Super Gene - Chapter 747: An Uncompleted Build

Chapter 747: An Uncompleted Build

Chapter 747: An Uncompleted Build

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"Super Creature Hunted: Twin-Tailed Purple Scorpion. The beast soul has not been acquired. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno essence. Consume its Life Geno essence to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Han Sen heard the announcement and felt a little disheartened. He wanted to wait until the creature gave birth, but now that he'd already killed it, he didn't even get the beast soul. All he got was a lousy Life Geno essence.

The twin-tail scorpion disappeared and left behind a dark purple Life Geno essence on the ground where it once lay. But beside it was something else: a ping-pong sized purple egg. This perked him right up.

Seeing the silver fox with its jaws open, preparing to chow down on the egg, Han Sen commanded the little angel to grab the greedy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

The silver fox whined at the little angel in obvious anger. It didn't attack her, though, for it knew how powerful she was.

The little angel delivered the purple egg to Han Sen and then returned to the Sea of Soul.

The silver fox brushed its head against Han Sen's leg, and looked up at Han Sen adoringly, with its eyes wide open. It looked like it was begging.

"Get out of here; you already ate that narcissus earlier. This is mine!" There was no chance he would give the egg to the silver fox, so for now, he just pocketed it.

Han Sen could see right through the silver fox. When they first met, the silver fox had acted all adorable and elegant. But over time, after Han Sen had accepted him as a pet, its mouth was revealed to be a cruel, vicious, s...o...b..ring munching machine. It'd eat whatever delight it could find without reprieve, and not leave a single morsel for its master.

The only reason it was acting cute was because it wanted something, and this was one act Han Sen was not willing to fall for. Han Sen thought the guy was a black hole for food, and no matter how much you fed it, it could always stuff in more.

Zhou Yumei's heart appeared broken, as she tended to Little Orange's wounds. Her pet had been stung by the tail twice, and the places it had been struck were starting to look purple. It seemed as if it had been poisoned. This made Zhou Yumei look nervous, and tears started to well up in her eyes.

"Little Orange, hold on! I am going to save you, okay?" Zhou Yumei said as she tended to his wounds, her cheeks submitting to a swamp of tears.

But the wounds were deep, and it appeared impossible to separate the poison from the body. There was a chance the poison had already reached Little Orange's organs.

"I beg you; please go back to the Alliance. Return there and bring me back some antidotes. Do that and I will do anything!" Zhou Yumei pleaded loudly, after running towards Han Sen.

"Anything?" Han Sen gave Zhou Yumei a strange smile as he asked for confirmation.

Zhou Yumei gritted her teeth and gave him the answer he desired, "Yes, anything."

"Sure. Just hang on a sec." Han Sen rummaged through his inventory for a pen and paper, and then wrote up a contract. After he finished, he presented it to Zhou Yumei and said, "If you do indeed mean anything, then sign along the dotted line."

"Is this a human-trafficking contract?" Zhou Yumei asked, as she scanned the details of the doc.u.ment. With wide eyes, she stared at Han Sen. If she signed it, she would become Han Sen's servant.

And there was another condition listed on the paper, as well. She would also have to train Little Orange to adhere to Han Sen's commands. It was practically a buy-one-get-one-free contract, in which he'd obtain two new servants.

"It's entirely up to you whether or not you want to sign it. But that's the deal—the only deal," Han Sen casually told her.

Little Orange really did look to be in a dire condition, but it was a second-generation super creature. Even if it didn't receive an antidote, it would eventually recover all by itself.

Zhou Yumei did not know this, however, as she had not learnt much about the nature of super creatures. Her concern for Little Orange also clouded her judgement by a great deal. She worried greatly as she observed her suffering pet.

"Meow..." Zhou Yumei looked at Little Orange and saw how weak he was, meowing towards her, looking so pitiable.

"I'll sign it." Zhou Yumei ground her teeth, took the pen, and signed the contract. She didn't want Little Orange to suffer any more, after what it had done for her. If it wasn't for the pet's acceptance of her as its master, she wouldn't have been alive.

Plus, Little Orange was only in this state because of its desire to protect her when it believed her to be in danger.

"That's right!" Han Sen reached out his hand to take back the contract, but Zhou Yumei pulled away.

"Antidote." Zhou Yumei presented an empty hand to Han Sen. Then, he opened his inventory and placed a few antidotes on the pedestal of her palm. Clenching her jaw once more, she gave Han Sen the signed contract and quickly rushed over to Little Orange's side to give it the antidote.

Han Sen was very satisfied with this result and his new contract. Zhou Yumei and Little Orange now belonged to him. When he returned to the Alliance, he could make Zhou's family pay him a lot of money. Even though she was just the daughter of a councilman, the man would bend over backwards to get her back.

Han Sen did not want to do anything bad to Zhou Yumei, however. He was going to depart the area soon, and he planned to bring her with him. Han Sen made this contract to prevent any conflicts from arising out on the road. Every decision made would be his, and it'd prevent unnecessary arguments.

If Zhou Yumei behaved herself and did not cause any trouble, after leaving the desert, Han Sen would no longer keep her as a slave. And in the future, if he needed her help, he thought he might call upon her.

Han Sen knew that if Zhou Yumei brought Little Orange home, she'd become an important person. Making her a slave did not seem very realistic.

The antidote worked, and after two days, the poison inside Little Orange had disappeared completely.

Han Sen found himself a corner, away from the rest, and tried to cut the egg open.

"Super Creature Hunted: Uncompleted Build. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to five."

Han Sen had never heard of only five super geno points being up for grabs, and the announcement didn't even speak the creature's name. The egg had to be little more than a fetus, and the creature inside had yet to formulate.

But a single super geno point was better than none. Han Sen cooked it on an open fire and added a number of spices before eating it.

"You have consumed the flesh of a super creature; your super geno point total has increased by one."

A weird sensation entered Han Sen's body, and his cells felt more energized. The announcement sounded four times, bringing his number up by four to a total of thirty-six.

Until Little Orange was healed, Han Sen gathered resources for the road ahead of them. He was ready to exit the shelter and try to find a way out of the Black Desert.

Over the past few days, he hadn't found hide nor hair of the fairy around the shelter, so he a.s.sumed it had returned underground.

But a little while after they left the shelter, the fairy appeared out of nowhere. It flapped its wings to produce snow and madly came at Han Sen.

Han Sen hadn't thought the fairy could hold such a grudge. He had only hit her once, and still, she desired payback.