Super Gene - Chapter 734: Spirit?

Chapter 734: Spirit?

Chapter 734: Spirit?

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Her beautiful legs were like two las.h.i.+ng dragons, attempting to capture Han Sen like a pair of scissors. They looked ready to cut him down right then and there.

Han Sen kept evading her capture and tried to plead with the woman, saying, "Lady, I have been wandering the Black Desert by myself for far too long. I thought I had encountered a mirage. I was only concerned with checking whether or not my eyes were playing tricks on me."

Although he wasn't telling her the whole truth, he was never going to admit how he actually enjoyed playing with her b.u.t.t.

"I'm going to kill you!" The woman did not care for his words and continued trying to attack Han Sen.

"If you want to kill me, can you at least put on some clothes first?" Han Sen kept stepping backwards, talking to her. Things had gone a little haywire, and viewing her flailing naked body was getting a little awkward.

The woman froze and screamed once more. The next second, the woman summoned armor to clothe her body. She gritted her teeth and resumed her attempts to attack Han Sen.

"Lady, you must believe me! I am a soldier with ethics," Han Sen thought he had heard these words spoken somewhere before, and so he used them.

The woman continued as if she were both deaf and mad, and her attempts to attack Han Sen did not slow down.

"Lady, if you keep doing this, I will have to be rude. You won't be able to blame me for what happens next. It is daytime, and you were without clothes in public. Sunbathing or not, I am not the only person who would stop to admire you," Han Sen said.

"Screw your public. Aside from you, what other perverts might be hiding around here, huh?" the lady spoke, amidst her frantic attempts to attack Han Sen.

Han Sen just now noticed there was no one else in the city. Aside from the short-haired lady, the local vicinity was entirely dead. Even after using dongxuan aura, he could not detect the presence of any other life forces in the area.

"There's only you here in this city?" Han Sen asked the woman while dodging and blocking her attacks.

The lady no longer answered him, and continued trying to attack Han Sen.

Han Sen's principles were simple; if he was able to explain a predicament first, he would. If he couldn't, fight first and talk later.

Han Sen then used one hand to grab the lady's leg and the other hand to grab her fist. Then he pulled and flipped her onto the ground.

The lady used her other hand to try to fight back against Han Sen. He grabbed the fist and pulled her arm behind her back. Then, he pulled out the platinum chain on his waist and tied her legs and arms together. After that, he picked her up in one arm.

"a.s.shole. Let me go!" The woman was very stubborn and was not keen to give up. She now tried to use her teeth to bite Han Sen, but from the way she was being held, she could not reach him despite her best attempts.

"When you calm down, I'll let you go." Han Sen continued to hold the lady who had been tied up. He picked up one of her beverages and started to drink it.

"Cool." Han Sen drank three of her beverages and belched loudly.

"You are an a.s.shole; obscene and cheap. Don't touch my beverages!" The lady became even angrier as she watched Han Sen consume her drinks.

Han Sen ignored her and carried her into the city.

The city was desolate. The ruined remnants of old stone houses were all that was there. Dust and sand had caked much of the ruins, and it looked like no one had lived there for many years. There was no trace of occupation to be found.

Han Sen proceeded towards the plaza. A small shelter like this did not contain teleporters in ordinary rooms, only public ones in either the plaza or spirit hall.

The plaza wasn't very big, and the floor was comprised of many yellow tiles. It was rather clean there, as if someone had taken the time to clean up.

But when Han Sen saw the teleporter, he was disappointed. The teleporter appeared to be damaged and inoperable.

Han Sen walked deeper and deeper into the city, but found little more than lines of ruined houses, sand, and dust. The houses were only two stories tall, but there was a spirit hall. The spirit hall stood out amongst the rest, at four stories tall.

Han Sen walked before the spirit hall, and the woman suddenly appeared frightened and said, "Don't go in! Leave this place!"

"Why?" Han Sen noticed she finally appeared to be willing to talk, so he lowered his head to ask her.

"You can't go in there because you can't!" the short-haired woman said, as she gritted her teeth.

Han Sen noticed her resume talking nonsense and ignored her. He walked forward.

"Stop! Don't go in; there is a scary spirit in there!" the short-haired lady quickly shouted.

Han Sen lifted his lips and told her, "But it's such a small shelter. This is a n.o.ble shelter at the most, so what manner of scary spirit can possibly reside here? Besides, if there is one, how have you managed to teleport in and out of this place?"

"There really is a spirit in there, and I have never left this place," the short-haired woman stressed.

"Pfff! Don't tell me those beverages came with you on a journey here." Han Sen was not buying her story.

When the short-haired lady heard that, she thought about Han Sen not only squeezing her b.u.t.t, but also drinking the beverages she had held onto for so long. And the fact he drank three, all at once. Angrily, she said, "Yes! That is right, you big h.o.r.n.y a.s.shole! Give me back my beverages."

"Pfff!" Han Sen still did not believe her. Still carrying the woman, he approached the door and pushed it open.

Han Sen had already used his dongxuan aura to take a peek inside, but couldn't detect anything. Therefore, he believed she was lying.

"Don't go! There really is a scary spirit in there, and you'll regret stepping inside. Let me go and die inside there all alone; don't drag me down to h.e.l.l with you!" The short-haired lady noticed he was ignoring her plights and warnings, so she did her best to persuade him not to open the door. She almost cried aloud.

The moment Han Sen stepped into the spirit hall, his heart jumped. A scary force approached him like a black shadow or a toxic snake.


Han Sen held his Flaming Rex Spike horizontally and blocked the shadow-like snake. He saw what appeared to be an arm-thick, black chain wrap itself around his rex spike.

On the other side of the black chain, a person appeared to be holding it, clad in broken armor. He was impaled on a black pillar, and the chain he wielded led through his body and into the stone behind him.

The man looked pretty but cold, and he had long, narrow eyes. He had two fox ears in his long black hair. He coldly looked at Han Sen, as his long fingers clasped the other end of the chain