Super Gene - Chapter 746: Killing the Purple Scorpion

Chapter 746: Killing the Purple Scorpion

Chapter 746: Killing the Purple Scorpion

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Despite the fact that the fairy continued to chase him, Han Sen still decided to push on and make his escape. After all, the twin-tail scorpion was only a first-generation super creature, as opposed to the second-generation one that l.u.s.ted for his blood.

Han Sen wanted to escape the underground labyrinth, first and foremost. Despite being drained of energy, he still had to keep his gene lock open to enable his flight. He just hoped the twin-tail scorpion would not be made aware of his presence.

But lady luck did not smile on Han Sen, for the scorpion noticed him. With its gnas.h.i.+ng pincers, it did not wait a single moment before racing towards him.

Han Sen gritted his teeth as his heart kicked into overdrive. The power in his arms was focused; he leapt into the air like a sparrow in the breeze, and spun around doing loops to dodge the scorpion's tail-sting and pincer-snap combo. After launching right over the scorpion's head and successfully evading his foe's attack, Han Sen remained airborne in his flight towards the exit.

As he flew, he returned and redeployed the little angel, hoping that the scorpion would turn its attention to her and engage her for a while.

The scorpion, however, let out a wheezy shriek and turned around to continue its pursuit of Han Sen. The wag of its legs and pincers were incredibly fast, and it skittered so quickly, it might as well have sprouted wings.

The fairy had caught up now, as well, and it didn't even blink at the scorpion. All she did was fly past it, wholly fixated on Han Sen.

"Today is not a good day. How can I be this unlucky?" Han Sen's heart was sinking fast, but soon after, he was greeted with the open skies atop the slopes of the mountain.

But Han Sen wasn't the only one keen to make an exit, as the fairy and scorpion quickly bolted out of the subterranean labyrinth, as well. Han Sen summoned and redeployed the little angel in response, hoping she could snare the fairy's attention for a time and keep her occupied. Han Sen, in the meantime, took off running in the direction of the Yellowstone City.

Through the little angel's suppression of the fairy, Han Sen's gambit was a success, and his nemesis could no longer keep up with him. It was fortunate, for by now, he had slowed. The scorpion was still on him, though, and it managed to sting his b.u.t.tocks more than a few times with its tail.

Luckily, he was still clad in his berserk super armor, and this provided the protection he very much needed. Although the tail's stinger managed to pierce through the plate, the subsequent damage was significantly reduced and the literal pain in his a.s.s just made him shout.

The scorpion's tail was very sharp, and if it wasn't for the protection provided by the armor, it would have skewered his entire body.

Han Sen's body was exhausted, but he had little time to pay his tiredness heed. On and on, he kept running in the direction of the shelter he had previously departed. It was now in sight, and just that mere glance perked up his rapidly declining spirits.

Zhou Yumei had waited two whole days for Han Sen's return, but he had yet to show up. She was as mad as she was sad, at his absence.

"a.s.shole. h.o.r.n.y b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Sc.u.mbag. I can't believe he just left me hanging like that. I curse him to be eaten by creatures!" Zhou Yumei's spirits had rarely dipped so low, and so she just lay slouched on the bench outside the shelter's gates.

Being alone for over a year had taken its toll on Zhou Yumei, and her brief interaction with Han Sen made her realize how afraid of being alone she now was. Meeting him was an extremely rare stroke of luck, and although she wasn't particularly fond of his character, his presence still enthused her.

At least she did not have to remain under the desert's baking sun, alone. Even arguing with the bad guy was better than being alone, bored to death.

What was worse was the fact he had just left without saying a single word. Her eyes were now swelling red at the thought of no goodbye.

As Zhou Yumei cursed him to high-heaven, she suddenly saw the man running towards her with extreme speed. It made her overjoyed, and she immediately stood up and shouted to Han Sen, "Mister a.s.shole! I thought you were gone for good; what brought you back?"

Han Sen removed his armor and approached Zhou Yumei like the wind. He didn't say anything to her; he just grabbed her by the waist and carried her inside the city.

"You sick pervert; let me go!" Zhou Yumei was a little embarra.s.sed and tried to shout as she struggled.

"Take a look at what is following me. Do you really want me to leave you as their lunchtime snack?" Han Sen casually told her, as he continued to run forward.

Zhou Yumei then took a proper look, and she saw the twin-tail scorpion that ravenously followed. She also saw the little angel further behind, but not the fairy. The fairy was too small for her to see from that distance.

But Zhou Yumei quickly understood what was happening and her face changed as swiftly as one could turn a page. She said, "Big Brother, run faster!"

The scorpion waved its tail as it approached, trying to sting them, and Zhou Yumei's heart leapt at the creature's every attempted strike. With each dodge, a gasp and a tear or two would follow.

Han Sen didn't have the time to respond, and simply rushed into the shelter. He turned around to take a look and noticed that only the scorpion had followed them inside the city. The fairy seemed wary of something and stopped pursuing them near the gate. She flapped her wings in the air but did not go inside.

This turn of events made Han Sen happy. If he only had to deal with the scorpion, he could manage, and he would no longer be forced to run for his life.

Han Sen ran towards the plaza and simply waited for his little angel to deal with the scorpion.


Little Orange saw Zhou Yumei getting chased by the scorpion, and it growled angrily in response. With rage, it rushed towards the creature to engage.

"Little Orange!" Zhou Yumei worriedly called out.

Although Little Orange had jumped onto the scorpion, the foul creature lived up to its namesake and spread its tail in two. With both ends, it stabbed Little Orange, making the cat cry out in pain.

"Please save him; Little Orange cannot fight the scorpion. He used to run-off whenever we saw it in the past." Zhou Yumei was dribbling tears, as she pleaded for Han Sen's aid.

Han Sen did not make a move, but the silver fox acted on his behalf and spat out a bolt of silver lightning to nastily strike the scorpion's head.


The scorpion was shaken by the lightning, and Little Orange managed to free itself. But then, Little Orange sunk its teeth into one of the scorpion's tails and made a hissing sound.

As it writhed in pain, the twin-tail scorpion raised its other tail and took aim at Little Orange's head.

The silver fox jumped down near the scorpion and bit into the other tail, in a desperate bid to save Little Orange's life.

When the little angel finally arrived, she swung her greatsword down on the scorpion's head under Han Sen's command. The sh.e.l.l of its head cracked open, as green fluids squirted out of the crushed carapace.

"Hzzzh!" The twin-tail scorpion hissed and squealed in immense pain. It wagged both of its tails, attempting to shake off Little Orange and the silver fox that clung onto it with their teeth. But it was to no avail, as their teeth had been driven deep and they had a firm grip.

The little angel's face looked cold as she raised her greatsword. She brought it down again and lopped off the scorpion's pincers and claws to prevent any more possible attacks.


The little angel brought the greatsword down upon its head continuously after that, which fully exposed the innards of its head. In one final attack, the little angel clutched the greatsword's hilt with both hands and drove it down right through the head of the scorpion, pinning it to the ground.

"Rawr..." The scorpion, as it slowly slipped into the embrace of death, waved its tails quicker than ever and managed to shake Little Orange and the silver fox off. With a few final twitches, it gave up the ghost.