Super Gene - Chapter 745: Blood-Pulse

Chapter 745: Blood-Pulse

Chapter 745: Blood-Pulse

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Han Sen was very confused, but the man had already pa.s.sed away. His lifeforce had extinguished, and he could no longer provide Han Sen with the answers he sought.

Han Sen then reminded himself of the man's suggestion to look in his pockets, and so he rummaged through them in the hopes of finding another lead.

The man's battlesuit had been crafted with a special material. Unless it was purposefully destroyed, it would resist deterioration and remain in perfect condition.

Han Sen's hand found something inside the pocket, and from the touch, it felt like thin leather. It was soft and delicate, and he couldn't quite tell what animal's hide it might have come from.

Han Sen pulled it out to reveal a two square foot parchment of leather. It had yellowed somewhat in submission to time's advance. Curiously, words had been written upon the page, and it looked as if they had been inked in blood. On the left side of the parchment was a symbol of the Nine-Life Cat.

On the right side of the leather, there were two words written in a larger font like a t.i.tle. It said, "Blood-Pulse."

"The Blood-Pulse of the Blood Legion?" Han Sen was surprised. Blood-Pulse was a tenet of the Blood Legion. Blood-Pulse contained records of the Blood Legion's doctrine and some of the mythology that composed their organization.

It was only in the future that the Blood Legion became recognized as a cult, and the texts of Blood-Pulse were forbidden from sale. Most of the cultists only knew certain snippets of the text, as few had seen the complete work.

Han Sen was disappointed. Blood-Pulse was merely a religious doc.u.ment pertaining to a faith he had no interest in abiding by. Therefore, this leathery doc.u.ment was useless to him.

Han Sen still failed to understand why the man's dying act was to point at his pocket, however.

"Is he just a fanatic cultist?" Han Sen guessed, as he looked over the Blood-Pulse.

But when he looked a bit closer, he was surprised. It wasn't merely a religious text he was holding, it was a Qi Gong!

He could only view a part of it, but with his knowledge, he was able to tell it was a very mysterious Qi Gong. It was almost up to par with his Jadeskin.

Taking a closer look, Han Sen noticed how the parchment simply explained how one might learn it. He folded it up carefully and then put it away.

This was not the time to read, after all. He gave the man another search but was unable to find anything else of interest.

The little angel was still fighting the fairy, and it was difficult to guess who the victor might be. Han Sen dug a six-foot hole, placed the man in it, and covered it back up.

If he brought the body out into the desert, it wouldn't be long before the body was just another dried up pile of bones.

Han Sen thought, when the next opportunity arose, he could tell Qin Xuan about his experience with the man, and let the family determine whether or not he really was an elder of theirs. And also see if he truly was Qin Huaizhen.

After burying the fellow, Han Sen turned his attention to the battle that was still ongoing. The little angel's greatsword, although powerful, was going up against a fairy that was no less of an opponent. It was rather strange to see a small body possess such wild power, as she bolted around with ice and snow. When her skills clashed against the greatsword, chips of ice and snowflakes would erupt with the sparks like frosty fireworks.

Han Sen brought up his peac.o.c.k crossbow and fired two bolts at the fairy. It was pointless for him to try, however, as she dodged them both with her wicked speed.

But Han Sen then noticed that despite her speed and strength, she could only deal ice damage and ice damage alone. She wasn't really dealing any damage to the little angel, as a result.

Han Sen saw that the peac.o.c.k crossbow was not working, so he summoned his Flaming Rex Spike. He knew that this was the weapon that possessed the highest chance of destroying the fairy once and for all. If she was distracted enough for Han Sen to land a decent blow, he could deal her a mighty amount of damage.

Han Sen's eyes observed the fairy's movements, activating his Dongxuan Sutra to a.n.a.lyze the energy flow inside her.

She had a really clear energy flow, which wasn't blurry in the least. She had to be a second-generation super creature. Han Sen's interest in the foe catapulted to a far greater level, and he wanted to kill her right away to obtain the Life Geno essence she possessed.

But his interest did hit a certain snag. He thought the fairy was quite cute and pretty, and she most certainly looked like something no one else would be willing to kill.

The little angel didn't have the mind of a human, and so she just kept on swinging her greatsword fiercely in a bid to cut the fairy down.

Han Sen then took to memorizing her energy flow and learning her every move. He hoped by doing the latter part, he could predict her future movements for a chance of landing the strike he needed to.

It took him a whole hour to learn her complete energy flow. After trying it out, his energy became like ice. It was a pure ice power.

But Han Sen couldn't be like the opponent he had copied and fire out the ice power as a long-range projectile. If he wanted to deal damage with these newly-learned skills, he would have to get up-close-and-personal.

After another while of watching, the window of opportunity he had been searching for arose. The moment the fairy was smacked by the little angel's greatsword, Han Sen had his Flaming Rex Spike on a collision-course with her, as well.

The elephant's trumpeting sounded within, as the rex spike now hosted a boundless power. The weapon became an inferno-born whip that struck the fairy.

The fairy's small body was knocked away like a little ball, but she did not catch on fire. This was because of her icy powers, which managed to withstand the flames carried by the rex spike.


The fairy's body smacked into the iced earth to create a deep hole. It wasn't long before the fairy returned, however, with a fury Han Sen had yet to witness.

The fairy was furious at Han Sen and soared over to him with rapid wing-flaps.

Han Sen turned around to run as he had just used Elephant-Rex Strike. Now that his body was drained of energy, he couldn't fight back. But knowing that move didn't kill the fairy, he quickly became aware that no matter what he tried, he'd be unable to defeat her.

The little angel cut-off the fairy's advance and Han Sen, with the silver fox, ran off through the bamboo forest. He was now well aware that there was no point in remaining where he was. He wanted to leave, recover, and later come back to try to fight her again.

Fortunately, the little angel had come between them, which prohibited the fairy from following Han Sen. All the fairy could see was the aggravator fleeing into the bamboo forest and completely disappearing.

But she wasn't keen to give up just yet. The fairy evaded the little angel's next couple of attacks, flew around her, and went to follow.

Han Sen did not stop running, wanting to get outside as fast as he could. He rushed through the subterranean forest to where he had first descended, and as he neared the exit, he caught sight of the twin-tail scorpion munching on bamboo and the silkworms within.

"Why am I so unlucky this time?" Han Sen's heart sank.