Super Gene - Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in Tears

Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in Tears

Chapter 732: The Devil Doesn't Believe in Tears

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Han Sen was worried, as this wasn't like before. If his attackers were ordinary elites, then the Special Squad would have no issue protecting anyone. But the shura he had encountered didn't even seem human. As such, Han Sen was worried about the safety of his mother if she remained out in the shelter.

Qin Xuan heard what Han Sen had to say and quickly contacted her supervisor, asking where Luo Sulan had gone. She was out in the shelter, and members of the Special Squad had escorted her on a hunt.

Qin Xuan told Han Sen she had already sent people to find her, and she firmly believed it would not be long before they returned.

The Blue Crystal shelter was near the Buckda Mountains, and Luo Sulan was out on a hunt under the protection of Wu Qinggang. Although she already had a lot of geno points, her combat skills and prowess were still somewhat lacking. She had not yet even been able to deal with a mutant creature. When fighting one, the frustration of watching her fight compelled Wu Qinggang to help her finish them off.

From what Wu Qinggang could see, women like her were best reserved for being of the elegant sort. He thought she would be better off never touching a weapon, and instead being waited on, hand-and-foot, by men. He thought she should forego the desire for combat and stick to enjoying girlier things like flowers and romance.

There was no explicit need for her to come out and hunt. With her son's power and position, he could just keep sending her the flesh necessary for her to max out her sacred geno points.

But every month, Luo Sulan would request an expedition to go out and hunt. She only wanted to kill ordinary mutant creatures, and Wu Qinggang would always be fraught with the desire to help her when he watch her try to deal with the monsters she sought to fight.

A woman such as her, he thought, was not built to fight. Particularly not to fight such wretched creatures.

Although Wu Qinggang felt this way, he never slacked in his duty to protect her. The last thing he wanted was for her to be harmed. He was aware that her son was also a member of the Special Squad, but the protection of others was a fundamental responsibility of all those who wished to be a part of the Special Squad, anyway. Wu Qinggang would give his life to a.s.sure her security.

Suddenly, a roaring sound came from the nearby woods. A black tiger leapt out of the brush, fast like a shadow.

"It's a sacred-blood creature; a Black-Shadow Tiger! Why has it ventured here?" Wu Qinggang's face changed. Black-Shadow Tigers tended to reside in the deeper recesses of thick forests and had no reason to be anywhere near here.

"Missus Han, hide behind me and do not flee." Wu Qinggang stepped in to eliminate the mutant creature, removing it from the field of play. Then, he walked in front of Luo Sulan.

Seeing the Black-Shadow Tiger approach, Wu Qinggang drew his longsword and ran to meet it. Wu Qinggang could kill sacred-blood Black-Shadow Tigers, but doing so would be more difficult while having to protect Luo Sulan at the same time.

But then, more roaring came from the woods. Things took a turn for the worse as another two creatures emerged from the forest. It took Wu Qinggang a moment to acknowledge what he was seeing, but when the realization struck, it struck hard. His face dropped, watching two more sacred-blood creatures emerge from the woods.

"Missus Han, ride your sacred-blood mount back to the shelter. I will keep them busy." Wu Qinggang rushed into battle with the Black-Shadow Tiger as he bid for Luo Sulan to escape.

"Little Wu, please be careful." Luo Sulan summoned the sacred-blood mount Han Sen had given her and exited the area with haste.

Wu Qinggang's sword shone with a blinding light as he fought to buy her the time she needed to reach absolute safety.

She had reached the bottom of the mountains, not a great distance away from the Blue Crystal shelter. Once she had left that place, she would be safe.

But as Luo Sulan rode her sacred-blood mount, nearing the exit, a dozen people appeared in front of her. They barred her pa.s.sage and surrounded her mount.

"Missus Han, it would be best if you came with us." A leader of sorts stepped forward to speak, and as he finished his line, delivered a half-smile.

"Who are you people? And why should I follow you?" Luo Sulan asked, frightened at their sudden approach.

"Do not worry; we do not plan on bringing you harm. We are here to bring you reunification with your son," the middle-aged man said.

"What happened to Little Sen?" Luo Sulan quickly asked.

"You will know once you come with us," the man said, with a frosted tone.

"I'm not going with you," Luo Sulan said, as she nibbled her lips.

"Why do you even bother talking to her? Just capture her already!" another man coldly interjected.

"Okay, then," the other man then gestured with his hand, and the rest approached her.

They knew all about Luo Sulan. She was a housewife who killed a few ordinary creatures to survive. She has been taken care of through the kindness of others, unable to fight for herself.

They had already separated her from the a.s.signed protector of the Special Squad, which meant capturing her would be an easy task to accomplish.

"You guys have parents; how do you think they would feel if they knew you were out here, attempting to kidnap a lone woman?" Luo Sulan sighed as she spoke.

"Shut up! If you refuse to come with us peacefully, take one last look at that silky-smooth skin of yours, before we cut it up and drag you away with us," Zhang Fang coldly told her.

"To suffer in the adversity of evil is a n.o.bler deed than to helplessly succ.u.mb to the brutish requests of those that wish to do you harm," Luo Sulan said.

"Then consider our patience and politeness spent; excuse the rough mishandling that may occur next." Zhang Fang raised his hand and tried to grab Luo Sulan by her hair and pull her off the mount she was upon.

Just when Zhang Fang's hand was about to touch Luo Sulan, she raised her silky-smooth hand and casually waved it in front of Zhang Fang's neck.


He was only two feet away, and Zhang Fang's head was removed from his neck as if it were severed by an invisible knife. The head went a great distance, as a trail of blood followed in its airborne wake. The eyes were sullen, and seemed to suggest that what had just happened wasn't fair.

"Have any of you ever felt hopeless?" Luo Sulan's face was like ice. She did not look scared or afraid, at all. She looked devoid of emotion; cold. Just cold.

Their hearts s.h.i.+vered, as chills ran down their spines.


Blood spread all about like flowers. She quickly moved around, and with each directional turn, red syrup followed.

"Devil. You are the devil!" Du Ruzhi was petrified with fear. All the elites around him, including Zhang Fang, and two with opened gene locks—they most likely had the power to slay or capture a super creature.

If they didn't possess such power, it would have been impossible for them to shake out three sacred-blood creatures to attack and draw away Wu Qinggang.

But the elites were now mercilessly slain by a woman that only had to walk ten quick steps to sever each elite's head from their neck.

Yet with the claret blood that sprayed and flowed, not a single droplet stained the woman's clothing. Luo Sulan still looked as elegant and as gentle as ever.

The woman stood in front of Du Ruzhi, who no longer thought she was a pretty woman. She was now the devil.

The woman was about to take her last, eleventh step, when Du Ruzhi's legs seemed to crumble and almost sent him falling to the ground. He couldn't even think of running away, due to how scary she was. She was truly scarier than the devil.

"Don't... don't kill me... I still have my parents, and I have a wife and kids..." Du Ruzhi his plea for mercy, after dropping down to his knees.

"The devil doesn't believe in tears." Luo Sulan gave Du Ruzhi was one last, cold look. She swung her hand, and another head rose to the sky with an airborne wake of blood.