Super Gene - Chapter 723: Blue Copper Bell

Chapter 723: Blue Copper Bell

Chapter 723: Blue Copper Bell

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The tolling of the bell, when he had been further down the mountain, was not as strong as what he was hearing now. Because he was so close to it, every ring was like a thunderbolt that convulsed his body and caused him to spit blood from his mouth.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The blue bell continued to ring, and Han Sen continued to writhe, oozing blood from his mouth. He used the Dongxuan Sutra the best he could, to fight back the damage caused by the loud tolling of the bell. Although the Dongxuan Sutra was powerful, it didn't provide enough relief to fight back the noise. The energy inside Han Sen went insane, and the chaos inside highlighted every vein that coursed through his body. A green vein, in particular, began to expand in his body, looking ready to rupture.

Some of his smaller veins were broken already, which dyed his skin red. It was a frightening sight to witness.

The blood centipede was not doing any better. In its agony, it twisted and wriggled around on the ground, toppling many buildings. Its madness only generated more noise.

The blue bell seemed to deal damage to any creature that heard it. The more energy a creature had, the more damage it suffered.

The blood centipede must have been a second generation super creature. Its energy was incredibly powerful, but it could not withstand the noise of the bell, and as a result, its energy was disturbed. Its innards were a mess as its energy caused chaos within; the centipede twirled round and round in a craze.

The little angel, however, was not affected. Her body's energy exuded a holy presence, and because of her purity, the bell could not deal damage to her.

But the little angel still had to fight back the noise, and so couldn't do anything else.

Cough! Han Sen heaved another unhealthy amount of blood. His Dongxuan Sutra could just about manage to deal with the noise, but his fitness was lacking. As such, he couldn't deal with it half as well as the little angel could.

The adiraid was not a protector pet, so there was nothing she could do for Han Sen. So Han Sen continued to cough up blood with the feeling that his body was going to implode. He knew things weren't going well, and his predicament was a dire one; he had to think of something!

He was wearing his super armor, but it provided no resistance to the bell's tolling.

Suddenly, Han Sen's mind flashed back to the berserk Devil Unicorn that had finished evolving. He summoned it before he considered whether or not it would even work.

The black smoke whirled around Han Sen like a black hole.

The sonic pulse pounded the black smoke, which caused a bit of it to evaporate. Its disappearance revealed Han Sen slightly, consumed by the protective smoke.

But when the noise halted for a moment, the black smoke fully rejuvenated. It was like a s.h.i.+eld, protecting Han Sen.

Through the black smoke's protection, Han Sen didn't feel as affected by the tolling of the bell. Now, his Dongxuan Sutra was able to fight it. The discord of his energy began to simmer and settle down as the veins relaxed and returned to their ordinary size and shape beneath his skin.

"That's some good stuff." Han Sen was overjoyed. He then thought to himself, "If the Devil Unicorn can block elemental attacks, does that mean the bell's noise is a special sort of element itself?"

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The blue bell rang another nine times. The noise felt as if it were rocking the entirety of the world. Those who heard it felt as if they could die any second.

The blood centipede had been writhing on the floor, and it consistently spewed blood from its mouth due to the discord in its body.

After nine times, the bell stopped. There was no more noise. But that only led Han Sen to discover something even more frightening.

The blue bell was alive. It started flying, and looking set to crush Han Sen, it suddenly went right for him without cause.

Inside the blue bell was a blue-metal chain, and at the bottom of the chain was a cone-shaped, blue-metal ringer. The ringer was the reason the bell had rung.

Luckily, Han Sen's energy was no longer messed up and he could focus. Quickly, he jumped and rolled away, evading the blue bell that tried to land on top of him.

Fortunately, the bell was not as quick as he feared it might be, which allowed Han Sen to dodge the attack.

The blue bell missed Han Sen, but it didn't try again. It immediately stopped going after Han Sen and went after the blood centipede instead.

The bell spun around and around like a saucer as it went. When it arrived, the bell that was only as tall as a human morphed its shape. As it hovered above the writhing centipede, it expanded until it was large enough to consume the entire creature. Seeing this gave Han Sen the heebie jeebies.


The blue bell landed atop the twisting centipede, and then Han Sen heard noises come from within. He heard the centipede trying to fight its way out of the bell's entrapment.

The noise that emanated from the bell was not unlike the ringing he had heard earlier. Every tone was a shock, and Han Sen had only his Devil Unicorn to repel it.

Of course, it wasn't half as effective as the noises from earlier, as it wasn't a proper tolling. These noises were created by the panicked centipede, and as such, the Devil Unicorn could block each pulse

Han Sen carefully observed the bell once more and did not see anything too strange. Many patterns, shapes, and symbols of bugs had been etched as adornments on the bell. As fascinating as they were, Han Sen had no idea what they meant.

The blood centipede continued fighting on the inside for half an hour, until its noise gradually weakened. After another half an hour pa.s.sed, there was no more movement to be heard, at all.

Han Sen then finally saw the blue bell move again. It spun around in the air again before shrinking down to its initial size. When it was about as tall as a human again, it went for the little angel.

From its time beneath the bell, the blood centipede had now become nothing but bones. It looked as if it had been dead for a good many years—just like the bones Han Sen had seen earlier.

But the little angel wasn't threatened. She dodged the incoming bell with ease and then smacked it heavily with her greatsword.

A deep cleft was left in the bell's side, which made the object squirm backwards and unleash more of its horrible tolling sounds. The little angel's energy was messed up as a result, and she had to cast her energy-flow skill to ease it. She could not dodge the bell's attack due to this, and all she saw was the bell spinning towards her.

The little angel hastened her cast and was able to quell her inner-turmoil and evade the bell's strike with just enough time. Still, by exerting so much effort, her energy had become even more messed up.

Han Sen then decided to summon the little angel back to the Sea of Soul, which made the bell lose its target. But after the little angel disappeared, it did not turn its attention to Han Sen as it had previously. It merely flew back to the bell tower and reattached itself.

"What is that thing? Is that a super creature?" Han Sen was flabbergasted. Aside from that, he couldn't think of what else it could have been.

Han Sen had never heard of a super creature using bell noises to kill people before.