Super Gene - Chapter 719: Scary Sense

Chapter 719: Scary Sense

Chapter 719: Scary Sense

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The Zhao family spread out and encompa.s.sed the area, but little else. Clearly, they were waiting for the adiraid to beat the super creature into a near-death state, so they could swoop in and claim an easy kill.

"These a.s.sholes," Han Sen swore in his heart. He looked at the super creature, then opened his gene lock and scanned its life force.

The super creature's energy was all clouded. He could tell that it was a strong creature, but still, the cloudiness indicated it was a first generation super creature and therefore nothing he was particularly interested in going up against.

Although the adiraid might have been a little stronger than the super creature, the power gap wasn't enough for it to dominate.

The super creature was of similar strength to the adiraid, and like the adiraid, it didn't excel in any particular department. That also meant it wasn't weak in any other department, either; so it was a well-balanced monster. The adiraid went ahead to slash the monster. Even though no particularly deep wounds were wrought, the attacks were enough to surprise and impress Zhao Heng.

In the past, they had tried to lay siege on the monster themselves. But every attempt was a failure, and they could never seem to deal any damage to the beast. Now here they were, watching a pet go up against a super creature, dealing lasting wounds with a greatsword. The sight led Zhao Heng and the rest of the Zhao family members present to view the adiraid with great admiration.

But Han Sen's vision was drawn to the blood spring, instead. The super creature they were fighting was quite strange. He was sure that the super creature was intelligent enough to know it was fighting a losing battle, and that it should be running away rather than staying to fight.

But the super creature was determined to remain, and nothing could compel it to flee. There was something strange about this place, and the blood spring, in particular.

Han Sen used dongxuan aura to take a look at the blood spring, and he was surprised to see that it abounded with energy. What was coming out was no ordinary spring water, that was for sure. The center of the spring contained life, even.

As he watched the crack in the rock, Han Sen suddenly felt the presence of an extremely strong life force. The power he sensed suddenly sent him into a cold sweat.

"d.a.m.n it! Inside that crack, a scary creature resides." Han Sen continued to look at the crack on the craggy hill, and suddenly, he felt as if he was being watched.

Like the peering of an evil eye, a malevolent gaze had fixated on him. It made his heart race with uncertain panic. Quickly, he deactivated his dongxuan aura and averted his eyes away from the spring.

"The creature inside the crack can find my dongxuan aura. It can even find out where I am through it! Whatever is in there is something ancient, and something evil. The Zhao family have no idea what they are doing, coming here to disturb this place. For all I know, they are openly seeking suicide." Han Sen was frightened, and his continued to chill.

Han Sen did not even see what the creature may have been, yet it terrified him even so. And the creature, whatever it may have been, did little else other than look back at him. Whatever the case may be, there was a super creature inside the source of the spring that was more powerful than anything he had ever encountered before.

Han Sen was considering whether or not he should grab his little angel and depart. They wouldn't receive any benefits from slaying this super creature, and all the while, he feared the unknown malice was continuing to peep on him.

But if Han Sen returned now, and didn't finish the job, it would be a waste of time.

Han Sen gave another look in the direction of the crack, then turned his head back to watch the super creature engaged with the little angel, then gave up his idea of fleeing.

The creature inside the crack did not seem as if it wanted to leave its current abode, and after Han Sen gave it some more thought, he came to the conclusion that he didn't have to escape just yet. If something were to happen, he could escape more quickly than anyone from the Zhao family, anyway. So, if the creature was hungry, Zhao Heng and his people would be the first to fill up its tummy. Therefore, there was no need for Han Sen to rush an escape just yet. When the time came, he could simply return his adiraid and get moving.

"Team Qin, no matter what happens, stay behind me. Do not run off." Han Sen approached Qin Xuan and spoke to her in a lowered voice.

"Why? What is it?" Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen with sudden surprise. The creature was already being suppressed by Han Sen's pet, so it was weird for him to suddenly say something like this to her.

"I feel as if something is amiss. Whatever it is, it disturbs me. It's an instinct, and my instincts are rarely incorrect. Whatever happens, do not leave my side. Stay near me. If something does indeed go wrong, we have to escape first," Han Sen told her.

"Okay." Qin Xuan looked around and did not notice the presence of anything out of the ordinary, but still, she agreed.

The little angel's greatsword continued carving marks into the super creature. Despite blood now having dyed its entire coat, it refused to escape the area. It roared to the sky and adamantly remained to fight with the little angel.

Zhao Heng, with great excitement, said, "Han Sen, tell your pet to put more effort in! Make her deal heavier damage to the super creature and prevent it from escaping, if it chooses to."

"Director Zhao, this is a super creature. This isn't a scuffle between a cat and a dog," Han Sen replied coldly.

Zhao Heng didn't say anything in return, acknowledging that this wasn't really something that could be rushed. And fortunately, the super creature continued to not show signs of wanting to escape. Zhao Heng then commanded his people, who were still surrounding their foe, to move a little closer. If it did want to escape, they could do their part in prohibiting its flight.

But the super creature was almost behaving stupidly in its stubbornness to remain. Its inability to fight back against the little angel was plain to see, yet it continued to do what it could as the gashes and wounds mounted and caused it tremendous pain. It was bleeding heavily now, and its attacks slowed; death would greet it soon.

The little angel was like something holy. It flapped its wings, flew behind the super creature, and slashed the greatly injured neck of the super creature. A deep cleft had now been made in its neck, and the spine looked as if it was ready to snap. More and more blood seeped to the surface and bled to the ground.

The super creature was knocked down to the floor. It writhed and squirmed for a while but did not get up.

"Han Sen, do not forget your promise! Command your pet to return and we will finish it off," Zhao Heng shouted to Han Sen, as he commanded his people to draw even closer.

"My job is done here, yes. You can finish it off." Han Sen did not say anything in complaint and simply returned his little angel. He could feel the creature inside the spring begin to move, and a scary aura seeped through with the water. The hill now looked frightening, and he suspected the dark menace within was about to escape its subterranean home.

The super creature had not yet died, and even if it was killed by the little angel, Han Sen was not willing to walk up and claim the rewards. All he wanted to do was run away as far as he could and end all involvement with these events and this place.

The eight Zhao family members now ran close to the fallen beast and attempted to kill the super creature. They used all the different weapons they had at their disposal, striking the exposed wounds of the dying creature.

But then a sudden scream sounded. The dying creature stood up again and leapt onto a man of the Zhao family. It tore the man's head off with its teeth, and its claws tore the rest into shreds.

Zhao Heng shouted and used his lance to thrust at the most grievous of the wounds, on the back of the super creature's neck. The creature roared in pain and fell back down to the ground.

The rest of the family ran up again and tried to strike the beast simultaneously. Although someone had died, they did not want the little angel to help out anymore, as they were afraid the little angel would finish it off with ease.