Super Gene - Chapter 725: Death Knell

Chapter 725: Death Knell

Chapter 725: Death Knell

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After consuming the Thousand-Blade Blood Dragon Baby, Han Sen spent some time researching the energy flow of the blue bell. If he could simulate its energy flow, he could absorb its Life Geno essence.

Han Sen used Dongxuan Sutra to simulate Death Knell's energy flow and felt his entire body vibrate. He heard the sound of a bell ring, and his body throbbed to its chime.

Han Sen flicked his arm, which generated a noise not unlike the Death Knell. The bell sounds no longer affected Han Sen, but they made the Golden Roarer by his side shake.

"This is interesting. If I use this skill, and people hit me, it should issue the same results as the Death Knell did. The sound generated should screw with an attacker's energy flow. Although I cannot simulate it to its original power, it might still come in handy. But this bell noise affects everyone and everything; it can even hurt my friends. I need to be careful when and where I use it, lest I commit friendly fire." Han Sen was quite interested in Death Knell's energy flow. He tried it out for a while before trying to refine the bell's Life Geno essence.

As Han Sen began to refine the blue-metal Life Geno essence, the cells in his body started to become lively. Although the Life Geno essence was named after death, its effects were to provide rebirth and a strengthening of one's genes and very life.

When the refinement process was complete, Han Sen's absorbance of the Death Knell Life Geno essence provided him eight super geno points. This brought his total super geno tally up to thirty-two.

"These are some good rewards I have received. If this continues, it won't be long before I max out my super geno points."

But Han Sen had to ask himself a serious question; was he strong enough to visit his mother's shelter? With his own power, and the aid of the silver fox and little angel, few creatures could threaten him. As such, he could consider going to visit her.

Although the trek to see her would be a few hundred thousand miles long, Han Sen had to go. If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to help his mother increase her super geno points. If his mother could max out her super geno points, she would have a much higher chance of surviving when she became a surpa.s.ser.

Becoming a surpa.s.ser meant you would obtain another one hundred year lifespan. When your lifespan was over, you'd have to take a chance rather than sitting there, waiting to die.

Han Sen was now preparing to ask for Huangfu's help. He wanted to establish the road he might take, that would lead him all the way to where his mother lived. He could kill super creatures along the way, meaning it would not be a fruitless effort for himself, either.

"Han Sen?" As Han Sen walked past a human shelter, someone called his name.

Han Sen heard the voice, and noticed it sounded familiar. He could not, however, recall to whom it belonged. He turned around and saw a big man running towards him, which surprised him.

"Brother Fist?" Han Sen shouted when his eyes recognized the face.

He was one of the leaders of the Steel-Armor Shelter's army. Although he never spent much time with Han Sen, they had a friendly relations.h.i.+p and had cooperated on various occasions.

Brother Fist was a friend of Fang Jingqi, and Fang Jingqi was one of Fang Xuexi's elder brothers, who had grown up with Han Sen. Brother Fist was also a good friend of Tang Zhenliu. That was why they respected each other, despite not having done much together.

"It really is you! That's awesome." Brother Fist was enthusiastic, but Han Sen wasn't sure why he was so ecstatic to see him. He approached Han Sen and gave him a big hug.

Han Sen froze, thinking he was being too pa.s.sionate in his greeting. The hug was strong, and he thought his back might break if the man squeezed any tighter.

"Brother Fist, I know you love me. But I am a raging heteros.e.xual, and this is getting a little awkward." Han Sen slipped out of his grasp.

Han Sen was quite tall himself, but Brother Fist was even taller, standing about two meters tall.

"You feel awkward? I don't." Brother Fist patted Han Sen's shoulder, smiling as he spoke.

Han Sen immediately felt a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine as he looked at him.

Fist laughed and said, "I do love you! I love you so much. Seeing you here brings tears of joy to my eyes, so why don't you come help me and Fang take a spirit shelter?"

"Fang Jingqi is here?" Han Sen asked, with a tone of surprise.

"Me and him are stuck at the hip. We are like two peas in a pod. I can't believe we both arrived here in this dump, upon our arrival at the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. There are no resources here, and neither are there many elites. I still need to collect a whole trove of sacred geno points, so we're making plans to take down a royal shelter to make our lives easier going forward. There is a small number of elites nearby, and we figured we would have need of their help. But here you come, pa.s.sing me by? It's a stroke of good fortune." Brother Fist tugged at Han Sen's arms as he kept walking and explaining how things had been.

The area was a little better than the Icefield had been, when Han Sen first arrived there. Still, there hadn't been much change since. Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi were not living here happily, as a result.

Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi were therefore trying to take down a royal shelter that resided at the base of a nearby mountain, so they could have a safer place to stay. It would provide them a base before the rest of the mountain, as well. It would be a humble beginning for their future endeavors, which would include hunting many of the monsters that resided on the mountain beside it.

Han Sen followed Brother Fist to a knight-cla.s.s shelter. Fang Jangqi was there, and when he saw Han Sen, he had a similar reaction to Brother Fist and said, "Han Sen, what brings you here? Oh, what a wonderful opportunity! We are off to try to take down a royal shelter, so you should join us."

Han Sen smiled and agreed. He'd be able to obtain a new royal spirit, and at the same time help old friends. He didn't see a reason why he should refuse their polite request.

It had been a long time since Han Sen last collected a spirit, and he hoped it would be another beautiful lady spirit. She'd fit in nicely in the ranks of his G.o.ddess Army.

"I was thinking; we might not have enough elites. But with Han Sen here, we can alter the plans somewhat, and as a result, have a much higher chance of conquering the shelter," Brother Fist excitedly proposed.

"Cool. Today, the Thunder Shelter and the Devil-G.o.d Shelter's people are coming. When they arrive, we can discuss any new proceedings with them," Fang Jingqi said, with much excitement, as well.

Clearly, they had no idea Han Sen owned a super pet and had achieved what he thought to be common knowledge. They just believed Han Sen was any old, ordinary elite.

Han Sen did not spoil their perception, and simply allowed them to arrange everything. He only had to help them and get the royal spirit when the time came. With his power, there was no possibility of him failing.

But when Fang Jingqi and Brother Fist brought Han Sen over to discuss matters with the others, there were disagreements.

Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi knew Han Sen was an elite, so they wanted him to receive a higher share. The people from the Thunder Shelter and Devil's G.o.d shelter, however, did not agree. They insisted Han Sen was just another component of the team, and he shouldn't receive preferential treatment when it came to the distribution of loot.

They argued about it for some time, with no resolution.

"If you guys say he is as strong as he is, then why don't you two just go with him and get it done without us?" the Thunder Shelter's people said, as they started to get annoyed.