Super Gene - Chapter 724: Big Reward

Chapter 724: Big Reward

Chapter 724: Big Reward

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Han Sen looked at the bell once more and then walked near the corpse of the blood centipede. When Han Sen touched it with a bit of strength, it crumbled into dust.

"This blood centipede's essence has been drained by the bell." Han Sen was surprised.

Clearly, the monster-bell used the tolling sound to screw with the energy flows of its potential victims. When people or creatures were in pain and struggling with the confusion of their energy going haywire, the bell would fly out to cover them. That was what had happened to the blood centipede; such a terrifyingly powerful foe was completely drained of its essence in less than an hour. Han Sen now knew the bell was a frightening thing.

But fortunately, it was slow. And if you could repel the noise, then you didn't have to be too afraid of the fiend.

The blue bell only attacked Han Sen once, and after he dodged it, it didn't attempt to get him again. It had some intelligence, that much was certain. It most likely realized Han Sen was too agile for it, and there was no use going after him.

"What a strange super creature. I wonder what manner of beast soul I would receive if I killed it?" Han Sen gave the blue bell another look, the grimace of greed creeping upon his face.

But killing the bell wouldn't be easy. Merely attacking it would generate the sound that disturbed energy flows; hurting the monster meant hurting yourself. There would have to be another solution for killing it.

It was a shame the little angel was not a spirit. If she was a spirit, she could use the Devil Unicorn beast soul herself. With the protection of the Devil Unicorn, her energy would not be disrupted and she could fight the bell with all her power. But, she wasn't a spirit—she was a pet. She was unable to use any beast souls, as a result.

Han Sen continued to observe the bell for a good long while, but he could not come up with a better solution. He summoned his little angel again and got her to attack the blue bell once more.


The little angel struck the bell with all her might, and it rang with its wretched toll. The strike did leave a decent mark on the bell, however, and it became enraged in response. It flew madly towards the little angel, attempting to swallow her.

Han Sen immediately returned his little angel. Having lost its attacker, the bell returned to the tower and reattached itself.

"This could work." Han Sen was delightfully surprised. He re-summoned his little angel and had her attack the bell once again.

He cheesed it this way, many, many times. The bell was covered in clefts and deep cuts before long. When the bell lost all patience with its phantom attacker, it started to toll itself.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The horrible bell noise racketed across the shelter and beyond. Han Sen put the little angel back in the Sea of Soul and used the Devil Unicorn to s.h.i.+eld himself from the noise's effect.

After a while, the bell stopped ringing. Then, Han Sen got back to it. He summoned his little angel and bid for her to attack the bell once again.

After she attacked, the blue bell took off in flight. This time, it was going away from the shelter, as if it wanted to escape.

Han Sen didn't want this, so he commanded the little angel to chase after it.


Another ringing sound erupted, and the little angel froze in the air. Fortunately, Han Sen was able to summon her back in time.

"It seems like it is still able to toll, even during its flight. The sound is definitely weaker than when it was stationary, however." Han Sen waited until the bell stopped ringing before resuming the chase.

The blue bell did not fly very fast, and he was able to catch up, even with his sacred-blood wings. When he got close to it, he summoned his little angel to attack it again.

Across the mountains, the sound of a malfunctioning bell echoed far and wide. No creature dared to come near the airborne fighters.

Han Sen now knew the meaning of, "everything gets a return." Han Sen and little angel were unable to fight the powerful blood centipede, but with a small amount of effort, the blue bell had managed to do what they could not. And now, the bell was the one now being chased by Han Sen and the little angel.

Han Sen trailed behind it and used his dongxuan aura to scan the bell.

Han Sen could not sense a life force on the blue bell at all times. He could only sense it when the bell started ringing.

Han Sen, as he observed the energy flow, thought it was quite strange.

Han Sen and the little angel chased it a thousand miles. There were countless marks sc.r.a.ped across the entire body of the bell, and they had lost count of how many times they had struck it. Eventually, however, victory was achieved when the bell was hewn in half. It no longer rang after its final hit, and it crash landed in relative silence.

"Super Creature Hunted: Death Knell. The beast soul has been acquired. Its flesh cannot be consumed, but you may collect the Life Geno essence and obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

The announcement chimed in Han Sen's head, which brought him great joy. But when he looked at the remains of the Death Knell that had been sliced in half, it didn't disappear. It remained where it had fallen.

"Can this guy be considered a second generation super creature or third generation super creature? Don't tell me a bell can produce babies; that would be hilarious!" Han Sen continued to observe it, pondering whether or not it could produce offspring. But he didn't concern himself with the question for too long before seeking to retrieve the Life Geno essence instead.

The bell did not have any flesh. Aside from its outer shape, there was only the metal chain and pendant inside.

Han Sen looked at the pendant and summoned the little angel. He asked her to strike the pendant, which cracked open to release its blue Life Geno essence.

"I am going to be rich. A centipede egg and a Life Geno essence? And the strange Death Knell's beast soul on top of all that? I have earned a lot today!" Han Sen was more than pleased.

He took another look at the shattered pieces of the slain bell, which lay scattered about. He brought out a bag and collected all the broken bits, crus.h.i.+ng some of the bigger parts to fit them all in.

Then he summoned his Golden Roarer and placed the bag on it. With his rewards in-hand, he turned to ride away.

Han Sen put away the Life Geno essence and let the little angel crack the blood centipede's egg open for him.

The little angel sliced the egg, and that chimed the announcement.

"Super Creature Hunted: Thousand-Blade Blood Dragon Baby. The beast soul has not been acquired. Consume its flesh to obtain a random numeric amount of super geno points, ranging from zero to ten."

Han Sen quickly lifted the egg that had been cracked open and consumed the yolk that was inside. The juice tasted like coconut, and it was quite nice. It surprised him, as it didn't taste like any creature.

"Thousand-Blade Blood Dragon Baby consumed. You have received one super geno point."

This notification played a few times, and a huge smile burst on Han Sen's face. Try as he might, he could not stop grinning.

A warmth swirled around inside his body and blended with his blood. The blood cells seemed to quickly morph, and they felt different from before.

When all was said and done, the Thousand-Blade Blood Dragon Baby had given Han Sen seven super geno points, which brought his total super geno tally up to twenty-four. His fitness felt an immediate increase.