Super Gene - Chapter 744: Defrosted Man

Chapter 744: Defrosted Man

Chapter 744: Defrosted Man

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Han Sen did not hear an announcement, and when he looked at the fairy, he knew exactly what had happened.

Without hesitation, Han Sen smacked the fairy's head with his Flaming Rex Spike.

The palm-sized body looked as if it was going to be smashed into bits and pieces by the rex spike.

But the fairy lifted up a small fist and knocked the rex spike away. A frosty air swiftly rose and doused the fire the Flaming Rex Spike commanded and froze the weapon completely.


The flameless rex spike was sent flying back with a force not even Han Sen could hold strong against. The weapon took off into the air as his hand bled.

Han Sen clutched his injured hand and looked quite shocked. He thought to himself, "So, this is the true body of the super creature that was birthed by this plant."

Seeing the pretty yet scary fairy rise up and approach him with snowflakes around her, Han Sen summoned his peac.o.c.k crossbow and fired three bolts.

The fairy fluttered its wings like a b.u.t.terfly and delicately danced away in evasion of the bolts. Then, she resumed her course and continued approaching Han Sen.


The little angel rushed forward to slash the fairy, but the fairy managed to block the angel's attack with her fists, which was what produced the noise. Having her strike blocked rattled the little angel and made her fall back in a bit of a daze, but that wasn't to suggest the fairy was totally unfazed. The shock of the attack also shook the little fairy, too. The fairy had to fly in three circles before it could get its balance back.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The fairy flew to engage the little angel and quickly circled her. Her fists generated a flurry of ice shards against the angel's greatsword as they fought.

Han Sen retreated to a corner, as his power and speed were far inferior to an adult super creature's; he had no hope of joining in their fight.

The little angel and the fairy were fighting while airborne. The fairy had a strong control over the ice element, and every hit carried a grand amount of frosted air with it. The atmosphere around the two was almost frozen.

The little angel's body was incredibly well-balanced, and she had tremendous resistance towards every element. As such, the little fairy couldn't exert too much damage on the little angel with her focus on ice.

The silver fox couldn't help out in this fight, either. It was still young, and was far from becoming an adult at the slow speed it was growing. It didn't have the power to compete with adult super creatures, either.

Curiously, now that it was no longer fighting, the silver fox quickly approached the lake. It searched for the flower that Han Sen had destroyed and noticed it was in the water. It picked it up and began eating it.

"Silver fox, if you retrieve good loot—how about sharing?" Han Sen pleaded as he ran over to his pet. The silver fox noticed its master approaching and scoffed the flower down even faster.

When Han Sen arrived, the leaves and roots were all gone; there was nothing left.

"You selfish b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Han Sen angrily shouted.

The silver fox returned to acting all cute and looked up at Han Sen. It jumped onto Han Sen's shoulder and no longer moved. The silver fox's fur was a light silver now, and it exuded a frosty air.

"Whatever." There was nothing Han Sen could do now.

Watching the little angel fight the fairy, without anything he could do himself, he thought now was the time to do something with the frozen man who was sitting next to the lake. He ran towards him to see if he could move him out into the bamboo forest for now.

In case the little angel was unable to defeat the little fairy, at least they could escape and bring the frozen man with them.

When he approached the man, Han Sen was suddenly surprised. He appeared to be thawing.

"Is it because the narcissus was destroyed?" Han Sen wondered, as he dragged the man into the bamboo forest.

The ice on the man was thawing quickly. By the time Han Sen dragged him into the bamboo forest, the ice on his body was all gone.

"Will he survive such a simple defrosting process?" Han Sen frowned. Humans required special equipment to aid their thawing after being frozen. Because of this, Han Sen doubted he would survive.

Han Sen observed the man. He watched his lifeforce grow stronger and muscles become firmer. Perhaps he was going to live, after all.

Han Sen looked at the man nervously, not fully understanding how he had managed to defrost so quickly. The temperature where they were was still quite low.

Han Sen could feel the frosty air inside the man slowly fade, as the thump of a slow heartbeat returned.

In half an hour, the frosty air was all gone and the man's heart and organs returned to being fully functional.

The man's eyes were still closed, but that was when Han Sen finally began to see movement underneath his eyelids.

Nervously, he looked at the man. If he really was Qin Huaizhen, and if he woke up, the mystery would finally be explained.

Then, suddenly, the man opened his eyes. The black eyes looked empty, but they were wide open. He was staring upwards.

"Are you awake? Can you hear me?" Han Sen was not sure what to say, so he crouched near the man and asked these questions to see if he was fully conscious.

The man moved his eyes slowly until his vision ended up on Han Sen.

The moment he saw Han Sen, the man's face looked full of fright and shock. He grabbed Han Sen's arm and used all his strength in a struggle to say, "Be wary of... Han... Jing... Zhi."


After the man spoke those few words, blood came out of his mouth and his body began to twitch and convulse. His eyes turned white.

"Hey, is there something wrong?" Han Sen quickly held the man and put a recovery potion to his lips. But it didn't work, due to the constant spitting and oozing of blood.

While the man twitched, he continued holding Han Sen's arms tight. His white eyeb.a.l.l.s continued to stare at Han Sen, and it was as if he still wanted to say something. With a mouth full of blood, all he could do was gurgle on the claret and not speak an audible word.

The man used the last of his power in a struggle with his hand, and pointed at his pocket. Before he made another move, he straightened himself out and coughed blood, splattering Han Sen. Then he stopped moving, his eyes still open and looking at Han Sen.

Han Sen's face looked ghastly, and the lifeforce of the man before him had all depleted. He was dead.

But what the man said confused Han Sen greatly.

"Be wary of Han Jingzhi? Why should I be wary of Han Jingzhi? Did he say that to me specifically, or were those words meant for someone else? Maybe he thought I was someone else?" Han Sen's heart was confused.