Super Gene - Chapter 727: The Thunder Breaks Through

Chapter 727: The Thunder Breaks Through

Chapter 727: The Thunder Breaks Through

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"Are Fist and Fang Jingqi crazy? They are actually going to try to conquer the shelter with just their own people?" Qian Jiang and Liu Tai, after hearing word of their endeavor, were shocked.

Upon leaving, they merely thought Brother Fist would renegotiate with Han Sen, and have him take a step back. They never expected them to follow through with what they had said, and actually go there with only their own men.

Qian Jiang and Liu Tai quickly rallied their troops and went out near the shelter, to watch how things fared for them. If they had the opportunity, they'd waylay and try to mooch off their efforts.

If Brother Fist and his people were injured during their fights, but were overall nearing success, they imagined they could swoop in and claim the entire shelter for themselves.

When they arrived, they saw Brother Fist atop his mount, racing towards the shelter. They were fast approaching the gate.

Brother Fist did not falter or slow, and simply followed Han Sen's lead into battle. They were attempting to siege the shelter directly by attacking the main gate.

"What are they thinking? Do they honestly believe they can take on a shelter like this?" Liu Tai frowned. Taking on a shelter from the front would consume far too much power, he thought.

Many creatures poured out of the shelter to greet their would-be conquerors. There were wolves, bears, a variety of ten meter tall beasts, and a fifty meter long snake. There were even birds, taking off into the skies so they could a.s.sail them from above. One bird had a wingspan of twenty meters.

Han Sen was riding his Golden Growler, leading the siege. The spirit shelter was rather powerful, but it was still weaker than Princess Yin Yang's shelter. The spirit was not atop the tower, either. All that appeared before them were legions of creatures. This entire scene had become familiar to Han Sen, over his time as an evolver. Without blinking, he charged in.

A green-winged bird soared through the skies like a green cloud that blotted out the sun. Its presence darkened the region as it descended.

Han Sen did not blink, and merely waited for it to complete its descent. When it did, he summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and swung it upwards. In one hit, the monster was cut in half. Blood and feathers danced in the air like rain.

"Sacred-Blood Creature Hunted: Green Cloud Eagle. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of sacred geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Brother Fist and the rest, who witnessed this scene, were shocked but happy. They called aloud with grand excitement.

Qian Jiang and Liu Tai were taken aback after seeing this. To see a giant sacred-blood bird creature killed in one hit like that was a frightening thing.

Seeing Han Sen and Brother Fist a.s.saulted the shelter like a tidal wave. All the creatures before them were slain by Han Sen's relentless rex spike. All that was left in their wake was blood and the dismembered corpses of the creatures that defended the shelter in vain. It was impossible to gauge how many creatures they had already killed.

A ten meter tall beast roared. On his approach towards it, Han Sen leapt off of Golden Growler's back and brought his Flaming Rex Spike down on the creature's head. The weapon went clean through, splitting the monster in two; each split side of the beast falling a separate way as a heap of guts dropped directly down to the ground.

When Han Sen landed, the Golden Growler was by his side. Immediately, he leapt onto his mount and continued the siege. He was an unstoppable force.

A fifty meter long snake now guarded their approach. Han Sen thrust into it with his rex spike and threw it into the sky. While it was still airborne, Han Sen sliced and diced it into a rain of snake bits, which fell down to the ground with thudding noises. Each piece left a deep hole.

Countless wolves and bears were killed without reprieve, their charred remains illuminating the battlefield. The guy was a killing machine, and within seconds, he was right before the entrance of the shelter.

Qian Jiang and Liu Tai had made plans to sneak in some easy kills, but they made no movement. They were frozen in absolute shock at what they had just witnessed. So many sacred-blood creatures had been laid to waste, like chickens and pigs in a slaughterhouse grinder. The entire army did not slow down for a second, and immediately hacked their way inside.

"Who is this man?" Qian Jiang and Liu Tai had questions coming out the rear. Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi, on the other hand, were surprised. They knew Han Sen was strong, but not that strong. Under the pressure of his wretched, flaming weapon, not a single creature was given the opportunity to fight back. Swing after b.l.o.o.d.y swing, his approach was unhalted.

Without any true adversity, Han Sen delivered them swiftly to the spirit hall.

There, they saw a figure wearing steel armor. This person was four meters tall, and he wielded a greataxe that was larger than a door. He was like a metal robot, standing vigil in protection of the spirit hall at its entrance. He was the spirit of this shelter.

Han Sen dismounted Golden Growler as the rex spike in his hand began to spin. It spun faster and faster as Han Sen approached the spirit, until the flames became a controlled tornado affixed to his weapon.

The spirit roared and he brought his greataxe down towards Han Sen.with both hands.


The Flaming Rex Spike clobbered the greataxe, shattering the blade in the process. The Flaming Rex Spike did not stop there, though; it pierced through the armor of the spirit and drilled directly into his chest. Han Sen kept going, pus.h.i.+ng the spirit into the spirit hall.


The spirit was nailed to the statue, deader than dead could be.

Han Sen did not even look at the spirit, and just casually climbed the disintegrating body that had been pinned to the statue. Using it for better grip, the spirit's body provided the elevation needed for Han Sen to effortlessly grab the spirit stone embedded in the statue's forehead.

"I, Steel Prince, am willing to submit and offer absolute loyalty to a new master. I will become a faithful servant from now until eternity." The steel giant resp.a.w.ned via the spirit stone and pledged his allegiance to Han Sen. He took off his steel helmet to reveal the face of a rugged man with long locks of black hair.

Han Sen put the spirit stone against his forehead, and in the bright light, the spirit stone combined with the ent.i.ty of the Steel Prince. Then, he went into Han Sen's Sea of Soul.

Han Sen's audience had their mouths agape. From the beginning, when they a.s.saulted the gate, until now, effortlessly reaching the spirit hall and its master to finalize the conquest—it all happened in less than an hour. It was pulled off without a hitch, at a blisteringly fast pace.

The people who followed Brother Fist and Fang Jingqi looked upon Han Sen with great shock and were nearly traumatized by the repeated surprises Han Sen had been delivering.

The only ones in greater shock were Qian Jiang and his people.

"Get a fire going; it is time we feast! The royal shelter is ours." Brother Fist brought out the wine he had stashed on his beast mount. He raised it up and took a hearty swig.

As the people warmed up, following their heart-stopping surprises, they began cheering in overwhelming joy. A lot of people had readied themselves to lose not only the lives of their friends, but their own lives, as well. No one expected they would pull through without a single fatality, let alone a single scratch.

Qian Jiang and Liu Tai watched the remainder of the creatures flee the shelter, in deep regret of their earlier decision. They did not expect Brother Fist to have found someone so strong, who could practically solo the entire conquest of a royal shelter.

In deep regret, they wished they had accepted the new terms. If they had, they'd be inside reveling in the victory alongside them.

But it was now too late for them to say anything, and they knew Brother Fist would not share the royal shelter with them.