Super Gene - Chapter 749: Relics

Chapter 749: Relics

Chapter 749: Relics

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The leather text Han Sen was reading said that the initiation of Blood-Pulse practice required a Blood-Pulse relic. If you obtained one, only then could you truly begin to learn the skill. Attempting to learn it before getting one of these relics would be a waste of time.

Han Sen searched for more and more information concerning the Blood-Legion and found a few topics pertaining to Blood-Legion relics. Unfortunately, no one else knew what they were, either. The only information that was available stated that the Blood-Legion relics were gifts given to humans by Blood-G.o.ds. They were typically handed down through the generations by ardent family followers of the Blood-Legion. Outsiders were never privy to them, and not even low-level members of the cult could see them. They were reserved for high-ranking members of the Blood-Legion only.

Although Han Sen would have loved to give his future child a leg-up, he had no idea where he might find a relic of his own. And being entirely truthful with himself, he was unsure whether or not this requirement that was stated on the leather parchment was true. He didn't think it was very credible.

After showering, Han Sen fancied having some food. Before departing, however, he heard a knock on his door. It was Ji Yanran.

"My Captain, how have you found the time to visit me in my little cottage?" Han Sen jested, smiling.

Ji Yanran looked strange on this day, though. And it didn't seem as if she was in the mood to play along with Han Sen's jokes. She eyed him weirdly, and it was as if she wanted to tell him something, but for some reason, a phantom force held her tongue.

"Yanran, what has happened?" Han Sen rarely saw Ji Yanran in such a condition, and this worried him. He immediately held her hand and drew her in close.

"What happened, baby? Don't scare me like this." Han Sen was panicking, having never seen Ji Yanran's face like so.

Ji Yanran clenched her jaw. In response to Han Sen's pleading, she turned around, and said with a voice as quiet and strained as a mosquito, "My grandfather wants to see you..."

If was as if her voice hit a mute b.u.t.ton, as her sentence trailed off. Her cheeks were red, as if they had been set ablaze.

"Your grandfather? What does he want to see me for?" Han Sen was surprised.

"Nothing. But if you don't want to go, that's fine. And if so, I will return." After Ji Yanran said that, she ran off in haste and did not look back.

Han Sen watched her go in a daze, and he didn't even have the time to think about what just happened.

"What is going on? Her grandpa wants to meet me? Her grandpa is one of the few demiG.o.ds. Why would he want to meet me? Is it because of the Life Geno essence or my little angel?" Han Sen mulled over these questions while he gave chase to Ji Yanran. But she was too quick, and after turning a corridor, she was too far ahead to catch up.

"I feel so sorry for Ji Yanran, being with an a.s.shole like you." Annie was standing outside a door, coldly looking at Han Sen as she spoke.

"What does that mean?" Han Sen frowned and returned Annie's gaze.

"What do you mean, 'what does that mean'? You are a man. She is a good lady. She has been with you all this time and you have yet to propose. How is she supposed to explain this to her family?" Annie coldly explained.

Han Sen's face turned red. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words departed his lips.

"Or are you waiting for the lady to ask first?" Annie coldly said.

"Her grandfather wants to talk with me about a proposal?" Han Sen asked, shocked, as he had no experience in these sorts of things.

"Discuss a proposal with him? He'll kill you!" Annie looked at Han Sen as if she was observing an idiot.

"Sister Annie, you know I have no experience with these matters. Why don't you offer me some guidance? If you do, I promise to repay your kindness!" Han Sen quickly pleaded with Annie, due to his complete lack of knowledge of the subject.

Annie's face looked calmer, but she still coldly said, "If you continue being with Ji Yanran like this, with no indication of proper commitment, it won't just be the traditional old men who can't bear you. I won't be able to stand you. If you really want to be with Yanran, at least get engaged. Then, that would be a sign for her family. Have you ever stopped for one minute to think about how much pressure she has been put under, for being with you? Especially a family like hers."

"It is my negligence," Han Sen quickly responded.

"Old Ji really loves his children, and he's a very traditional old man. If you see him, you best suggest this matter of a proposal. If you instead talk more bullsh*t, he will kill you."

Annie paused for a moment, but then went on to say, "But before that, you owe Ji Yanran a proposal. If you don't have one in the cards now, then there is no reason for you to go visit her family."

After that, Annie turned around, left, and ignored Han Sen.

Han Sen's heart felt as if it was sweating. He was so free and relaxed, being with Ji Yanran before. He had never thought about the future much, or considered how things would eventually turn out.

He used to think about these things, but he had a.s.sumed it was too early. He wished to complete his service first. The one thing he hadn't paid mind to was the pressure she might have been receiving from her family.

"This was my own fault," Han Sen blamed himself.

He really did want to live and be with Ji Yanran. There were many pretty girls, but being with someone you could be yourself with and feel comfortable alongside—even if it was only a silence, that was free of awkwardness—few girls offered this type of companions.h.i.+p.

Sometimes, all it would take was a look or a slight movement to know what each other wanted.

Han Sen liked Ji Yanran a lot, and he knew she loved him in return. There was nothing bad in that.

Han Sen was positive in his desire to marry her. Even if the Ji family did not approve, he'd still find a way to marry her.

"Hm, such a good woman like that—I should put my label on her first and not allow her to be stolen." Han Sen touched his jaw and thought about the best way to propose.

And this proposal wouldn't just be about the two of them; they'd both need their parents to agree. Han Sen had to ask Luo Sulan.

Han Sen did not know how to go about this proposal, so he called his mother. He told her about getting engaged to Ji Yanran.

Han Sen used to talk about her with his mom, so it wasn't much of a surprise that he was bringing this up now.

After Luo Sulan heard what Han Sen had to say, she was quiet for a moment. When she broke the silence, she said, "Are you sure this is the woman you want?"

"Yes, I want to marry this woman," Han Sen said with a.s.surance.

"Then set a time and date to meet with her parents, so that you may settle this whole thing now," Luo Sulan said, with a smile.

"Thanks, Mom." Han Sen was very glad. Although Luo Sulan and Ji Yanran had never met, she was quick to agree. She was a very understanding woman.