Super Gene - Chapter 726: I'm Afraid This Will Be Difficult

Chapter 726: I'm Afraid This Will Be Difficult

Chapter 726: I'm Afraid This Will Be Difficult

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"Qian Jiang, how can you say that? We are cooperating to take down the shelter together; we have plenty of time to discuss this," Brother Fist said, frowning.

Qian Jiang, from the Thunder Shelter, replied, "If we are cooperating, then we should use the contract we have already signed and settled on. For you to go out in search of someone else is a concern of yours, where the rewards come directly out of your own shares. You cannot burden us with someone whose aid we have not asked for. Why should we give him anything?"

"With our manpower like this, taking down the royal shelter will cost us much. Han Sen is a fierce and strong elite; he can secure our victory. Our sacrifices will be considerably lessened by his presence, I a.s.sure you," Brother Fist explained.

Han Sen wasn't really interested in this talk of a cut. All he wanted was a new spirit, and he'd have long been gone had the possibility of earning one not been a prospect. Extra money made no difference to him, so earning a cut didn't really entice him. Furthermore, he'd be under obligation to aid the shelter in the future, if it ran into any issues.

But Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi had already made a mention of his supposed desire for a cut. Even though he didn't want any shares, if he were to correct them, he'd do nothing but embarra.s.s them.

"Oh, come on. Who do you think this guy is: Coin? If he's that good, then why bother coming to look for us? Go and take down the shelter all by yourselves. They can do that, can't they, Liu?" Qian Jiang then dragged the Devil-G.o.d Shelter's leader, Liu Tai, into the argument.

Liu Tai said, "Qian is correct. After everything was supposedly prepared, you are the one who has brought an extra person into this. Our shares have been settled, therefore, there is no need for us to make a change that would accommodate him."

Qian Jiang and Liu Tai were not budging on their stance, and Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi could not take back their proposal.

"Brother Fang and Brother Fist, can you guard the shelter?" Han Sen asked them, seeing that their argument had now come to a standstill.

Brother Fist wasn't sure what Han Sen meant, but right now, he couldn't allow anyone to believe he was weak.

In fact, Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi were the strongest evolvers in the region. The Thunder Shelter and the Devil-G.o.d Shelter combine would not have the strength to take them on.

They wanted more resources, which was why they wanted to take on the royal shelter. They had already pledged a large amount of their earnings to the other two shelters evenly, accepting only a third.

It was a generous offer. If things were done properly, where shares correlated with the actual power of the parties involved in the deal, Brother Fist ought to have received at least fifty percent of the entire pie.

There were not many people in his rank, and Brother Fist wanted to take down the shelter with haste. Therefore, he conceded to accept this lesser amount.

"Fine. There is no need to cooperate, we will indeed tackle it ourselves," Han Sen said.

When Han Sen said that, everyone just looked at him without saying a word. Brother Fist looked ready to say something, and he moved his lips to do so, but no words were vocally drawn.

He thought Han Sen had suggested something ludicrous and quite frankly, impossible. If they could not take it, it would only lead to trouble. But again, he did not want to look weak, and so he held back what he initially wanted to say.

"Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi, do you really trust this man that much?" Qian Jiang asked, with a tone of disdain.

Liu Tai then added, "Does that mean an end to our proposed cooperation?"

Brother Fist was unsure of how to respond. He looked at Fang Jingqi, who squinted his eyes and said, "Yes, it does. I wish this day could have proceeded as planned, but you were unwilling to budge on your stance. Thus, we have no choice but to pull out."

"Fine. We'll eagerly await the news of how you and your pretty-boy elite fare in attempting this conquest of a royal shelter," Qian Jiang said, with a strange tone. Then, he left—but not before giving Han Sen one last stare of disapproval.

Liu Tai looked at Han Sen and Fang Jingqi, but did not say anything. He also just left.

"Fang, this is possible, yes?" Brother Fist did not have much of a background, and he hadn't heard the recent tales of Han Sen's accomplishments.

Fang Jingqi smiled and said, "If Han Sen says okay, then everything will be okay. This guy is awesome; he can even slay super creatures."

Fang Jingqi had recently spent much time in his shelter, preparing for the attack. He hadn't heard about Han Sen owning a super pet, but he had heard of his initial slaying of one super creature. He just wasn't entirely sure if the story was true.

Fang Jingqi also had history with Han Sen, and he knew he wouldn't say something unless he was absolutely sure of it. That was why Fang Jingqi did not hesitate in ending their cooperation.

"He killed a super creature? Really?! I thought people only said some person from the Ji family killed one, but that was in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary." Brother Fist looked at Han Sen with shock and disbelief.

"It was just luck." A lot of people knew about this story, so there was no need to lie about the tale's authenticity. Therefore, he confirmed it.

"Holy c.r.a.p; you really killed a super creature?" Hearing Han Sen say that, Brother Fist still struggled to believe him. Han Sen had arrived at the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary much later than Brother Fist did, and he lacked the confidence to slay even a sacred-blood creature. Therefore, it was quite difficult to believe Han Sen already had what it took to take down a super creature.

"Haha, I'm just a lucky guy," Han Sen said again.

"Holy c.r.a.p, indeed! Why did you not say something about this earlier? If I knew you were this strong, I wouldn't even have had to talk to them. You could solo a royal shelter easily!" After Brother Fist was a.s.sured Han Sen really did kill a super creature, he shouted these words out in utter glee.

But Han Sen then looked to the sky and said, "I'm afraid this will be difficult."

"That's okay, me and Fang have a few people, and we can all accompany you. We are taking this royal shelter, no matter what. It will be difficult not to incur any losses, but even if Qian Jiang and Liu Tai show up to take advantage, we can guard the place without error," Brother Fist said.

"No, no, no; I meant, it is difficult to go now. If I go now, I won't be back in time for my lunch," Han Sen said,

Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi froze for a bit, but then Fang Jingqi smiled and said, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, trying to make us feel bad."

Brother Fist did not mind that, however, and he said, "You don't need lunch. If we're taking a royal shelter, what use would it be to come back here? I will roast meat and heat-up wine for you, right then and there. My Fist family makes the best grilled meat, I'll have you know."

"All right then, let's go," Han Sen said.

"We have eight people with a fitness of over one hundred. And we have over a hundred people with a fitness level above sixty. How would you like to separate them?" Brother Fist asked Han Sen, as they now a.s.serted him as their leader.

"It depends on you. If you would like to hunt more creatures, then by all means bring more. If you do not need to kill them all, then just bring enough people to take over the shelter." Han Sen smiled.

Brother Fist was frozen. Hearing what Han Sen said, it sounded like they wouldn't have to bring anyone.

Fang Jingqi smiled and said, "Bring w.a.n.g Hu and his men. We will take the shelter, but not kill the creatures there, in case Qian Jiang seeks to take advantage of our vulnerability."