Super Gene - Chapter 743: Battle on the Ice Lake

Chapter 743: Battle on the Ice Lake

Chapter 743: Battle on the Ice Lake

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The little angel's greatsword delivered a great cut to the blobby jellyfish. But in the next second, the wound it suffered was immediately healed.

The tentacles reached out towards the little angel, but she swung her greatsword and cut them down before they could get too close.

Han Sen was relieved after seeing this, but it didn't last. The tentacles regenerated into their prior shape in less than a second.

The jellyfish was most certainly a super creature, for it could regenerate at an incredibly fast pace. The little angel's greatsword sliced and diced countless encroaching tentacles and delivered a number of one meter deep wounds to the primary host, but seemed to be to no avail. Within seconds, all the damage dealt would be nullified through the rapid regeneration and recovery of the jellyfish. They weren't getting anywhere like this.

Seeing this made Han Sen nervous, and there could be little hope for victory if things continued this way.

Han Sen looked at the Flaming Rex Spike in his hand and acknowledged that the fire element was what was needed to bring down the jellyfish. But the little angel was just a pet and aside from pet armor, could not make use of ordinary beast souls. Therefore, he was unable to give her his rex spike.

Han Sen continued slas.h.i.+ng the icy threads that wove across the battlefield, all the while observing the jellyfish. He was looking for a window of opportunity in which he could safely deliver an attack of his own. With good fortune, the Flaming Rex Spike's fiery elements would be enough to kill it.

The jellyfish was enraged, however, and it did not seem afraid of getting injured. Even when the tentacles were cut, or a number of abrasions and lesions had been delivered to its body, it did not slow down in its attack of the little angel.

Han Sen frowned. The little angel had slashed everywhere on the jellyfish by now, and they had not yet discovered a weakness. Nothing seemed to halt the recovery of its wounds.

"Does it really not have any weaknesses? If that is true, then it might very well be invincible." Han Sen frowned. He had previously thought something like this was impossible, but here it was, happening right before his eyes.

It was at this time that the eyes of the little angel flashed. She rose up into the air, holding the greatsword with both hands, and delivered a flurry of strikes onto the jellyfish with ferocity.


Under the fierce barrage of attacks the adiraid unleashed, the jellyfish's body was torn apart. After being cut in half, it dropped into the waters it had previously emerged from.

"Little angel, nice work!" Han Sen shouted, with a voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement. But right after he said this, the jellyfish that had been cut in half reconnected and regenerated its lost tissue. It re-emerged from the water and grabbed ahold of the little angel with its tentacles.

Han Sen froze in surprise and said to himself, "Holy smokes! This guy really is invincible. How is it still not dead yet?"

The little angel's attacks were powerful, but they were seemingly useless against the jellyfish. Han Sen went back to trying to observe the jellyfish and discover whether or not it had a weakness.

While Han Sen was having trouble, his attention was brought back to the narcissus that decorated the disturbed waters of the lake. His heart was shaken.

Amidst all this fighting, the flowers had not been affected one bit. Not a single petal had been damaged or fallen.

"Strange. The lake isn't all that big, so how has it not been affected amidst the absolute chaos that has transpired here?" Han Sen thought to himself, as he checked the narcissus out.

Han Sen observed it for a while and noticed that the jellyfish was in fact protecting the narcissus. When the tentacles were cut down, they did not immediately fall into the water. When one was cut, icy threads arose from the water to carry it gently under. The jellyfish was preventing any sliced tentacles from falling on top of the flowers.

"Something is not right. Actually, I do not think it is the jellyfish controlling the threads; rather, it is the narcissus themselves controlling the threads." Han Sen had made a startling discovery.

The icy threads that emerged from the waters continued their attacks on Han Sen and the little angel. If the threads were controlled by the jellyfish, then their organization ought to have been disrupted each time the monster was dealt damage.

But throughout the entire fight, no matter how much damage was dealt to the jellyfish, the icy threads remained unchanged and continued their attacks without a moment of disruption. Because of this, Han Sen confirmed that the jellyfish and narcissus weren't related.

Even when the jellyfish had been cut in half, nothing changed with them.

"Is this narcissus like the blood-wasp lotus? Maybe there are super creatures inside the narcissus, and the jellyfish is just a proxy." The more Han Sen guessed, the more convinced he was of this.

But the narcissus themselves had no movement, and they just continued to sit where they were. It was hard to believe that those things might have been the most frightening creature in the vicinity.

Han Sen wanted to approach the ice lake and test out his theory. If things simply continued the way they were, he did not believe they could kill the jellyfish.

When Han Sen approached the icy waters, he cast Aero. He used it to run across the water get as close to the narcissus as he possibly could. The Flaming Rex Spike became a raging tornado of flame as he raced towards the flowers.

The little angel struck at the same time. Her supreme greatsword tore the jellyfish in half once again, preventing it from protecting the narcissus.

The narcissus that had been quiet and still the entire time suddenly turned to face Han Sen. Like a volcanic eruption, the icy threads arose en from the water, quickly rus.h.i.+ng over to cover Han Sen's entire body.

In a moment, the threads formed together to create an iceberg inside of which Han Sen was trapped.

"Get out of my way!" Han Sen roared, as a black smoke erupted from his body. Inside his body a bell pulsed, which made the icy threads begin to s.h.i.+ver and shake. The Flaming Rex Spike drilled onwards, forming an exit from the ice. The twirling weapon now commanded wind and fire, and the narcissus was in its sight.


The Flaming Rex Spike roughly drilled into the narcissus and drilled deep. The flowers let out strange screams of their own, as they suffered the wrath of the raging weapon. The petals abandoned their flowery s.h.i.+p as the roots of the plants were evicted and incinerated, which led to the release of a white fog all at the same time.

Han Sen, who had a high frost resistance due to Jadeskin, felt as if he had fallen into an icy bath when touching the fog. His hair and eyebrows grew icicles of their own, even.


When the narcissus was destroyed, the jellyfish and threads turned into water and fell down. The ice lake quickly froze over and provided an additional layer of frost to the areas surrounding it.

From the perforated flower, a small body fell out. It was beautiful woman whose body was naked. She had stunning b.u.t.terfly wings attached to her back. She had long white hair and pupils that reflected the ice she governed. Snowflakes adorned her body.

But the woman was tiny, no larger than the palm of a hand. She was like a fairy of myth.