulped his saliva.

Ji Yanran noticed Han Sen's intense stare at her lips, and even the little swallows she made. Her face went red, thinking he was hungry himself. Not for food, but for s.e.x. It had been a long time since they last did it, after all.

She had been busily working in recent times, and not spent much time with Han Sen. Suddenly, Ji Yanran grabbed Han Sen by the neck and started kissing him.

Han Sen was frozen, unsure what was going on. Seeing that the ring was close to being discovered, and having the situation suddenly turn to this was confusing.

But Ji Yanran was on fire. Her hands wriggled their way into his pants and grabbed his rex spike.

"Mmm..." It had been so long since Han Sen touched a woman. He wanted to push Ji Yanran away so she could finish the proposal, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Quickly, they both rolled onto the couch together.

It was like a hurricane, or a strong tide. When things calmed down, Han Sen was holding Ji Yanran's body as they lay together on the couch. Ji Yanran was lying down atop Han Sen's naked body, with sweat running down her body. She was like a lazy cat, not wanting to move.

Han Sen's mind finally returned to the heart cake. He grabbed it and took the ring out of it.

Ji Yanran saw Han Sen take the ring out of the cake and looked at him in disbelief, with wide-open eyes. She wasn't sure what expression she was supposed to have, but all she could display was a mixture of overwhelming joy and utter speechless shock.

His plan had been ruined, so Han Sen just took the ring and placed it on her finger. Loudly, he proclaimed, "Ji Yanran, marry me! I want to have s.e.x with you for the rest of my life."

Pang! Ouch!

Ji Yanran was so mad, she kicked Han Sen off the couch. The fall almost broke his b.u.t.tocks.

"You go to h.e.l.l!"