Super Gene - Chapter 720: Stolen Egg

Chapter 720: Stolen Egg

Chapter 720: Stolen Egg

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Although the super creature was on the precipice of death, it had managed to lash out enough to deal damage to numerous members of the Zhao family. But now, the damage it had incurred was too great, and it would soon fall for the last time.

Zhao Heng was incredibly excited. He commanded his people to attack the super creature by saying, "Come on! It's going to die soon!"

Out of the eight family members, three had been killed. The rest had incurred at least one trauma or injury, but the thought of felling a super creature rallied their courage to continue their fight.

"Let me kill it!" Zhao Haiyang peered at the monster that could hardly stand and spoke aloud with great excitement.

"Okay." Zhao Heng wouldn't disagree. Out of the eight who had come, Zhao Heng was the eldest, and Zhao Haiyang was a direct descendant of his.

But before Zhao Haiyang delivered his attack, the super creature that looked grievously injured was rejuvenated. It pounced on another family member and took off running into the forest.

Zhao Heng and Zhao Haiyang looked shocked. They did not expect the super creature to run away, now of all times.

Earlier, the super creature—despite being at an obvious disadvantage—did not run. Now, it was dying and could barely stand. Where had the vigor come from?

"Go, chase it! Do not allow it to escape." Zhao Heng reacted first, immediately commanding the others to take off after it.

But suddenly, they heard the sound of rock breaking. This was a surprise to all of them. They turned around to take a look, and the little hill that was the source of the blood spring exploded outwards. The spring was no longer a crack in the earth, as a giant red centipede writhed out amidst a cloud of dust and spewed rubble.

A dark-red body that was thicker than the carriage of a train loomed out. A single segment of the centipede was twenty meters long, and its legs wriggled ceaselessly, carrying it towards the fighters.

A second later, two of the remaining Zhao family were spiked to death under the centipede's wretched legs. The rest of them were almost frightened to death, and their thought of pursuing the escaped super creature quickly evaporated. Running away themselves, they shouted, "Han Sen! Use your pet to restrain it!"

"Are you kidding me? You want me to send my pet to its demise, against a monster such as that?" Han Sen called back, as he and Qin Xuan had already turned to leave.

"Han Sen, do not forget the deal we made," Zhao Haiyang reminded him.

"Our deal consisted of me helping you slay the other super creature; I have done my part. This wasn't a part of it, so it is no concern of mine," Han Sen was far ahead of the others, yelling back as he ran alongside Qin Xuan.

Zhao Haiyang was furious. The blood centipede was a goliath, and it terrified them all. This was surely a foe no human could hope to compete with. A second later, the creature's mandibles grabbed another Zhao family member and sloppily devoured him.

There were only three people of the Zhao family left now, but the blood centipede did not continue to pursue them. Instead, it took off in the direction the other super creature had gone.

When Han Sen saw it, his heart jumped. The super creature had been attracted away by w.a.n.g Yuhang, but now the blood centipede had, as well. Things were taking a turn for the worse.

"How can w.a.n.g Yuhang be so unlucky? There is always some misfortune waiting to befall him." Han Sen was planning to go after w.a.n.g Yuhang, but then stopped and went towards the blood spring instead.

"What are you doing?" Qin Xuan asked, from behind.

"I'm just going to take a look, you get away first," Han Sen said, as he ran back.

When Zhao Heng saw Han Sen run back, he was amazed—but they didn't dare follow. They watched Han Sen run back all the way to the blood spring, unable to comprehend what his intention might have been.

But to them, right then, they thought it better if Han Sen were to get himself killed. The Zhao family had sacrificed many people this day, all to no avail. The creature they sought to kill had gotten away, and all they had incurred were great losses as a result.

Han Sen did not care what the Zhao family thought of him. He reached the broken rocks of the spring and jumped beyond.

Earlier, when he turned on the Dongxuan Sutra, he had detected the presence of a life force inside it. He already knew there was something in there. And now, while the blood centipede was away, he thought it would be okay to take a proper look at whatever lay inside.

Beyond the broken stones was a tunnel that led into a cave. Inside the cave rested a blood-red egg. It was like a football, but it was completely red. The strong life force Han Sen had detected came from the egg.

Han Sen was overjoyed at the discovery. He had eaten the devil ant king egg not too long ago, so he knew that this had to be some good stuff, too. There was no life geno essence inside, and it could be eaten to immediately receive super geno points. Its consumption was a much easier process than absorbing a life geno essence.

Han Sen had not expected the centipede to create an egg, but regardless, he leapt over and quickly pocketed it, before turning around to exit.

Han Sen was still wondering how he might hope to save w.a.n.g Yuhang when suddenly, he heard a sharp, monstrous, shrieking sound emitted from the forest. In the distance, he noticed many of the ancient forest's trees getting toppled in a wave that moved towards Han Sen, and he figured that the blood centipede had sensed its baby being stolen.

Han Sen did not linger, and quickly ran in the direction Zhao Heng had been running. He was much faster than Zhao Haiyang, and quickly managed to catch up with him.

Zhao Haiyang looked back with surprise. Han Sen was directly behind him, but behind him, the giant centipede also came. The giant, slithering body was uprooting trees and spoiling the earth as it rampaged towards them. It was like a crazed dragon.

"What have you done?! Why did you bring it back this way?" Zhao Heng enquired, in evident anger.

"Me? Oh, I didn't do anything," Han Sen said, as he continued running forward and leaving them behind.

Zhao Heng cursed Han Sen, praying the worst death would strike him and strike him soon. Han Sen had attracted the monster their way, but he was now leaving them behind like bait. They wished they could kill Han Sen.

Han Sen was far ahead of them now, due to his speed. The blood centipede, however, looked likely to catch up with the Zhao family members.

Han Sen caught up with Qin Xuan who was still firmly ahead, leading the escape. When he turned to look back, he noticed another person of the Zhao family had fallen victim to the vile creature that chased them.

"Let's go." Han Sen grabbed onto Qin Xuan's waist, summoned his wings, and flew to the sky.

But then he heard the blood centipede roar. It was a hundred meters long when looking down, and Hen Saw watched it spread transparent blood-wings. It took off into the skies towards them.

"b.o.l.l.o.c.ks!" Han Sen thought he could fly away with relative ease. He didn't expect the monstrous foe to possess wings of its own, and it flew with such great haste. It was much faster than the berserk sacred wings.

"You run that way." Han Sen gritted his teeth and returned to the tangled forest floor. He put Qin Xuan down and ran in another direction, attempting to draw the centipede away.