Super Gene - Chapter 733: This Must Be a Hallucination

Chapter 733: This Must Be a Hallucination

Chapter 733: This Must Be a Hallucination

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The Blue Crystal team found Luo Sulan out near the mountains and quickly brought her back to the shelter. Wu Qinggang killed one sacred-blood creature and managed to chase away the other two before returning himself.

The Blue Crystal team believed things were not as simple as they might have initially seemed, as those sacred-blood creatures should not have appeared where they were in the first place. But aside from their intrusion, nothing else happened; Luo Sulan was safe.

Although it was strange, Luo Sulan's safety was all that mattered. After she returned to the shelter, she teleported to the Alliance.

Near the base of the mountains, the ground seemed disrupted. The soil seemed fresh, as if something had been recently buried.

"Mom, are you okay?" Qin Xuan had told Han Sen what had occurred at the shelter, and he found it strange, as well. But if they wanted to bring harm to his mother, it didn't seem like the attraction of the three sacred-blood creatures would be enough.

"I'm fine; what could have possibly happened to me?" Luo Sulan asked.

"Mom, I may have offended someone in the shelter. They have tried to come at me already, but they were unsuccessful. Since they couldn't not take out their grievances on me, I fear they may come for you—my family—in response. As such, I don't believe you should leave the safety of the Alliance for the time being," Han Sen told her directly.

He could not hide things from his mother, and for the issue that currently concerned him, he had to tell her the entire truth so she could understand the gravity of the situation. If she did not, and happily left the safety of the Alliance, she might find herself in trouble.

What had happened was strange, yes; but Han Sen did not want anything else to happen to her. Until he reached his mother's location, he did not want her to leave the Alliance.

"Little Sen, who did you offend? Will something happen?" Luo Sulan worriedly asked.

"Don't worry, I can handle all this. Your son is strong now," Han Sen smiled as he spoke.

"It's my fault, for being unable to protect you," Luo Sulan spoke, with a tone of sadness.

"Mom, it was difficult enough for you to raise me. Now, I should be the one protecting you," Han Sen quickly told her.

"Little Sen, do you still have your great grandfather's relic?" Luo Sulan asked him, seemingly randomly.

"Of course I do. Do not worry for that, Mom. I always carry this pendant," Han Sen said.

"All right, then." A look of relief then washed over Luo Sulan.


After hanging up the communicator, Luo Sulan's expression was complicated. She thought to herself, "After all these years spent working so hard, can we still not escape this loop?"

After Han Sen confirmed his mother's safety, he decided to resume his journey to the Blue Crystal shelter.

The Black Desert. An endless black desert that looked like the inside of h.e.l.l's furnace. The colors were bleak and hopeless, far more depressing than an average desert.

Han Sen was riding Golden Growler through the Black Desert, and because of the region's vast size and barren wastes, he looked lonely and small in its midst.

"I wish I did not have to eat or drink. At least I would feel better in this d.a.m.n place, if I did not have to." Han Sen had been on his traversal of the Black Desert for six days, before realizing he was lost.

A ma.s.sive black sandstorm had kicked up two days prior, which was quite threatening. It did not harm Han Sen, but in his escape, he ended up losing all sense of direction.

Han Sen now focused on walking in a single direction, in the hope he could wander out of the Black Desert before exhausting all of his nutrient solutions.

The silver fox didn't look comfortable under the sunlight. It still remained perched on Han Sen's shoulder, but it used its own tail as a s.h.i.+eld or fluffy parasol to block the sunlight. It also yawned a lot.

"A shelter?" Han Sen saw a really large building in the middle of the black sands he traversed, which made him open his eyes wide.

Even if it wasn't a human shelter, and as long as it wasn't a super shelter, he could venture inside and obtain a new spirit. If he did that, he could teleport back to the Alliance and have a hot shower. He could rest, restock, and prepare himself once more.

Han Sen hurried his Golden Growler, wanting to approach the place faster. He keenly observed the shelter as he drew closer and closer. It was fairly small, so he became certain that it wasn't a super shelter. From how small it actually seemed, it didn't even seem royal shelter-sized. He a.s.sumed it was more likely a n.o.ble shelter.

But when he got closer, Han Sen began to feel a little disturbed. The shelter looked a little dishevelled and rugged. It didn't look to be in total ruin, but it most certainly looked like an ancient city that had been abandoned a long time ago.

"This cannot be an abandoned shelter. Oh, please, G.o.d... let the teleporter still be functional," Han Sen prayed in his heart.

As he got closer to the Yellowstone City, things were not as bad as they initially seemed. It was indeed a human shelter, and before the front gate, he noticed a giant parasol had been placed. Under the parasol was a sunbathing bench with a person lying on it.

There was a beautiful woman lying there.

She had nice long legs with short black hair. Her b.u.t.t was firm and round like a peach, whose limelight was only stolen by her large b.o.o.bies. Her waist was slim but solid, and you could espy a little muscle there.

In the middle of this boring black desert, Han Sen's eyes almost fell out at how amazing this sight was.

How could Han Sen see it so clearly?

Because the short-haired lady was naked, sunbathing on the bench in a relaxed posture.

"Are my eyes playing tricks? Am I suffering a hallucination, having been in the Black Desert too long? Maybe it really is a mirage!" Han Sen rubbed his eyes hard, wanting to confirm what he was seeing was actually true.

The Yellowstone City was still there. The parasol and the sunbathing bench were still there, as was the beautiful lady.

But Han Sen still did not believe it to be true. He put the Golden Growler back in the Sea of Soul and sped up his approach to the Yellowstone City. He ran there as fast as his legs could carry him.

As Han Sen got closer and closer, the image of the place he had discovered became clearer and clearer. It really did seem like a real place that existed.

"No way. Is this for real? There is no way I'm this lucky. It doesn't make sense to have a pretty, naked woman sunbathing here in the desert. This must be a hallucination; it must be! The Black Desert does not have a human shelter." Han Sen did not believe what he was seeing was actually true.

The beautiful woman lay in front of Han Sen, facing down. She wore, and beside her was some juice and snacks. She appeared to be asleep.

"Hallucination! It has to be a hallucination!" Han Sen was now in front of the short-haired lady. He reached his hand out to grab the woman's bubble-b.u.t.t to confirm the validity of his vision, and was surprised to feel that her skin was smooth and bouncy to the touch. He could even feel the sunscreen that had been rubbed in.

"Hm, maybe I was wrong. This does seem real!" Han Sen thought it felt really good, so he squeezed her b.u.t.t some more.

A second later, however, the short-haired lady woke up. She turned her head in a sleepy fas.h.i.+on and said, "Little Orange, don't do that. I'm trying to sunbathe here."

When her eyesight came into focus, and she saw Han Sen with a hand still firmly clasped on her b.u.t.tock, she completely froze.

They both locked gazes with each other for a few seconds before the woman snapped, which led to a scream echoing across the Black Desert.